Who Are Marisol And Mariluna In The Netflix ‘Freeridge’ Series? Why Is Marisol Looking For The Cursed Box? 

Based on the 2018 teen-comedy drama “On My Block,” Netflix is back with another spin-off series, “Freeridge,” a tale of four friends who are set to break the curse of a mysterious box. Dragged into the world of black magic and superstition, Gloria, Ines, Demi, and Cameron had to look for different ways to overcome the problem. Throughout the whole series, an aged woman named Marisol keeps following them around, only for them to see her disappear in the next few moments. But things took a different turn when the squad realized that Marisol had passed away. The first episode begins with a dramatic fight scene between Gloria and Ines, who are, surprisingly, sisters. Gloria believed that Ines had been tampering with her reputation and decided to avoid her.


Despite facing so many problems, Gloria couldn’t set boundaries for her sister, and since they created a huge scene on their school premises, the Principal reached out to Gloria and Ines’ uncle Tonio, believing him to be their father. So, then Tonio started demanding $1000 to hide these secrets from Gloria and Ines’ father, Javier. Soon, Gloria began making plans to pay off her debts to her uncle, while Cameron did the same to avoid his long-time boyfriend, Andre. But fate had other plans for them, and one morning, Gloria set up a yard sale to earn some money, and Marisol Martinez approached her, asking for a monogrammed box. Suddenly, Gloria remembered that the same box had been purchased by Cameron as a gift for Andre. Marisol offered her $200 for the box, and Gloria got the box back from Cameron. But the moment she came back, the lady had mysteriously disappeared. So, Gloria decided to give the box back to Cameron. All four of them went to Gloria’s house to inspect the box, and they found some pictures and little showpieces inside it. Unfortunately, Marisol followed them to Gloria’s place and offered $1000 for it, but Cameron had already left.

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Were Gloria, Ines, Demi, and Cameron Able To Reverse The Curse?

Gloria and Demi couldn’t understand Marisol’s crazy fascination with the box, but she revealed that the box was cursed. Uncle Tonio heard their conversations and decided to fool Marisol by taking the money. But she disappeared again. Demi knew that they had been cursed, and now their option was to gain more information on it and put an end to all of this. Well, the curse didn’t matter to Gloria since she didn’t believe in the concept of black magic until Andre turned up with a swollen face. Gloria and her friends approached the lady named Geny, with whom Gloria had collaborated for a yard sale, and asked her about Marisol and the box. Now, things were definitely becoming more suspicious as the lady revealed that Marisol was her mother-in-law, and that she had passed away a long time ago. Gloria ended up fighting with Demi, Ines, and Cameron since she didn’t want to entangle herself in the box theory. The following night, Gloria and Ines were shocked to know that Javier had been diagnosed with lymphoma, and that it had happened after they gifted him a knife from the box. Gloria was afraid of losing her father, but Ines assured her that they would find more ways to reverse the curse. All this time, Marisol had been tailing their movements everywhere.

Meanwhile, the four of them couldn’t work together and ended up fighting at every level. Demi decided to take charge since she had already been into supernatural stuff. But they couldn’t get any in-depth information on Marisol’s life. Instead, they found out Marisol had led a peaceful life with her son and his family. Demi and Cameron went back to Marisol’s son since she had been haunting them, and he was shocked to know that his wife, Geny, had sold the box. So, Demi decided to perform a leave-out ceremony as the box was important to Marisol. This ceremony would ensure their safety, and it would help them to cleanse all the bad energy around them. But Demi needed the box, and it had mysteriously disappeared. Soon, Ines and Gloria realized that Javier’s cancer was not terminal, and they ended up dismissing Demi since she got them into all the ritualistic scenarios. The same night, Gloria woke up to have some water and noticed that her window had a message from Marisol and wrote that she needed the box back. The next day, Demi learned about a witch named Cinnamon, and the four of them headed to meet her to get more information on the box. Well, Cinnamon did not know the curses, but she sensed a dark aura around them.


But Cinnamon received a cryptic message, and she ended up confusing Demi. Cinnamon told her that she was trying to mend something that had been broken, but she couldn’t understand the meaning behind it. Before leaving, Cinnamon gave Gloria a premonition that one sister would be the reason for her downfall and that someone was about to die. They tried to leave the place, and Gloria ended up fighting Demi, but Rusty managed to distract them. Amidst this chaos, the box had been shattered into several pieces, and now they had a new problem to deal with. Demi went back home and kept thinking about Cinnamon’s random message, and that’s when she realized that the broken box had an extra compartment. She found an old and torn invitation card for the 50th birthday of a man called Henry. Demi turned the card around and found a message on the back. It was a message from a woman named Mariluna to Marisol, and she wanted to meet Marisol because she missed her. Demi knew that Marisol was already dead, and now the team had to find out Mariluna’s real identity. She would always visit Marisol’s grave to place flowers, and now it was pretty clear that Mariluna was connected to Marisol since they looked identical.

