‘Gotham Knights’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Brody Survive?

Things take a shocking turn in the CW’s Gotham Knights as allegiances change and the eponymous vigilante team once again find themselves racing against the clock while saving Turner’s life. In the previous episode, the leader of the Court of the Owls, Lincoln March, tortured a captive Turner using hallucinogens, showing him a vision of his deceased parents and implanting the idea that Bruce Wayne was somehow responsible for their deaths. The team found out about Electrum by decoding Alan Wayne’s century-old map and tried to strike a deal with the Court, demanding Turner’s return in exchange for a fake replica of Electrum, the elusive mineral with mystical properties for which the Court had been searching for so long.


However, their plan backfired when, in order to verify the authenticity of the healing property Electrum, Lincoln March sliced open Turner’s throat, and in order to save him, Carrie was forced to use the original mineral to save Turner’s life and later had to hand it over to the Court. But as they returned to the Belfry watchtower, Turner’s bad patch continued as he started convulsing and collapsed on the floor. On the other hand, seeing himself getting involved in crimes he doesn’t remember committing, Harvey records a defense confession beforehand, Harvey Dent finds out his split persona has recorded something intended for him, and Gotham Knights Episode 10 reveals the dark secrets it holds.

Spoilers Ahead


What Happened To Turner?

The rest of the team members try their best to aid Turner, who is burning up with fever, in every way possible but are clueless about the necessary steps to be taken because of Electrum’s involvement. After going through some research, Harper considers the possibility of radiation poisoning, and a Geiger counter confirms her suspicion. However, it seems that the radiation poisoning of Electrum only affects the members through exposure to bodily fluids, as none of the members except Turner show signs of radiation. After researching more, the Row siblings find out that Electrum poisoning becomes fatal within a day, and Turner has just hours to live if they are unable to come up with a solution soon enough.

Harper speculates that a blood transfusion might save Turner’s life as an influx of regular blood might lessen the quantity of Electrum in his blood enough to let him heal without poisoning him. Stephanie is of the opinion that Turner needs medical assistance immediately, but Harper protests, saying it’ll expose him to the authorities. Carrie comes to rescue by hatching a plan to seek her doctor mother’s assistance.


What Did Brody Find Out About His Father, Lincoln?

While searching for his pain meds in his father Lincoln March’s safe, Brody finds out that the owl mask and lapel pin of Turner’s coat were spyware cameras. After looking through its recorded video, Brody sees the death of Cressida Clarke at his father’s hand. Brody informs Stephanie about this, who in turn reveals that Lincoln is the leader of the Court, much to Brody’s disbelief. Stephanie requests that Brody provide the lapel pin footage and advises him to keep his mother, Rebecca, safe by moving away from Gotham.

Stephanie returns and informs the team about the recent developmentsā€”that procuring the footage will help them hold the Court accountable for all the crimes they had pinned against the fugitive teenagers, and finally, they will be free. The members are ecstatic hearing this, and as Harper talks with her brother about future prospects if they clear their names, she gets to know that Cullen has grown quite affectionate of the team and loves the life of vigilantism.


Is Turner Free From His Mental Scars?

Even after escaping from the Court’s clutches, Turner is tormented by the memory of their torturous methods. Carrie approaches Turner to check up on him and learns about the vision he saw during the Court’s torture sessions and also about the fact that they tried to convince him about Bruce’s involvement with his birth parents’ death. Carrie can no longer keep what she has learned from Bruce’s journal a secret and brings Turner the pages that she has stolen from it, which also indicates that Bruce feels guilty due to some reason for Turner’s parents’ deaths.

The whole world comes crashing down around Turner, and he feels as if his life is a complete lie. Aghast at Carrie for keeping this secret away from him for such a long time, Turner refuses to listen to her reasoning that whatever she did was to protect him from emotional hurt after Bruce’s death. Turner berates Carrie and asks her to leave, moping in silence all alone. Later, Duela arrives to check up on Turner and tends to him, and the team finds out that Turner’s poisoning situation is aggravating rapidly. To make matters worse, Lincoln had sent the police to follow Brody’s trail, and after his meeting with Stephanie, they reached the Belfry to search for the fugitives. The team barely manages to escape with Turner, as Stephanie is able to distract the authorities for long enough.


