‘Heartbeat’ Episodes 7 And 8 Recap & Ending: Does Woo Hyeol’s Secret Get Exposed To Do Sik?

After In Hae got fired from her job, Do Sik offered her a business proposal to turn her mansion into a guesthouse. In Hae was struggling to get a new job and accepted his offer in need of money. In “Heartbeat,” Na Hae Won, the only daughter of a big businessman, wanted to buy In Hae’s mansion, but Do Sik convinced her to invest in the guesthouse instead. Hae Won felt an unexplainable attraction to the mansion, and when she visited the mansion, Woo Hyeol got a surprise as Hae Won resembled his long-lost lover, Hae Sun.

Spoilers Ahead

What Does Hae Invite Hae Won To The Mansion?

Woo Hyeol hugs Hae Won as soon as he sees her, but Hae Won is not flustered. Strangely, she doesn’t find his hug uncomfortable. She jokes that he got her name wrong. In Hae gets worried and tries to make up excuses for Woo Hyeol’s behavior, but Hae Won is least bothered by it. Woo Hyeol is in shock that Hae Sun doesn’t recognize him, and In Hae can’t bear to see Woo Hyeol in such a depressed state. She tries to console him, saying that she must not remember her past life. Woo Hyeol’s friends also try to cheer him up and tell him to focus on becoming a human first. In Hae usually fights with Woo Hyeol on any occasion, but this time, she even buys ox blood for him and promises to help him.

Woo Hyeol wonders if Hae Won will ever recognize him, but In Hae reassures him that if she found the mansion, she is going to end up remembering him too. Master Yang Nam, on the other hand, urges Woo Hyeol to hurry and become a human. Master Yang Nam has been warning Woo Hyeol that he is in a crucial state and that turning into a human should be his priority right now. Woo Hyeol gets motivated, and calls Do Sik to tell him that In Hae is stressed out because of the guesthouse and he should ease her burden. Do Sik has already mentioned to Woo Hyeol that he likes In Hae, but he doesn’t understand why Woo Hyeol is pushing him so much. Nevertheless, he is happy with it. Do Sik takes In Hae out for work related to the guesthouse, and they spend the entire day together.

Meanwhile, Hae Won is still wondering why she felt so comfortable around Woo Hyeol when she met him for the first time. She hasn’t stopped thinking about Woo Hyeol since that day. To her delight, In Hae invites her to the mansion to check it out. In Hae is thinking about her business and also about Woo Hyeol. She asks Woo Hyeol to dress up nicely but act normally around her. She doesn’t want him to expose his real identity by mistake and scare Hae Won.

Do Sik brings Hae Won to the mansion, and everything goes well as Woo Hyeol apologizes to Hae Won and also gives her a tour of the house. However, the situation changes when Woo Hyeol eats human food just because Hae Won offers it to him. Human food is like alcohol to Woo Hyeol, and he starts speaking gibberish. He does everything that In Hae told him not to. In Hae brings him back to his senses by hitting him hard, but Woo Hyeol still acts impulsively when he senses danger near Hae Won. He runs to her at an abnormal speed and pulls her aside before the chandelier falls on her. Do Sik notices his speed and finds it extremely odd. In Hae tries to distract him, but he has already seen what he shouldn’t have.

How Does Man Hwi Find Out Woo Hyeol?

Woo Hyeol passes out as soon as he uses his vampire power to run to Hae Won. Hae Won is thankful to him and even impressed by him, but Do Sik, on the other hand, is curious. He asks his secretary if he believes in supernatural powers or entities that are not humans. His secretary says that he believes in them, and Do Sik puts him up to a secret task. He asks him to monitor Woo Hyeol to see if he notices anything odd about him. Meanwhile, Hae Won asks Woo Hyeol to meet him because she wants to repay him for saving her. Woo Hyeol agrees to it, but he doesn’t understand that Hae Won has just asked him out on a date.

Hae Won is intrigued by Woo Hyeol and wants to get to know him better. Do Sik and In Hae have also been meeting outside, and Do Sik doesn’t spare his efforts to show In Hae how much he cares about her. He even offers for her to stay at his office’s apartment while the renovation of the mansion is going on. In Hae asks Woo Hyeol to move in with her too, but he refuses so that In Hae can have some alone time with Do Sik. In Hae always gets flustered whenever Woo Hyeol mentions Do Sik, but she makes it clear to him that they will not be staying together. Woo Hyeol stays with his friends, but both of them miss each other. They realize that they have gotten so used to each other.

Hae Won takes Woo Hyeol to an art exhibition, and Woo Hyeol acts naturally around her this time until she talks about a painting of flowers exactly as Hae Sun talked about those flowers. Woo Hyeol stares at Hae Won in such a way that even she asks him why he looks at her so longingly. Woo Hyeol manages the situation somehow, but Hae Won doesn’t take him seriously. She doesn’t think much about anything and goes with the flow. On the other hand, Do Sik reveals to In Hae that he had a crush on her in college and is glad that he met her again. However, In Hae feels burdened by it. She tells him that right now she wants to give all her attention to her beloved guesthouse and doesn’t have any intention of dating him. Do Sik is a bit disappointed but chooses to wait for her until she is ready. Woo Hyeol is hoping that In Hae will fall in love soon, and he will get to drink her warm blood to become a human, but In Hae is still far from that point. She is focused on earning money, and Woo Hyeol is helping her with it. Woo Hyeol calls In Hae her butler, but he is the one doing all the work for her, and he is not complaining.

In Hae has opened the guesthouse, but she has to promote it first to get customers. She has prepared rice cakes to distribute in the neighborhood, and Woo Hyeol takes on that responsibility. However, they already got their first customer from Woo Hyeol’s old-style handwritten poster. Woo Hyeol is doing his work diligently, but he runs into his old enemy, Man Hwi, and things go south. Man Hwi works with Hae Won, and that’s how he found out where Woo Hyeol is. “Heartbeat” Episode 8 ends as Woo Hyeol and Man Hwi get into a quarrel. Man Hwi provokes Woo Hyeol and asks him if he has become human. He runs his car into him, and Woo Hyeol stops it with only one hand. Man Hwi confirms that Woo Hyeol is still a vampire but weaker, and he jokes about him. While they are fighting, Do Sik’s secretary sees them and records Woo Hyeol stopping the car. Woo Hyeol has managed to hide his identity for so long, but as his friends mentioned; it is a difficult era for vampires to wander around. Do Sik sees Woo Hyeol’s video and he is more intrigued than before. Do Sik has his own secret too that no one knows about yet and it will be an exciting moment when he’s revealed as either Woo Hyeol’s ally or foe.

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