Who Is Mariluna, And How Is She Connected To Marisol?

Five weeks had already passed, and Gloria began to believe that the curse was fake. But Demi knew that things would get messy soon. She showed the invitation card to Marisol’s son Ruben and his wife, Geny. She came across a memorial website for Marisol, which was made by a young boy named Jamal, who had been pretty close to Marisol. Ruben and Geny realized that Marisol did not share anything about her past, but he was sure that his mother only had brothers. Gloria knew that Marisol and Mariluna symbolized the Sun and moon, which hinted towards their connection. Well, Demi and Gloria decided to contact Jamal directly since he would know about Mariluna’s identity. But contacting him was a huge struggle. Her father used a gadget similar to the Rubik’s cube to communicate with Jamal. He worked for Noel Aroma’s biodome, and their phones didn’t work. Jamal’s parents couldn’t break the code, so Gloria took over and solved the cube within seconds. Jamal revealed that Mariluna was Marisol’s twin sister, which explained the similar features. A few days passed, and Gloria decided to throw a house party since Javier had gone on vacation with his girlfriend. Suddenly, Gloria spotted Mariluna in her house, but before she could do anything, Mariluna disappeared.


Mariluna escaped from the house but accidentally left her scarf behind, and this was enough for Gloria to understand that Mariluna was pretty rich. Gloria had to find her since the curse might cause more trouble for her and the family. Gloria found Javier’s handwritten will and papers for chemotherapy, which indicated that Javier’s cancer was worsening with time. She decided to confront Javier about the same, and Javier revealed that his cancer had already progressed to stage three. Moreover, things were getting bad between the sisters as both of them fell in love with Tonio’s assistant, Rusty. Ines decided to break their relationship, and she lied to Rusty as well as Gloria. Rusty believed that Gloria hated him, and Ines told Gloria that he had been dating someone else. Gloria decided to beat him up and got expelled from the school. She was placed under house arrest, but this punishment came in handy. She found out that Mariluna had been intruding on her house every day, whenever they were in school. Despite getting a clear warning from Javier, Gloria decided to leave the house, and she followed Mariluna to know the truth behind the box and its curse. Soon, Gloria realized that Mariluna had rented a room in Gloria’s house during school hours from Tonio.

Did Things Work Out For Mariluna And Gloria In The End?

Eventually, Gloria and Mariluna decided to talk about everything. She revealed that Henry was her husband, and he’d died in a car accident. She decorated the whole room with sweets and other delicious delicacies, which were completely ruined by cobwebs and flies over it. Mariluna hadn’t changed it since the day she decorated the whole room. Mariluna told her that she’d tried her best to communicate with Gloria about the box. It turned out that Mariluna was very kind, and the two enjoyed their conversations with each other. Mariluna told her about the old times when she pretended to be Marisol. Henry wanted Mariluna to leave her wealthy family behind to marry him. So, nobody knew that Marisol and Mariluna were twins. Mariluna wanted her family back, and Henry’s birthday party was the best option. But Marisol never reached out to her. Mariluna gifted the box to Marisol when she married Henry, and it was never cursed. Mariluna just tried to fool Gloria and her friends into getting the box back. Time passed, and both of them became great friends, as Gloria would spend her entire evening at Mariluna’s place. Moreover, Gloria got back to school since Javier’s girlfriend Lucial threatened to sue the school as she was a lawyer. So, she made it to the bent-arm hang trials, and Gloria broke the record.

Rusty and Gloria got back together, but things went downhill between the sisters. Gloria realized that Ines had lied to both of them. But Ines had figured out that Tonio had been paying Rusty to date, Gloria. Ines, Demi, and Cameron, tried to tell her the truth, but Gloria didn’t believe Ines, and the duo ended up fighting again. Meanwhile, Gloria and Mariluna decided to host the Thanksgiving party at Mariluna’s house. At this party, Gloria finally questioned Rusty where he revealed the truth and confessed. He also claimed to love her, but Gloria couldn’t bring herself to believe it. Mariluna told Gloria that Rusty loved her despite all her flaws. Ines decided to confront Rusty instead of speaking with her sister. Gloria and Rusty knew that she still had lingering feelings for him. Even though Gloria reconciled with Rusty and Ines, they both hid their secrets from her again. In the end, Gloria and her friends decided to play a game with Mariluna to win $10 million. But the entire series took a disturbing turn when Davina’s boyfriend, Joker, overheard Demi and Ines speaking about the roller world’s money. People believed that it was a myth, but Marisol and Jamal found it and buried it again. Marisol had made the map, but it was hidden somewhere. To get all that money, they had to find the money again. Demi and Ines always visited Demi’s sister Davina to get psychic readings about Gloria’s premonition. In this process, they landed Mariluna into huge trouble. Before Mariluna could commence the game, she was killed by Joker and her friend for the roller world money. “Freeridge” Season 1 ended with Gloria’s premonition coming true that someone was going to die, it turns out to be it was none other than Mariluna.

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