‘Hide’ K-Drama Episode 5 Recap: Was Seong Jae The Real Murderer?

The 5th episode of Hide is replete with revelations. Yeon Joo will start blackmailing Mun-yeong so that she can save Seong Jae from her clutches. Eventually, when Joo releases her husband, she will reveal a side of Seong Jae to Mun-yeong, saying that she will be traumatized. Mun-yeong will go to all lengths to protect her family, but when she gets to know her husband’s real face, she will rip his mask off! What will Mun-yeong do to save Seong Jae? Why was Jin Wu searching for Seong Jae? Who was Chairman Joo? Let’s take a peek into the events!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Yeon Joo Blackmailing Mun-Yeong?

Yeon Joo (Ms. Ha) showed Mun-yeong the video of the kidnapping and torture of Seong Jae. She said that she would kill him if Mun-yeong didn’t give in to all her demands. Later, Mun-yeong was handed a package full of cash and a list of people, and Yeon Joo instructed her to distribute that money to the people on the list. Before doing all the errands, she was handed over Seong Jae’s burner phone. Mun-yeong said that she wanted to see Seong Jae (to make sure that he was alright) once before she would carry on with the tasks. She was put in a car and taken to the outskirts of the city, where she was made to meet Seong Jae. Once Mun-yeong had confirmed that Seong Jae was alive, she did all the errands for Yeon Joo, handing the people on the list the money. 


How Did Mun-Yeong Investigate Yeon Joo?

Mun-yeong rushed to Bom’s school to make sure she was alright. After she had ensured that her daughter was safe, she went to Shin Hwa. She told Shin Hwa that the reports stated that Chief Ma’s death was a suicide, but she was sure that it was all planned. Mun-yeong also opened up about Yeon Joo’s threats and said that the house that she was living in wasn’t registered in her name. She said that the house was owned by KS Miracle, and she believed that it was a part of Geumshin’s subsidiary, asking Shin Hwa to look into the matter. 

What Was Jin Wu’s Motive?

Jin Wu called Seong Jae’s burner phone but reached Mun-yeong. She then asked him to meet her, and when she asked him why he had gone to meet Chief Ma before his death, Jin Wu told her that he had come to know that Seong Jae was alive and was searching for him, as he had promised him that he would help him find his daughter. He said that only Seong Jae knew about his daughter’s whereabouts. Jin Wu had followed Seong Jae’s orders so that he could find his daughter. 


What Was Seong Jae’s Father’s Motive?

When Seong Jae’s father found out that he was alive and that he had been hiding all his crimes from him, he got mad. When he learned that he had been kidnapped, instead of showing concern, he said that he was worried that his image would be hampered and he might not get the mayoral chair if the truth came out! He later approached Sunbaenim and said that he had not kept the promise of not harming his family or funding his campaign.

How Did Mun-Yeong Defend Lee Bang Cheol In Court? Why?

Yeon Joo further blackmailed Mun-yeong, saying that she had to act as Lee Bang Cheol’s defense lawyer. He was an acquitted arsonist who Yeon Joo had been asking to defend, and said that if she managed to win the case, then Seong Jae would return home. Later, Mun-yeong found out that Bang Cheol was held responsible for 6 arson cases in Haean Village, but later all the cases were dropped. In the last case, his fingerprints were found on a lighter near the victim’s house, and hence he was arrested. 


Shin Hwa asked Mun-yeong not to protect a criminal like Bang Cheol, as Director Joo had been using him for her own benefit. Shin Hwa had found out that Director Joo was not a registered executive but was influential as she worked with the slush funds. She was working for Director Choi Moo Won and was also known as the queen of lobbying. She had been using Lee Bang Cheol to get rid of the residents of the village. The beneficiaries of the Cha Woong Foundation’s housing projects had intentionally appointed Bang Cheol to cause arson. Shin Hwa was completely opposed to Mun-yeong defending the acquittal. 

However, Mun-yeong only thought about saving her own family first and got evidence in favor of Bang Cheol. She proved in court that Bang Cheol was a heavy smoker, and there were lighters found all over the village that had his fingerprints. Finally, Bang Cheol was released due to a lack of evidence. As promised to her, Seong Jae was sent back home that night.


Was Seong Jae The Real Murderer?

After Seong Jae returned home, he apologized for his mistakes and spent some quality time with his family. Meanwhile, Yoon Joo sent Mun-yeong a video where Hwang Tae Soo was being murdered by Seong Jae. She realized that everything that Seong Jae had told her was a lie and that he was a murderer. It was from Chief Ma (before his death) that Jin Wu had already found out that Seong Jae was still alive and had played him. Chief Ma had also told him that it was Director Joo who had introduced Seong Jae to him. Now this revelation creates a possibility of Seong Jae being on Director Joo’s side. He must have been playing victim to make Mun-yeong act as per Director Joo’s instructions. 

What Will Happen Next?

The 6th episode of Hide will bring out the reality of Seong Jae’s association with Director Joo. The next episode will also reveal how Mun-yeong gets her husband arrested on charges of murdering Tae Soo. However, Mun-yeong is neck deep in murky waters, and it will be difficult for her to easily come out of the clutches of Director Joo. She will further blackmail her to finish some of her tasks, but how Mun-yeong manages to dodge that will be brought out next. 


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