‘Florida Man’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Mike And Delly Reunite? Was Buzz Still Alive?

There are plenty of stories about criminals, their paths to salvation, and being mired in a cycle of poor decisions. “Florida Man” recounts the same narrative in a more humorous and pulpy tone. With excellent performances and an intricate plotline, the series pulls off the feat of providing an entertaining show to a specific sort of audience that is always craving crime thrillers. However, too many subplots, turns, and twists in “Florida Man” final episode feel unnecessary and seem to have been inserted simply to extend the story rather than bring it to a satisfying conclusion. From the very start of the series, the several subplots didn’t bore us, but at the ending, it felt predictable and didn’t really surprise us. However, let’s explore the ending to know better where the story of “Florida Man ” actually headed.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Killed Moss? What Happened To Delly?

A historical anecdote from the 18th century, when Spanish traders traded by sea and amassed a considerable number of gold coins, is presented in the opening of “Florida Man” Episode 7. Sadly, because their ships had sunk, all of the gold coins were lost. As a result, the gold coins sank into the water and scattered through various water bodies in several channels.


Mike is in jail in “Florida Man” Episode 7, and his father is caught shortly after he is detained. Sonny entered the cell and admitted that he got Mike detained on purpose since Andy had set him up. In this circumstance, Sonny couldn’t risk Mike going to the dock alone and killing Moss. As a parent, it was his responsibility to protect his kid, so he had Mike arrested by the police. However, Mike was soon bailed out by Moss since he needed to discover the gold and wouldn’t be able to do it without Mike’s assistance.

Officer Andy confronted Sonny after Mike was released on bond. Andy obtained convincing confirmation that the drug trafficking story that Kaitlin Fox had reported was true. The thug who nearly murdered Jason and stole the ambulance was a drug peddler, and many other drug peddlers who were brought to the station had disclosed Sonny’s identity as their drug supplier. Many of the drug shipments had gone through Sonny’s boat, and this was more than speculation; Andy had proven it. Furthermore, since the DEA had taken over the case, Sonny would not be easily bailed out.


Moss, on the other hand, was desperate for the gold and requested Mike drive him and Delly to the lake to get the truck. Mike heeded what was said, and after retrieving his truck, he tried his luck one more time. He threatened to sink the truck again unless Moss gave him his portion of the gold, but Moss refused, instead assuring him that he could, at the very least, spare his life. Mike teased him, saying he didn’t have the courage to kill someone, and Moss responded by admitting that though he didn’t kill Gil alone, he did kill Delly’s father. Mike recorded the entire confession so that he could later send the recording to Iris, who had been admitted to the hospital.

Mike recognized he had little chance of collecting a dime of the treasure, so just to survive, he unlocked the door of the truck for Moss. When the truck door opened, the three of them were startled to realize it was completely empty. Moss had a feeling the whole gold coin narrative was a fraud, and after seeing the empty truck, he  became certain that there were never any gold coins. He leveled his gun at Mike, but Delly shot Moss from behind, eliminating him forever. Hearing the audio in the hotel room, Mike realized he had misread Delly, but she corrected him, stating it was all a deception to save her neck from Moss. By murdering Moss, she had shown that she had never wanted to be with him. However, Delly couldn’t cope with the fact that she had killed someone. She realized it would be perilous for her to stay in Florida, so she opted to vanish to avoid any legal penalties. She contacted her mother, telling her what she had done and convincing her that she needed to disappear. Mike and Delly sank Moss’s body with the truck to erase any kind of trace.


What Happened To Iris?

Iris was severely hurt, but she recovered after a successful operation. Mike paid her a visit and delivered Moss’s audio confession, which she could use to end the case, but she wouldn’t be able to find Moss. Iris quit her department a few days later, only to join the FBI. She understood she couldn’t live Mike’s life as a cop, but things became much more difficult for her at the FBI. Dori, Moss’s sister who worked for the governor, was hired to investigate Moss’s disappearance.

Was Buzz Still Alive Or Had He Died? What Happened To The Gold?

Mike gave up on his pursuit of the gold after Delly disappeared. While Sonny was still rotting in prison, Mike began working at Sonny’s bar. Patsy and her husband, meanwhile, drifted apart and gave each other room to mend their marriage. The true owner of the Palms Motel had arrived, so the black couple would have to back down. However, one day, Mike learned about a horrible death while watching TV news. Buzz was killed by a python on his airboat while wearing his alligator shoes. It rang a bell in Mike’s memory, and he remembered Buzz talking about alligator boots and airboats on the night they were due to retrieve the truck, claiming that when they got the gold, he’d buy them.

Mike realized that the previous evening before he and Moss arrived, his father and his friends had retrieved the gold and sunk the truck once again. He had earlier noticed that the equipment was damp, but he had given it little consideration. But now he could connect the dots. He confronted his father in prison and questioned why he did it, to which Sonny answered that he didn’t want to include Delly in this since he knew the girl would betray them right away. Sonny’s answer did not persuade Mike, so he asked his father to tell him the truth about whether Sonny would ever have told Mike about the gold. Sonny had to admit that he wouldn’t since if he had given Mike his share, he would have just left Florida and never returned. Consequently, he withheld the gold from Mike in order to keep him in his hometown for a long period of time.

Did Mike And Delly Reunite?

Despite Sonny’s heartfelt explanation for keeping gold from his son, Mike wasn’t content with having no gold at all. He looked up the boat’s MMSI number and located it. However, while aboard the boat, he discovered Delly’s portrait, indicating that Delly was in on the scheme too. He also discovered a gold coin on the bed, which prompted him to search the whole inside of the boat before discovering the hoard of gold coins within the headboard. Just as he discovered the gold, Delly hailed him from behind, asking him if Mike had come here to find the gold or her. Now, it was a difficult question that Delly had asked, and the series had left it up to us to figure out what Mike was really searching for. It may be the gold, or it may be Delly, whom he was really looking for as a soulmate throughout the series, which was a treasure all its own. However, Mike could only recall the times he had spent with Delly, which led him to seek her out and finally reconcile with her.


Netflix has already stated that “Florida Man” is a limited series, so we won’t be having a season 2. However, this series has the potential that many unnecessary criminal thrillers with boring storytelling do not. There are plenty of such programs or franchises that we don’t ask for, but they still come again and again. But in the case of “Florida Man,” we won’t mind if a second season with a smart dark comedy comes on Netflix screens.

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