‘Good Morning, Veronica’ Season 3 Ending Explained & Series Recap: What Happened To Doum?

A Netflix Brazilian series, Good Morning, Veronica has just released the third installment of the saga. Season 3 of Good Morning, Veronica is a three-part miniseries that revolves around Veronica Torres’ efforts to unravel the mystery of Doum, who was the main antagonist of the story. In the previous season, it was revealed that the twin brothers Matias and Claudio were not the only people responsible for trafficking children, but another individual named Doum was actually the one who operated this syndicate. Veronica pledged to uncover who Doum was so that she could rescue the captive women from him as well as safeguard her own family from his evil snare.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened In Season 3?

In season 3, it was revealed that the “Order of Faith,” the human trafficking syndicate Veronica had been looking into, was founded by Monsignor Davila, who operated his group under the guise of a missionary organization. As Monsignor was arrested, his followers or trusted slaves, Claudio, Matias and Diana took over the group and carried out their illicit activities. 


In season 3, Veronica started digging deeper into the Order of Faith, and during her investigation, some of the followers of the Order of Faith went after her. A horse rancher named Jeronimo helped her escape the place and took her to his ranch, where he used to tame his horses. Veronica met with Jeronimo’s mother, Diana, who had a troubling past in that orphanage, which Veronica wanted to know more about. Veronica spotted a pregnant girl on the ranch, but she initially didn’t pay much attention to her. Instead, she ended up being intimate with Jeronimo on his ranch. Veronica began to trust Jeronimo, as she had searched his background and found no criminal records.

Meanwhile, her daughter Lila’s safety became a grave concern for Veronica. She found Lila was chatting with a guy who seemed to have a fake profile, so she asked her daughter to be careful about it. However, Lila was adamant, so she behaved rudely with her mother and went on a date with that guy, only to get kidnapped by Doum’s men. Veronica became desperate to know who took her daughter, and she suspected it must be Matias. 


Who Was Doum?

After Lila was kidnapped, desperate and helpless, Veronica went to meet Matias in prison and asked him to leave her daughter alone, but Matias promised to help her if Angela came to talk to him. Having no other choice left, Veronica went to Gisele and requested that she let Angela talk to her father for once. Gisele was reluctant, and Veronica also knew that it wouldn’t be safe for Angela to meet her father. However, Veronica desperately wanted her daughter back, so she managed to convince Gisele and took Angela with her. Veronica demanded help from Jeronimo, as he was the one whom she felt she could trust at this point, but her heart was broken when she came to find out that Jeronimo was the actual villain she had been looking for. In short, he was the “Doum” Veronica had been hunting down for such a long time. Veronica met with Jeronimo, asking for his help, Jeronimo got her arrested and kidnapped Angela and Carol.

How Did Diana Die?

The mystery surrounding the actual “Doum” was revealed in this season. Jeronimo believed he was the one who should inherit the legacy of his father, Monsignor, but in reality, he was not even his legitimate son. Diana was only a devoted slave to Monsignor, who had a child with her, but instead of selling him away, he chose to raise Jeronimo, who later became one of the leading members of the group. Therefore, Jeronimo had always had a beef with Matias and Claudio, as he believed himself to be superior to the rest of them. Therefore, when Matias arrived at the ranch, and Diana expressed her desire to become a mother once again, Jeronimo became worried. Diana was done being one of the lead members of the group, as now she wanted her own child. As Matias claimed to have an extraordinary healing power, Diana asked him to heal her body and impregnate her so that she could fulfill her desire to become a mother once again. Jeronimo witnessed Matias and Diana making love, which disgusted him, so he decided to take revenge on Matias. He couldn’t just let Diana or Matias snatch everything away from him, so he would do everything in his capability to protect what he deserved. Outside of the ranch, Jeronimo confronted Matias, and the two got into a scuffle, resulting in Jeronimo brutally killing Matias. 


Meanwhile, after Veronica was released, she couldn’t face Gisele, as she knew Angela was suffering because of her. So she took it as her ultimate mission to go to Jeronimo’s ranch and rescue the captives from there. Veronica sneaked onto the ranch and witnessed that Diana was delivering the child of a captive woman, who wasn’t even allowed to hold or touch her child, as Diana and Jeronimo would soon be trafficking the child. Veronica decided to act out, but before that, Jeronimo captured her and held her captive in a stable prison. He didn’t want to kill Veronica because he wanted his own offspring through her. 

In the meantime, Diana had a sneaky suspicion about Veronica’s identity, as Matias had told her that she had a lot of similarities with Veronica. So, Diana rushed to the forest and asked Veronica about her father. As Veronica told her everything, Diana learned that Veronica was one of the trafficked children from the orphanage. Jeronimo arrived right in time, but when the mother and son were distracted, Veronica managed to free herself and run towards the ranch. She checked the list of impregnated women on the ranch and found that her daughter Lila was one of them. Devastated and shocked, Veronica managed to make a phone call with the help of another captive on the ranch and asked Prata to summon the police. Meanwhile, Gisele, who had been looking for Angela, arrived at the ranch. Upon her arrival, she got into a brawl with Diana, and the two of them injured each other. During the heated fight, Jeronimo was surrounded by Veronica and all the other captives, whom she had freed from the ranch. The women attacked Jeronimo, who was about to shoot them all, but Veronica shot him to death. Diana was devastated to see her son die in front of her eyes, so being unable to bear her pain, she shot herself. 


Did Veronica Become A Police Officer?

In the ending of Good Morning, Veronica season 3, we saw Veronica’s record being cleared because, without her assistance, the authorities could never track down this notorious criminal syndicate. Veronica had always wanted to become a detective, so her family insisted she become a police officer, but Veronica didn’t want to choose that path. Instead, she wanted to become a vigilante who would remain in the shadows and help bring down the evil people who were associated with this syndicate. In the concluding scene of the series, we saw Veronica supporting her daughter Lila in her decision to have the abortion, as she knew how traumatic it was for her daughter to go through such a horrible experience. Lila’s relationship with her mother was mended, and it seemed like Veronica was finally able to enjoy some quality time with her family.

However, Veronica wasn’t yet done with her mission to bring down the entire human trafficking syndicate. In season 2, when Matias’ house was raided and he ended up being interrogated by officer Gloria, the detective mentioned Tenor, who was an international trafficker, who worked with Matias. Tenor was the one to donate a hefty amount of money to Matias’ House of the Saints, in exchange for those children from his cult. Veronica, whose next target was to bring Tenor to justice, gathered all the women she had freed from Jeronimo’s ranch. Together they went after Tenor and held him captive.  Veronica decided not to become a police officer because she didn’t trust the justice system which had helped corrupt people like Claudio and Matias get away with their crimes earlier, so she decided to take up the role of a vigilante and continued delivering justice while remaining in the shadows. Not only that, but she also inspired those other women from Jeronimo’s ranch to fight against evil by giving them a new purpose in life. 


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