‘Griselda’ Episode 6 Recap Summary: How Did Dario Die?

In the fifth episode of Griselda, we saw Griselda become extremely paranoid about the possibility of there being a snitch in her gang, while Carmen, her best friend, betrayed her trust by getting involved with the task force led by June Hawkins. As an intoxicated and furious Griselda attacked Carmen, almost trying to kill her, Carmen thought that she needed police protection from her best friend, who had just lost her mind, driven by her hunger and greed for power. She told June Hawkins everything about Griselda’s illicit activities, which ultimately put Griselda in a troubling situation, marking the beginning of her downfall. Let’s see how this tumultuous journey of gaining power and wealth ends for Griselda Blanco in this final episode of the series.


Spoilers Ahead

How Was Griselda Arrested?

Episode 6 opened with Griselda and Marta Ochoa having a conversation at Marta’s place. Griselda was on a guilt trip after the death of Chucho’s son, so she was drinking to drown her sorrows away. Intoxicated, Griselda asked Marta for a favor. She wanted Marta to talk to Rafa and Fabio so that they would end the animosity with her. Initially reluctant, Marta eventually agreed when Griselda offered to become her business partner. Marta agreed to help her out, but after overdosing, she fell unconscious on the floor and passed away. It was an accident caused by a drug overdose, but knowing that Marta was an Ochoa, Griselda couldn’t take the risk. She knew that if Rafa or Fabio came to know about Marta’s death, they would kill Griselda and her men. Griselda quickly called Rivi to fix the situation and decided to dump Marta’s dead body somewhere. They ended up leaving the body in the hot tub, while Rivi and Griselda managed to leave the house, stealing Rafa’s drug stash that Marta had managed to steal from him.


Knowing Griselda had landed herself in big trouble, she decided to leave Miami and take her sons with her. She contacted Dario as well, but Dario let her know that he would leave the United States for good, taking Michael with him. Griselda was furious to know that she wouldn’t be able to see her son because Dario decided to get him away from this life of crime. Therefore, a frantic Griselda sent her men to kill Dario and bring her son back to her.

Griselda asked Rivi to sell all the stolen drugs from Marta’s house while she and her sons left for California. Rivi sold all the drugs, but in the meantime, he was also informed that Rafa was heading to Los Angeles and trying to find a way to put an end to Griselda’s life. Having sensed the potential danger, Rivi called Griselda right away, informing her about Rafa coming to LA and asking her to be cautious about the potential attack. Griselda knew that Rafa wouldn’t let her go so easily, so to get protection from Rafa and his dangerous men, she called the police. June Hawkins arrested Griselda right away, as they had enough evidence against her thanks to Carmen, who had told the police about Griselda’s illegal drug handling. However, Carmen hadn’t told them anything about the murders, so there was no evidence that Griselda was behind the killing of German Panesso or Papo Mejia.


How Did Dario Die?

Following Griselda’s arrest, the police targeted her right hand, Rivi. The police staged a fake kidnapping and announced Rivi as the suspect. Therefore, the police were already after Rivi and subsequently arrested him during a bank robbery. Rivi was put into interrogation, where the interrogating officer asked him about Griselda. Rivi initially betrayed Griselda and spilled all the beans, which caused both of them to spend a long time in prison, but Rivi managed to find a way out. He started talking to the DA’s assistant and got involved with her in an intimate conversation over the phone. As the assistant was caught in her office, having phone sex with Rivi, their investigation was succesfully sabotaged. The police couldn’t trust Rivi as their reliable witness to further extend Griselda’s punishment or investigate her connection with the murders. They failed to give Rivi or Griselda a long-term prison sentence. Therefore, Griselda only served seven long years in prison. While Griselda was serving her sentence, Dario was killed by some assassins at his home, but luckily his son, Michael, survived, as Dario’s ex-wife took him back to America and raised him. 

What Happened To Griselda?

A ferocious drug lady, Griselda Blanco didn’t end up in jail till the very end of her life. She only served a seven-year-long sentence for the drug charges and was subsequently released. However, her life met with the ultimate tragedy in her life when she learned about the deaths of her three sons. At the conclusion of her sentence, June Hawkins came to visit Griselda in prison and told her that three of her sons, Dixon, Uber, and Ozzy, were killed in different shootouts while selling drugs or being involved in illicit activities. However, Michael Corleone was still alive, as, after Dario’s death, he was brought back to America, where he finally got good parenting and a potential future free of crime. Griselda was heartbroken and devastated about losing her sons, but she knew that she deserved this punishment for all the atrocities she had committed.


In the concluding part of Griselda season 1 finale, we saw Griselda, out of prison, sitting by the ocean, recalling some golden memories of her life. Griselda ended with the former drug queen, or godmother, Griselda remembering her sons playing at the beach. This limited series concluded by informing us that Griselda was released after serving her time in prison and went back to Medellin after her release. However, in Medellin, she was shot to death at the age of 69 by an unknown assassin.

In the end, Griselda Blanco, once the ruthless queen of narcotics, passed away while nobody by her side. She had lost everything in her life, including the ones she had loved the most. Griselda, a limited series, ended with the portrayal of the tumultuous journey of Griselda Blanco that ended miserably for this female narco.


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