‘Heartbeat’ Episodes 5 & 6 Recap And Ending: Why Is Hae Won Interested In The Mansion?

Woo Hyeol has been staying in his old mansion with In Hae because he is waiting for his lover, Hae Sun, to return. In Heartbeat, Woo Hyeol and In Hae don’t get along because both claim ownership of the house and are fighting over it. However, Woo Hyeol started being nice to In Hae when Master Yang Nam told him that In Hae was the key to him becoming human. Woo Hyeol can’t help but wonder if In Hae is the reincarnation of Hae Sun, but he is unaware that Hae Sun’s reincarnation, Hae Won, is soon going to appear in front of him. Hae Won has returned to Korea after many years, and she is close to In Hae’s friend, Do Sik.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Does In Hae Get Fired From Her Job?

Woo Hyeol has been acting strangely around In Hae, which scares her. To make her not feel unsafe around him, Woo Hyeol reveals to her that she seems to resemble Hae Sun, and that’s why he acts strangely around her. Woo Hyeol is emotional while telling her this, but In Hae doesn’t empathize with him. She doesn’t even believe him initially, and later, she jokes that he should let her live peacefully in this life if she sacrificed herself in her previous life for him. She even called his love for Hae Sun an obsession. Woo Hyeol gets upset, but his friends convince him to just think of In Hae as his way to become human. According to Master Yang Nam, In Hae is a very cold-hearted person, and her blood won’t be useful to Woo Hyeol unless she falls in love. His friends teach him different methods on how to make a woman fall in love with him, and Woo Hyeol chooses the most romantic one for him. He sends flowers and an anonymous letter to her every day, but she almost ends up calling the police to report a stalker. Meanwhile, Do Sik picks up Hae Won from the airport, and on their way, Hae Won mentions to Do Sik that she is interested in buying an old mansion in Gongcheon. She says that she feels an unexplainable attraction to that mansion and wants to buy it. The only old mansion in Gongcheon is the one where In Hae and Woo Hyeol are staying, and Do Sik gets worried that In Hae might have to vacate the house again.

After his first failed attempt to impress In Hae, Woo Hyeol makes the excuse of winning movie tickets and asks In Hae to go with him. In Hae gets flustered upon hearing it because, for her, a man and a woman going to a movie together is a date, but Woo Hyeol doesn’t understand modern terms. She can’t sleep the whole night, thinking about going on a date with Woo Hyeol, and ends up falling asleep in the movie theater. Woo Hyeol is trying his best to impress In Hae but is disappointed with his failure. Yang Nam tells him that it is not going to be easy to melt In Hae’s heart, and he needs to be patient and keep on trying. In Hae has been struggling to survive her entire life, and she has never experienced love. She has just lost her home, and now she has been fired from her job. In Hae saved Woo Hyeol from getting fired, but because of that, she’s the one getting fired now. The student who got exposed because of In Hae was the son of an influential person, and the school faced a lot of losses after the incident. In Hae is devastated and drinks alone in sorrow. Do Sik sees her crying, but instead of joining her, he follows her on her way back home to make sure she gets home safely. Woo Hyeol has been waiting for In Hae because it is too late at night. He knows that she got fired, and even though they are always fighting, In Hae expresses her sadness to him. Woo Hyeol understands her sadness and even tends to her when she comes down with a fever. Woo Hyeol understands why In Hae is the way she is. Her parents abandoned her, and she had to become cold-hearted to survive.

What Does Do Sik Offer To In Hae?

As In Hae has lost her job, Woo Hyeol is the only source of income for both of them, as Woo Hyeol splurged all of In Hae’s savings on a shopping spree. However, Woo Hyeol also quits his job at the school after he overhears the principal talking about hiring someone else through his connections. He gets angry that the principal fired In Hae for personal reasons and quits his job in rage after emptying a bucket of water on the principal. In Hae is happy that the principal got what he deserved, but now she has to worry about getting a new job. She has been applying for jobs but has faced nothing but rejections. Woo Hyeol is looking for a job too, but it is more difficult for him than In Hae. Do Sik knows about In Hae’s current condition and wants to help her. He can’t offer her a job at his office, but he has a better offer for her. Do Sik has a business proposal to convert her mansion into a guesthouse. Hae Won has already shown interest in the mansion and Do Sik knows that In Hae couldn’t handle it if she loses it right now. So, he finds a way that benefits both of them. In Hae likes the idea, but she needs to discuss it with Woo Hyeol first. Woo Hyeol declines the offer as soon as he hears it. He wants to open the gates of the mansion only for Hae Sun, and In Hae uses that point to convince him further. She says that Hae Sun might go there if they turn it into a guesthouse. She even scares him by saying that if she can’t pay her inheritance tax, then the mansion will be sold to someone else.

Woo Hyeol gets scared at the thought of losing his mansion and asks his friends to find out who Do Sik is and if he can be trusted. Do Sik is a popular businessman, so Woo Hyeol’s friends assure him that he won’t be conned, but they give him a better reason to work with him. Do Sik seems to like In Hae, seeing how much effort he is making for her. If In Hae falls in love with him, her blood will become warmer, and Woo Hyeol can feed on it to become a human. This excites Woo Hyeol more, and he meets In Hae to tell her that he is ready to go with the proposal. However, In Hae has already started the process because she needs money quickly.

After finalizing the proposal, Do Sik mentions to In Hae that someone is willing to invest in the project and asks her to meet the person herself. In Hae meets Hae Won and is surprised by the way she talks about the mansion. Hae Won explains how she feels like the mansion is trying to say something to her and that she is curious how it is standing strong after so many years. Everything is going well, just as In Hae wants, and Woo Hyeol is also happy to see Do Sik and In Hae together. When Do Sik visits the mansion for a tour, Woo Hyeol tries to check if Do Sik is serious about In Hae, and he passes the test. Woo Hyeol has found a suitor for In Hae, but as “Heartbeat” Episode 6 ends, he gets a big and unexpected surprise. He sees Hae Won waiting for In Hae outside their mansion. He has been waiting for centuries to see that face, and he hugs her right away, calling her Hae Sun.

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