‘Gyeongseong Creature’ Episode 9 Recap & Spoilers: What Happens To The Monster?

The ninth episode of Gyeongseong Creature brings out the real intentions of Lady Maeda, followed by several conflicts. The desperation of Tae-sang to find Chae-ok rings throughout the episode, highlighting their mutual feelings. The evil intentions of the Japanese scientists have also been highlighted here, along with Lady Maeda’s support for them. Will Chae-ok be able to survive Lady Maeda’s vicious plotting? Will Tae-sang be able to survive for long after his rift with Lady Maeda? Will the creature eventually attack Chae-ok or protect her?


Spoiler Alert

What Are Lady Maeda’s Intentions?

When Lady Maeda went to meet Lieutenant Kato, he told her that they had been experimenting with Najin for many years. He told her that they could use it for the cause of their country, as it has healing properties and aids in wound healing. Lady Maeda told Lieutenant Kato that she would soon send back Director Ichiro and put him in charge of the Ongseong hospital. She told him that she wanted to tame Sheishin so that she could attain power.


Meanwhile, when Ishikawa went to arrest Myeong-ja for having killed 11 people, she attacked him. He wanted to take her back to the Ongseong Hospital and said that he did not want the child anymore. This angered her, and she wounded him fatally, which led to the other officials catching hold of him and caging her. When Lady Maeda was informed about her husband’s condition, she did not care much about it. She later instructed Ichiro to poison him so that her husband’s honor would be saved. She didn’t want the others to know that Ishikawa had been killed at the hands of a Joseon courtesan.

What Happened To Chae-Ok?

A more intense love story was seen developing between Chae-ok and Tae-sang after he returned from the hospital. He gifted her an opal bracelet and told her that it was for good luck. She made him promise that they would remember each other even if one of them died before the other. She then went ahead to shoot Director Ichiro, making the other soldier counterattack her. After she is shot, the creature is seen getting anxious, as a mother’s heart always seeks the welfare of her kids. Chae-ok suddenly disappeared, and it was later revealed that Lady Maeda had gotten her kidnapped. When Tae-sang heard that Chae-ok had gone missing after she had shot at Director Ichiro, he went ballistic and searched for her.


Why Does Lady Maeda Go To Meet Tae-Sang?

Lady Maeda went to visit Tae-sang, and she told him that none of his employees were to be relied upon, as they were deceiving him. She also told him that he should stop searching for Chae-ok, as she would never return to him. She lied to him, telling him that she was dead and that he should forget about him, and she expressed her feelings for him. She told him that he should take Chae-ok out of his mind. She also told him that if he maintained his friendship with her, then his shop and his reputation would be maintained as well. She revealed that it was she who had been saving him from the arrests. He challenges Lady Maeda and tells her that he will find out about Chae-ok no matter what. A rift is driven between Lady Maeda and Tae-sang, eventually ending their friendship. Before leaving Tae-sang’s place, she told him that it was Mrs. Nawol who had told the Japanese army about his son’s whereabouts. Even Mr. Gu had told the police everything about Tae-sang when he was tortured in jail. She told him that he did not have loyal subjects and that he was making a huge mistake by letting go of his alliance with her.

What Does Tae-Sang Plan Along With Jin-Taek?

Tae-sang planned, along with Jin-taek, to make a blast in the Ongseong hospital, using the reserves of dynamite that the Patriotic Society had. Tae-sang wanted to expose the secret experiments of the Japanese scientists to ensure that the entire world would come to know of their ugly side. He had seen the disastrous side of the experiments while he was in the hospital and, hence, wanted to do something for the sake of humanity. He wanted to help the Joseons captured in the facility and make their lives better in the long run.


What Happens To The Creature?

Chae-ok’s father is seen approaching the Ongseong hospital in search of his wife when he learns that she has turned into a monster. He was eventually captured by the Japanese militants and put in a prison cell. Lieutenant Kato also wanted to bring Chae-ok into the facility and wanted to see the creature’s reaction. He noticed that the creature did not show much movement and planned on throwing her husband inside its cage. He wanted to see if the creature could recognize its former partner. However, when the guards went to bring Chae-ok’s father from the prison, he broke free. Lieutenant Kato is later informed that Lady Maeda was sent to Chae-ok as a captive in the Ongseong hospital to be fed to the creature. Lieutenant Kato was aware that they had tried throwing Chae-ok in the cage before, but the creature did not harm her then. He wanted to experiment with the psyche of the creature and see if, even this time, it could recognize its daughter. While the militants were preparing to throw Chae-ok in the cage, the creature suddenly broke out and attacked them.

What Will Happen In The Next Episode?

There are a lot of possibilities for the next episode of Gyeongseong Creature. It is likely that Lady Maeda will take out all her anger over losing her bond with Tae-sang on Chae-ok. She is also likely to get Tae-sang into big trouble to make him realize her worth. She wants to control Seishin, but it is most likely that the creature will turn on her for trying to harm her daughter. The scientists were mortified with Sheishin in captivity, but now that the creature was on the loose, it would be really difficult to manage things and capture it again. Sheishin will do anything to protect its daughter and keep her away from the evil eyes of Lady Maeda and Lieutenant Kato! It is possible that the creature would break free from the facility, revealing the inhumane experiments of the Japanese to the world. There are several plot twists and turns that are eventually going to come up, enhance the thrill of the series, and make us wait with greater anticipation for the next episodes!

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