‘Gemini’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Is Heather Dead Or Alive?

Aaron Katz, the American director, has done an amazing job with his 2017 film Gemini. The mystery thriller stars faces like Zoe Kravitz and Lola Kirke, who have graced the screen with their amazing performances. The plot revolves around a superstar, Heather, and her secretary, Jill. Things take an awry turn when Heather gets murdered and Jill takes up the charge to search for the murderer of her boss. Will Jill be able to unravel the mystery of Heather’s murder? Did Heather really die, or was it someone else? Let’s find the answers to these questions!


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What Bond Did Heather And Jill Share?

Despite being Heather’s secretary, Jill shared a very close bond with her. They were good friends, and Jill was always very protective of Heather. She followed Heather everywhere, and never once did we see them lashing out at each other. Jill feels responsible for Heather and gets protective when she is approached by Sierra, an obsessed superfan, at a bar. She restricts her from taking pictures with Heather, but Heather agrees to click pictures with her anyway, which leads to dire consequences later. When Heather asked for a gun from Jill, she initially refused, but when she later learned that Heather was asking for it for her own safety, she gave it to her immediately. She, however, advised Heather to use the gun wisely and not unnecessarily. Heather relied on Jill and thought of her as a protective figure who seemed to be very relaxed when around her. When Jill accidentally fired a shot at Heather’s coin collection, her concern for Jill was evident as she ran up to her and asked her if she was okay. Jill was in charge of managing all the mess that Heather got into, and when she decided not to do a movie, Jill had to intervene and fix meetings to reschedule her re-shoot sessions. An accident happens at Heather’s house, right at that point when Jill has stepped out for a bit to resolve the official matters for her.


Why Was Jill The Main Suspect?

On coming back from the meeting, Jill found Heather lying dead on the floor. Jill was, however, the main suspect as the investigations started. The detective, Edward Ahn, told Jill that the revolver with which Heather had been shot only had Heather’s and Jill’s fingerprints. He also told her that her fingernails had gunpowder residue, and hence all the evidence was pointing in her direction. Jill was being followed by the police wherever she went. When she reached her apartment, she found that it was swarming with police and people from the press. She sneaked out of her apartment and started investigating Heather’s murder on her own. She wanted to make sure that she was not framed for murdering her best friend. She disguised herself and set out to confront all the people that she thought could have been involved in the murder.

What Did Jill Decide On Doing?

Jill decided that she would take that extra step and find Heather’s murderer on her own. She went to Greg, one of Heather’s ex-boyfriends cum director, to confront him about her murder. She thought that he had a motive to kill her because she was refusing to complete a film that they had been working on for the past five years. However, Greg clarifies to her that he wasn’t involved in her murder. Later, she also follows Devin, Heather’s ex-husband. She thought that Devin could have been the murderer, as she was living in Devin’s house. On the day of the murder, a coin collection had also gone missing from the house, and it’s possible that Devin had made the murder look like a burglary. She was almost sure that Devin had killed her when she found a coin in his hotel room. She had snuck into his hotel room and heard his conversations with his new girlfriend. He was asking her to lie to the police, telling them that he was with her on the night of the murder. She also looked up at the crazy fan who had come to get a selfie with Heather and found out that she looked just like Heather. (they also had a similar tattoo). Later, she met Tracy, Heather’s girlfriend, and she told her that she had found a coin in Devin’s room and that there was a possibility that he was the murderer. She gets further confused when Tracy tells her that Devin is a crazy collector of similar coins, and it could have been a completely different coin. Later, Jill gets suspicious of Tracy when she hears her talking to someone over the phone. She also found the missing coin collection in Tracy’s storeroom. She thought that Tracy was the actual murderer and decided to investigate the case further.


What Happened Finally?

On further investigation, she found a cabin in a secluded segment of the city, where she came across Heather. At first, she was totally shocked to find her alive, but later, when she came to terms with the fact, she lost her cool and told Heather that the police were after her because they were suspicious that she was the real murderer. Later, it became clear to her that Heather’s crazy fan, Sierra, had tried to break into her house, and she had shot at her in self-defense. She had tried to fake her own death to make sure that she was not charged with Sierra’s murder. Heather had taken advantage of the similarity in her appearance with that of Sierra and made the murder look like a homicide in which she herself had been murdered. She was the one who had stolen the coins and made the murder look like a burglary at the house. After Jill found Heather hiding in the cabin, Heather decided to do an interview to explain the events to her fans and come clear about the murder at her house. She wanted to maintain transparency about the fact that whatever she had done was an act of self-defense!

Final Words

There are a plethora of celebrities who were murdered by their own fans, some of whom are John Lennon and Gianni Versace. However, the case portrayed in the film is completely the opposite. Here, the star was the one to have murdered her superfan. Sometimes, the amount of craziness among the fans that the stars have to put up with becomes very tedious. There are also a lot of life-threatening acts that certain fans do to impress their favorite celebrities, which might be a bit of a turn-off for them! The story that has been brought out through this film can be compared with the real-life rumors about Ariana Grande. The rumor goes that the celebrity who has been performing as Ariana on stage is not the star herself. She had died many years ago, and a similar-looking woman has been performing in her place ever since. There are many rumors about celebrities that might be true, while some are complete hoaxes. There is a possibility that the false rumor about Heather’s murder was part of her plan to increase her popularity and capture the attention of the audience.


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