‘Heartbeat’ Episodes 9 & 10 Recap And Ending: How Can Do Sik Break The Curse On His Family?

Do Sik introduced Hae Won to In Hae and Woo Hyeol as they became business partners with the opening of the guesthouse. In “Heartbeat”, Woo Hyeol met his old lover, Hae Sun, in the form of Hae Won. However, he got disappointed, knowing that Hae Won, of course, had no recollection of her past life. While Woo Hyeol has been trying to turn himself into a human, Do Sik has discovered his secret. Do Sik’s secretary saw Woo Hyeol using his superpower, and now Do Sik is intrigued by him.


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What Does Man Hwi Steal From Woo Hyeol’s Closet?

Do Sik has no idea what Woo Hyeol is, but he is sure that he is not a human. He is worried about In Hae and visits her to check if she is alright. He indirectly tries to ask her if she has ever noticed anything odd about Woo Hyeol, and In Hae panics for a bit. She assures Do Sik that Woo Hyeol is a normal person, even if he acts strangely sometimes. She brushes off the topic, which makes Do Sik feel as if she is trying to hide something. Meanwhile, Woo Hyeol has noticed that he is becoming weaker, and the only solution to get better is to become a human. He hopes In Hae falls in love with Do Sik quicker, but gets disappointed after hearing that she is not interested in falling in love. Master Yang Nam warned him that he could die if he took too long to become a human. His only solution is In Hae, but it doesn’t seem to be working out. He is upset and lashes out at In Hae after she teases him for having fun dates with Hae Won. He says to In Hae that those dates mean nothing if he can never become a human, and it is all her fault. In Hae gets flustered because she has never seen Woo Hyeol this angry before.


Woo Hyeol sleeps at his friends’ place, but after waking up the next day, he realizes that he left the mansion after saying upsetting things to In Hae. He rushes back, and as expected, In Hae is mad at him and won’t speak to him. Woo Hyeol does all of his assigned chores on time, but In Hae still ignores him. Woo Hyeol’s words were really harsh, and she is not going to forgive him easily. Meanwhile, Hae Won has asked Man Hwi to find out more about Woo Hyeol, but Man Hwi already knows a lot about Woo Hyeol that he can’t tell Hae Won. However, he hates Woo Hyeol, and this is his chance to mess things up for him. He enters the mansion and finds the old painting of Hae Sun in Woo Hyeol’s closet. He steals it and shows it to Hae Won, but instead of getting scared or creeped out, she gets even more intrigued, much to Man Hwi’s disappointment. He doesn’t want Hae Won to get involved with Woo Hyeol.

On the other hand, Do Sik has understood that Woo Hyeol is a vampire and also has vampire friends. This is all thanks to the information from the secret book that has been passed down to him through generations. The men in his family are cursed with an incurable illness, and the only solution to lift the curse is to drink blood from the heart of a half-human and half-vampire. He hopes that at least Woo Hyeol or one of his friends will be able to give him what he wants.


What Does Woo Hyeol Offer In Exchange for Hae’s Blood?

Woo Hyeol apologizes to In Hae for his harsh words, but In Hae demands that he share his problem first. Woo Hyeol trusts In Hae, so he shares with her that he needs her blood full of love to become a human. Woo Hyeol tells her everything sincerely, but In Hae doesn’t believe him because she doesn’t understand how she can have blood full of love and how it can help him become a human. On the other hand, Hae Won is trying to get to know Woo Hyeol more and visits him at the mansion out of the blue. She demands to see his room in the basement, as Man Hwi mentioned to her that that’s where he found Hae Sun’s painting.

Woo Hyeol not only shows her the room but also tells her that Hae Sun used to be his lover, who passed away. As Hae Won gets closer to him with each passing day, Woo Hyeol is getting more concerned about becoming a human. His friend, Rose, suggests he offer In Hae something that she really wants in exchange for her blood. All that In Hae needs is money, so Woo Hyeol offers to give up his rights to the mansion so that she can have it all to herself without having to share the profit from the guest house. Hae decides to give it some thought before accepting his offer.


Hae Won wants to ask out Woo Hyeol officially, so she proposes the idea of holding a party at the mansion as it will also help promote the guesthouse. Hae thinks it’s a good idea to increase her business, but Hae Won’s desire to ask Woo Hyeol out bothers her. Woo Hyeol, on the other hand, is excited about the party and takes on the responsibility of the arrangements. Hae Won invites Do Sik to the party as well and suggests he ask out In Hae as the occasion is right. Everyone is excited about the party except for In Hae. She isn’t really happy about Hae Won’s plan, and she is worried about Woo Hyeol’s vampire friends, who will be present at the party. She is scared that their identity will be exposed.

Heartbeat Episode 10 brings an unexpected end as Master Yang Nam and Woo Hyeol’s friends notice a change in Woo Hyeol’s attitude. Woo Hyeol doesn’t let anyone invade his private space, but he has become too comfortable with In Hae and dances with her instead of Hae Won, who was waiting for her moment. Master Yang Nam senses the shift in the atmosphere and predicts that things are going to get tough for Woo Hyeol, as it looks like he is likely to get trapped in a love triangle.

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