‘Griselda’ Episode 2 Recap Summary: How Did Fernando Die?

In the previous episode of Griselda, the emerging drug queen, Griselda Blanco, moved away from Colombia overnight to settle down in America. Griselda smuggled one kilo of coke with her to sell in America, but in her pursuit, she was faced with some fierce drug dealers like Amilcar and Eddie. Griselda managed to make a deal with Amilcar, who was impressed by the quality of her product. However, it was just the beginning, as Griselda had to overcome a lot more hurdles to strengthen her position in this business. In the second episode of the series, Griselda finally made partners who put their trust in her.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Griselda Start Selling Drugs?

Episode 2 started with Fernando’s henchman, Dario, sneaking into Griselda’s mansion in Medellin, but he was unable to find anyone in the house. Fernando called him, asking him to track Griselda down to put an end to her and her kids, and Dario agreed, but before he left the house, he found a photo of a young Griselda. Dario contacted the brothel Griselda had previously worked in and came to know that she had already taken some of the prostitutes back to Miami, making Dario think that Griselda might be up to something.


On the other hand, Griselda, who was now working as a supplier for Amilcar, managed to poach some of the prostitutes from the brothel in Colombia, using them as her peddlers. The women smuggled packets of cocaine in their innerwear, which summed up to a total of 10 kilos of drugs. Griselda wasn’t alone, as her old friends, Isabel and Arturo, backed her in her business.

Why Did Amilcar Betray Griselda?

Amilcar was planning to betray Griselda and made a deal with the Colombian drug dealer Papo Mejia, who couldn’t stand the fact that a housewife like Griselda would work for Amilcar as a supplier and cut him out of the deal. Therefore, Papo Mejia became enraged when Griselda and Arturo came to make a deal with Amilcar. Amilcar still didn’t believe in Griselda, even though she had proved her worth many times. Amilcar didn’t want to risk his connection with Papo Mejia because of a woman, so he also humiliated her in front of Mejia, asking her to leave. As Griselda tried to voice her concerns, Papo threatened to ban her from the entire drug business so that she would never be able to do business with anyone. Griselda digested the insult and decided to come back with a better plan.


Meanwhile, in Miami PD, the investigators were looking into the shootout at the bar where Griselda made a deal with Eddie. A translator and investigator, June Hawkins, was intrigued by the case when she learned from a witness that there was a female drug dealer involved in this business. June Hawkins wanted to investigate the matter, while the other investigators believed that the woman in that bar could only be one of the drug dealers’ girlfriends. However, the witness clarified to June that she didn’t seem to be a girlfriend, but her body language gave the impression of her being a boss lady.

What Happened To Papa Mejia?

Having been played by Amilcar, Griselda didn’t just stop her business endeavors. She hatched a plan with Arturo to make a deal with German Panesso, a Colombian drug dealer. Griselda wanted to strengthen her feet in the fresh market in Miami among the white folks and decided to make German Panesso work for her. However, German Panesso wasn’t initially interested in Griselda’s deal, but Griselda knew that she just needed to bring him to the table. Griselda threw a lavish party and invited Panesso. At that party, the white rich people were given free drugs, and it made Panesso think about Griselda’s methods in business. However, in the meantime, Papo Mejia appeared at a boat party with a gun in his hand. Storming in, he began to fire and threatened to kill Griselda. Griselda tried to sort things out with Papo, who held her at gunpoint. Meanwhile, Panesso stepped in to help Griselda and asked Papo to leave. Papo was all alone while Panesso’s men surrounded him with guns in their hands. So Papo had to leave Griselda and run away. Panesso, impressed by Griselda’s bravery and ability to deal with such situations, finally agreed to make a deal with her and called her his new partner. Griselda finally found a powerful partner in the business and aimed to go even bigger. 


How Did Fernando Die?

After the hectic night, Griselda came back home only to be terrified by the presence of Fernando and his henchman, Dario, at her house. She saw Fernando holding her kids at gunpoint, threatening to kill them. Fernando asked the kids if they had any idea about what happened to their father, and the kids responded naively that they were only aware that their mother had left him. Griselda didn’t want her kids to find out the truth this way, but all she could do was stay silent. Fernando spilled the truth, saying that their mother had killed his brother, Alberto, whose death he was now going to avenge. Fernando asked Dario to keep an eye on the kids while he took Griselda to another room to strangle her to death. Griselda desperately tried to fight back, but he was slowly overpowering her. Meanwhile, in another room, Griselda’s elder son, Dixon, couldn’t just sit silent, knowing that his uncle was killing his mother. Dixon managed to push Dario away and come to the room to pull a gun from the drawer to shoot Fernando, but he was unable to shoot him as Dario grabbed him from behind. Fernando asked Dario to shoot Dixon to death, and as told, Dario held the gun against Dixon’s head; however, he was unable to pull the trigger, and instead of Dixon, he shot Fernando to death. Griselda was relieved that her son was unharmed and alive, so she couldn’t thank Dario enough for not killing them. However, as she asked him why he killed his boss instead of them, Dario told her that he had never killed a kid and wished not to do so ever in his life.

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