Carrie sneaks Turner into the Gotham Hospital and asks for her mother’s assistance in the blood transfusion. Although Dr. Kelley gets shocked after seeing the fugitive wanted for murder, Turner Hayes, lying unconscious on the bed, she decides to save his life. After the procedure is done, Turner is healed, and Carrie sneaks him out precisely again, but Dr. Kelley is unwilling to let Carrie or herself be an accomplice to murder and goes to inform the authorities. Out of options, Carrie reveals her association with the fugitives and her identity as Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Back at the Belfry, Turner shares his emotional crisis with Duela, and her no-nonsense, honest approach wins him over, and the duo makes out.

Harvey Vs. His Other

Meanwhile, as Harvey goes through the recorded videos, he finds out that his other self is calling him out and asking to meet in the space between his consciousnesses by overdosing on his stress-relieving medications. Harvey does so and meets with his “other” self in the aforementioned place, who states that he has accompanied Harv at every turn of his life, right from the moment his psyche broke thanks to his abusive father. The Other states that the Court somehow knows about Harvey’s personality disorder and triggered it by using the musical cue to which Harvey’s painful childhood memories were attached. However, the Other is now interfering with Harvey’s life randomly with a very chaotic demeanor, which is very uncharacteristic of him, and demands control from Harvey.


Although Harvey has unknowingly lost track of time in the moments when the Other has previously taken control, the latter assures him that he isn’t responsible for the murders of Cressida Clarke or Mayor Hill, which were done by the Court. Harvey learns that the Court is trying to frame him by shifting the blame of their crimes onto him, just like they did with Turner and previously with Joe Chill, but the Other assures him that as long as Harvey relinquishes control of his psyche to him, handling the entire ordeal shouldn’t prove to be a problem. As the Other continues to boast of his past actions, Harvey learns that it took control in the past to orchestrate his father’s murder, which for so long Harvey thought was an accident. An enraged Harvey attacks and seemingly chokes his other persona to death, which states till his last breath that Harvey will beg for his interference in his most vulnerable moments. Harvey’s secretary, Aja, spots him convulsing in the physical world, calls for medical assistance, and Harvey returns to normalcy. Dr. Chase Meridian asks Harv to get a checkup, which he politely refuses.

The Other Self was created in Harvey’s subconscious as a defense mechanism, and Harvey is not likely to get rid of it except through therapy. The Court is likely to exploit this by pinning him to his worst possible condition, and like the Dark Knight, Gotham’s White Knight is going to disappear forever.


How Did Brody Survive At The End?

Brody returns to his home and shares everything that he has learned from Stephanie with his mother. Rebecca seems to be in disbelief, but Brody’s earnest requests convince her somewhat, and she agrees to leave the town with her son. As Brody packs up and prepares to leave with Rebecca, he gets stabbed to death by her as she reveals herself to be the true leader of the Court. Lincoln arrives and gets a bit taken aback by the situation. It’s strange that a ruthless and vicious person like him can even feel something for his son, after all, with whom he supposedly had a strained relationship. Rebecca chastises Lincoln for leaving evidence behind and failing to nab the Gotham Knights, and she orders him to eliminate Stephanie Brown. Rebecca also misdirects the team by sending Stephanie a text from Brody’s phone that states the evidence has been seized by Lincoln.

However, Gotham Knights Episode 10 ends with Lincoln driving his son Brody’s coffin out of their house, and as he taps on it, Brody wakes up, signifying that Electrum was used by Lincoln to revive him. With only three episodes remaining in this season, the series is getting even more exciting every week, and the character dynamics will play a key part in making a memorable final lap.


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