Genesis In ‘Baby Bandito,’ Explained: What Happens To Kevin’s Baby?

Inspired by the 2014 heist at Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport in Chile, committed by Kevin Olguín Sepúlveda, a Netflix series, Baby Bandito, brought forth a fictional retelling of the events. This ten-part series is not entirely based on real-life events but follows the heist committed by Kevin and his friends. This series introduced a set of intriguing characters, but many of them were fictionalized and had no connection with the real-life characters who acted alongside Kevin. However, inspired by some real-life people, the makers came up with some crucial characters who played an important role in shaping the narrative. One of these crucial characters is Genesis, Kevin Tapia’s lady love in this series. Let’s talk about Genesis to learn more about her character journey.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Genesis?

We don’t have vast knowledge as to whether real-life Kevin Olguin’s girlfriend was a part of their heist gang, but certainly she was an important part of Kevin’s life. Genesis is inspired by Kevin’s real-life partner, but her character journey is entirely fictionalized in the series. Genesis, who shared a similar interest in skateboarding with Kevin, came from an affluent family, while Kevin was brought up in a financially challenging environment. When Kevin and Genesis stumbled upon each other, he fell in love with her at first sight. Even though he filmed her skating on the road without even letting her know, he later won her heart by catching a thief who stole her bag. Genesis began to enjoy Kevin’s company, even though she was with someone. She invited him to her party, where her ex-boyfriend created a scene after catching Kevin hitting on her. Even Genesis’s mother was strictly against her daughter falling for a guy from a humble background. But ignoring all of them, Genesis chose to be with Kevin and dreamed of being together forever.

Genesis was into designing and traveling, and Kevin wanted to give her everything she wanted, so he made a promise that he would always remain by her side. However, after Kevin ended up having a clash with the Butchers and stole their notebook containing the plan of the heist from the warehouse, he came up with a dangerous plan to commit the heist with her friends. Genesis supported him through thick and thin and even got involved in the heist. But after the heist was successful and Kevin’s team got their hands on seven million pesos, Genesis’s greed skyrocketed. Despite Panther’s attempts to warn them not to spend all the money but to keep it in a safe place, Genesis couldn’t comply with him. She wanted to get rich fast and move away from Chile to live somewhere with her lover for the rest of their lives. Even though she was a bit desperate and dumb, we couldn’t judge her because of the circumstances she had been through. Her family constantly pressured her to be with her ex-boyfriend, whom she didn’t even love. So she urged Kevin to run away from Chile and start afresh in a foreign country.

What Happens To Genesis And Her Baby?

Initially hesitant, Kevin finally agreed to move out with Genesis to honor the promise he once made to his lover. Kevin left his family at their lowest and even betrayed his best friend Panda, whose life had been dragged into the mess only because of Kevin. As Genesis and Kevin moved to Italy and started living a lavish lifestyle, they did nothing but prove how stupid and desperate they were. They had no idea that the Butchers and the police were still after them, so they should have maintained discretion. After buying a luxurious lifestyle, the couple started flaunting their lifestyle on social media, and finally the investigators managed to spot the perpetrator who had committed the heist in Chile airport.

Genesis, in the meantime, was kidnapped by a gang in Italy, while Kevin was arrested by the police. Genesis subsequently contacted her mother, who finally came to her rescue, but she demanded that her daughter leave Kevin for good. During this time, Genesis came to know that she was pregnant, so for the sake of her child, she complied with her mother. In reality as well, Kevin was arrested and brought into custody, but we have no such information as to whether Kevin’s real-life girlfriend had ever been kidnapped in Italy. However, according to some sources, Kevin and his partner had a son together, just as it was depicted in the series. Genesis gave birth to their son, and Kevin was informed about the good news while he was in prison, but in order to meet his son, he eluded the police and ran away from the hospital. He did pay a visit to his newborn son and Genesis, but he wasn’t fortunate enough to relish those happy moments in his life for too long. He had to run to save himself from the authorities and has remained on the run ever since. Genesis had loved Kevin from the deepest part of her heart. That’s why she chose to abandon her own family only to be with her lover, but at the end, some dumb choices that she and her lover made caused them to drift apart for good.

In reality, Kevin was arrested by the police in Barcelona, Spain, where the police found some tools of theft in his bag. There is no such information as to whether Genesis or the real-life girlfriend of Kevin had any contribution to Kevin’s incarceration. The series had made some changes and added some extra spice to bring out the nuances in these characters’ lives. The creative liberty taken by the makers made these character journeys more engaging, making it an enthralling watch. But to be honest, in order to make it an engaging watch, the makers didn’t humanize these characters; that’s why, at some point, they remained nothing more than just some characters in an entertaining drama. The series is indeed a captivating watch, but the characters were not written very meticulously so that a global audience could relate to them or connect with their journey.

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