‘Griselda’ Episode 1 Recap Summary: How Did Alberto Die?

Netflix is the home for many crime titles, including drug-trafficking gruesome thrillers that gave the streaming platform worldwide recognition. Just like Netflix’s iconic series Narcos, based on the real-life drug lord Pablo Escobar, another captivating thriller centered around Escobar’s mentor, Griselda Blanco, is set to receive huge recognition from audiences worldwide. Starring Sofia Vergara, Griselda follows the titular character, Griselda Blanco, a real-life drug lady who was feared by the most threatening drug mafia, including the infamous Pablo Escobar. In the first episode of the six-part miniseries, Griselda comes back to Miami from Medellin, and now she is all set to strengthen her position and make her mark in this business.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Griselda Leave Medellin?

The first episode of Netflix’s series opened in 1978 in Medellin, Colombia, at Griselda’s home, where she entered with a bullet wound in her abdomen. Griselda quickly called her friend, Carmen, asking if her friend could let her and her sons stay at her place for a while. Griselda explained that she had been in an argument with her husband, Alberto, and she wanted to leave him. As Carmen said yes, Griselda took her three sons and fled Medellin for Miami, America. Upon her arrival at Carmen’s place, Griselda and her sons faced a little trouble settling down, and they could also understand that Carmen wasn’t very happy about the fact that Griselda was staying at her place. Griselda promised Carmen that she just needed some time to find a job and rent a house because she had decided to leave Alberto for good and settle down in America with her children. Carmen was a good friend, so she offered Griselda a job at her company. However, Griselda had to promise that she’d leave the drug business behind if she wanted the job. Griselda promised she would, but as she had brought one kilo of coke along with her, she decided to sell it off to put together a nest egg. Therefore, she began to ask around to network with some people who’d be interested in buying her product. Having no option left, Griselda decided to head to a hotel named the Mutiny, where, at a disco pub, she thought she might get a customer she could sell to, but things went wrong.

How Did Griselda Manage To Sell Her Coke?

Griselda bumped into a man named Johnny, who worked for a drug dealer named Amilcar. She asked Johnny to taste the product and suggested he might be interested in it, but Johnny, who had already snorted the coke, directly approached Amilcar, suggesting a deal. Griselda herself approached Amilcar, but the man was least interested in just one-kilo of coke because, for him, quantity mattered more than just quality. Amilcar rejected Griselda’s deal, asking her to leave with Johnny. But Johnny was a little hasty and a bit idiotic, so he attacked Griselda and snatched all the coke from her. Griselda, however, was badly hurt, yet she remained a composed and cunning woman when it came to business. She hired a Colombian waiter, Chucho, from a restaurant and asked her to play at being her henchman. Meanwhile, she also followed Johnny, and as she found him dealing with another drug dealer named Eddie, she grabbed the opportunity to blackmail him. Griselda attacked Johnny, beating him with a baseball bat and threatening to tell Amilcar about Johnny’s involvement with Eddie if he didn’t give her back the coke. Johnny was helpless, so he not only gave her the coke back but also took her to a bar to meet Eddie, who was interested in buying the coke from her. However, as Gruselda finally managed to make a satisfactory deal with Eddie, an assassin barged into the bar and killed all the men in the bar, including Eddie. As the man was about to attack Griselda, Chucho shot him from behind. Chucho and the guy got into a brawl, injuring Chucho’s hand, but he survived. After the bloodbath, one of Amilcar’s men entered the bar and took the packet of coke. He spotted Griselda hiding behind a table, covered in blood splatter, so he asked her to leave.

What Happened To Alberto?

Griselda had a painful history, which was the reason she decided to leave Colombia. She had been married to Alberto, who was the brother and business partner of a Colombian drug lord, Fernando. One day, when Alberto was unable to pay his brother’s debts, he asked his wife, Griselda, to sleep with Fernando for one night to clear his debt. It broke her heart and humiliated her, but Griselda decided to do the job to free her husband, especially for the sake of her children’s safety. However, as she paid Fernando’s debts by sleeping with him, she came back to meet her husband, but the insecure and hypocritical Alberto started badmouthing Griselda for what she had done. Griselda couldn’t believe that she had just slept with a man to save her husband, only to be blamed by her husband for it. As Alberto became violent and started hurting Griselda, she decided to pick up the gun and shoot her husband and his men to death. Knowing that Alberto’s death might get her and her kids in trouble, she fled Colombia overnight and decided to start afresh in America.

Meanwhile, Griselda was caught, as Johnny had come to talk to her in Carmen’s office and told Carmen that her friend was selling drugs. Carmen made a big issue out of it as she didn’t want to welcome any trouble into her life through Griselda; therefore, she asked her to leave her house at night, and Griselda agreed.

Did Griselda Manage To Make A Deal With Amilcar?

Griselda, with her face covered in blood, didn’t go back home after the bloodbath she had just witnessed in the bar. She had seen who had taken her coke, so she went back to Mutiny to confront Amilcar. With her daunting attitude, she faced Amilcar and accepted that she might never get back the coke, but she had an offer. She demanded to work with Amilcar as his drug supplier. Amilcar was wondering if Griselda could pull off the drug dealing, but he was impressed by the quality of the coke that she had smuggled to America. Amilcar agreed to hire Griselda, but he demanded that next month, she must double the drug supply. Griselda made a deal and shook her hands with Amilcar. The first episode ended with the beginning of Griselda stepping into this business, slowly rising to become a powerful drug queen.

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