‘High Heat’ Ending, Explained: Did Ana Manage To Save Etoile Rouge From Dom’s Men?

“High Heat” is the latest movie written by James Pederson and directed by Zach Golden. The movie features the likes of Olga Kurylenko as Ana, Don Jhonson as Ray, Kaitlin Doubleday as Mimi, Chris Diamantopopus as Tom, Dallas Page as Dom, Ivan Martin as Micky, and more. “High Heat” follows the story of Ana, a brilliant and beautiful chef who’s forced to confront her past to save her newly opened restaurant from loan sharks. 


Spoilers Ahead

‘High Heat’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Movie?

The movie opens up in a busy French restaurant kitchen and introduces the audience to Chef Ana (played by Olga Kurylenko) and her husband Ray (portrayed by Don Jhonson), who also happens to be the co-owner of Etoile Rouge, Ana’s new restaurant. Ana is a brilliant chef but likes to steer clear of fame and notoriety and is often dragged toward the crowd by her husband. However, the atmosphere gets intense when Ana receives a call from a mysterious Russian woman, and her facial expressions suggest that she knows who is on the other end of the call. Meanwhile, Ray is also visited by Micky and a couple of henchmen, who makes it clear that their boss Dom request an audience, but Ray turns them down, saying he’ll get in touch with Dom in the morning when the restaurant closes. However, Micky doesn’t take no for an answer and corners Ray in the parking lot, forcing the latter to go along for the ride. The same henchmen also visit Ana’s restaurants with gasoline cans with the intention to burn them to the ground but are interrupted by Ana, who, without even breaking a sweat, kills the two intruders and throws their cold corpses into the freezer. 


Burn It For The Insurance Money?

Ray had a gambling addiction and had borrowed over a million dollars from Dom. Ray had planned to repay all his loans once his new restaurant became successful, but Dom was getting anxious with every passing day and had sent his son Micky to take care of the situation. Since Ray wasn’t able to pay back his debt, Dom plans to burn down his new restaurant for the insurance money. Unlike her irresponsible husband, Ray, Ana is not the kind to give up without a fight, and her latest brawl with Dom’s men proved that she’s much more than just an ordinary chef. In reality, Ana used to work as a spy for the Russian KGB and was tasked with killing the enemies of the state; however, she decided to put it all behind her and managed to disappear until Ray messed up and put her back on the map again with the stupid announcement. Ana plans to keep Etoile Rouge intact, even if doing so requires her to confront her former self. 

A Blast From The Past

A battle ensues, and Ana effortlessly shoots, stabs, and kicks her way to safety, but she realizes that she can’t take them all out by herself and contacts her old colleague Mimi ( played by Kaitlin Doubleday), reveals that Dom and his mercenaries are hell-bent on burning her restaurant on its opening night, and asks for her help. Mimi is also an ex-KGB spy, but unlike Ana, her family knows all about her espionage adventures. She even coerced her husband, Tom, and her twin daughters to accompany her to show how “Mommy Does It.” However, she also harbors a personal vendetta against Ana and is having a hard time convincing herself whether she should help her or put her in jail. She felt conflicted and betrayed as Ana used to be her best friend, who one day ditched her to become an ordinary civilian. Given Dom’s men are complete amateurs, Ana is having no trouble picking them off one by one. Anna adores her new life and restaurant and is heartbroken to see all of this slipping away. Desperate, Dom enlists the help of professional mercenaries in his hour of need to take down Ana and her restaurant. There are only two ways into the restaurant, and nobody who’d gone had come out except one, who kind of torched himself with a Molotov cocktail. The mercenaries plan to hit the restaurant from both sides while Ray and Ana take a shot of vodka, suggesting the beginning of the final showdown. 


‘High Heat’ Ending Explained – Did Ana Manage To Save Etoile Rouge From Dom’s Men? 

The mercenaries, armed with assault rifles, walk inside the restaurant and are soon electrocuted by Anna’s traps, forcing them to call for additional backup. Gunfire breaks out, and soon Ana runs out of ammunition but is saved by her old pal Mimi, who has arrived quite a bit late to the party. Mimi has been looking for all these years when Ana disappeared without a trace and feels that Ana owes her a big explanation. Like Ana, Mimi, too, had thought about leaving the world of espionage and murder but felt heartbroken and betrayed when her best friend left the KGB. Mimi has waited years for this moment, and now that Ana is standing in front of her, she plans to exact her revenge. Ana and Mimi rejoice by exchanging blows, with the latter blaming Ana for abandoning her in Paris. The duo finally bury their differences and offer one another a bear hug. The movie concludes with Ray walking inside the parking lot in the guise of a mercenary and killing Dom. Micky, Dom’s idiot son, tries to run but is also shot by Ana. 

Ana was a low-key covert spy who preferred to remain under the radar. Her employers and coworkers had great faith in and regard for this rather unremarkable middle-aged woman. From time to time, she finds himself at odds with the espionage structure and worries that doing her work adequately is putting her integrity at risk. And that’s when she made the bold move of renouncing her whole career, subsequently putting her life at risk. After departing from the KGB and years of lurking under the radar, she moved to France, fell in love with Ray, and got married. Given his recklessness and propensity for gambling, it should come as no surprise that Dom has been divorced twice, as this renders him a high-risk partner even though he is the one who suggested to Dom that he could pay him back with the insurance money. Mimi was once Ana’s closest confidante, someone who would risk anything for her without thinking twice; however, she felt misled and duped when Ana mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth, and years later, she contacts her when she finds herself in the thick of everything. 


“High Heat” is a 2022 action thriller film directed by Zach Golden.

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