‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Was Baek Sanghee A Major Suspect?

The ninth episode of Flex x Cop is as unique as any of its other episodes! Directed by Kim Jae-hong, the series projects a new story of crime that is unique in its own way. While Isoo struggles to accept the death of his mother, a new case pops up! This episode introduces the story of the murder of an actress while on set. Meanwhile, Ganghyun and her team have been trying their best to dig out the truth about the case. Will Ganghyun be able to find out who the real culprit is? What plan will Isoo come up with to solve the case? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Isoo Confront Myeong-Cheol?

Isoo realized that his father, Myeong-cheol, had made him forget about his mother’s death through hypnotherapy using Dr. Seo. After Dr. Seo put him in hypnotherapy, making him relive his previous experiences, she told him that she had switched his memory into the painting of a drowning woman (that he often saw in his dreams). 


After the memories of his mother, drowning in a bathtub, came rushing to him, he went to confront Myeong-cheol about it. His father told him that he had just been trying to protect him from the bad memories. Myeong-cheol further told him that he had been found lying next to his mom, Seonyoung, where she was found dead. The incident changed him as a child, and he had aphasia from the trauma. Myeong-cheol had only tried to remove that memory so that he could lead a normal life again. Myeong-cheol had also tried to ask Isoo not to move into that house, as it could bring back his memories. But it was Mr. Choi who had convinced him, saying that it was time for Isoo to face the truth as a grown adult. However, this revelation did not stop Isoo from blaming his father, as he said that he should be ashamed of having kicked out a pregnant woman to maintain his position. He blamed Myeong-cheol for having ruined his and his mother’s lives. 

What Did Ganghyun Do To Soothe Isoo?

Ganghyun approached Isoo when she saw him sitting outside his house. He told her that the past memories had been haunting him and that he couldn’t go inside. She asked him to spend some time with him and drink some coffee so that he could keep his mind off the events for a while. When Isoo further told her that he had finally found out what had happened to his mother, Ganghyun said that she already knew about it, as she had already dug into the case. She told him that his mother had died due to an overdose of sleeping pills as a result of her depression. Ganghyun tried to comfort him, saying that nobody had the answer as to why it had happened and that life had to go on irrespective of him losing his mother at such a young age. Later, Ganghyun met the reporter, who was eager to cover the case of Isoo’s mother’s death, even after so many years. She told him if he tried to write trash about Isoo’s family, then she would dig deep into his and Wang Jongtae’s dirty relationship and make it public. But if he chose to keep his mouth shut on the case, then she would let him cover her next case exclusively. 


What Happened At The Eastern Hotel?

A film that had been set in 1926, was being shot at the Eastern Hotel. Namsu, who was the lead, was seen playing the role of a ghostbuster, who was seen to be completely immersed in the role. Yura, the heroine of the movie, was also introduced at the end of the scene. After they had completed shooting that scene, it was a wrap-up for the day. However, the very next day, Yura was found murdered on the set! When the crew members came in, they saw the scene and were terrified. Meanwhile,  it was revealed that CEO Kim had slept on the set the previous night. When he woke up, there were blood stains all over his clothes, making him look like the real culprit at that point!

What Plan Did Isoo Come Up With?

The police had arrested Kim, as they thought that she was the real culprit. It was revealed that Yura had been murdered in her changing room (there was a lot of blood on the floor) and then carried to the bar and placed there. Later, when Yura’s manager was interrogated, he said that he had left the set at around 10 p.m. after Yura told him to leave (someone was coming to pick her up). He was also asked about her personal relations with Kim, and he told them they would often meet secretly. Later, when Kim made a call to Isoo, it was revealed that he was Isoo’s friend. Isoo came to the police station and told the others that Kim wasn’t involved in the murder. Isoo told Ganghyun that, being the CEO of Gold Pictures, he could announce a special incentive of 100 million yen for anyone who would give crucial information on the case. He did so because the staff did not want to open their mouths about the case for fear of being fired.


Why Did Everyone Blame Ha Namsu?

Beak Seongho, the assistant director, and Choo Kahyean, the production staff, and many others were pointing their fingers at Ha Namsu. They said that he could be the real culprit, as the night before the murder he had a fight with Yura. Jeon Sora, Namsu’s makeup artist, also said that they were previously in a relationship, but after their breakup, their fans blamed Yura for it, resulting in bitterness between them. She also said that she had overheard Yura threatening Namsu about revealing something against him. Later, when Ganghyun and Isoo went to interrogate Namsu, He already had an alibi ready. He told them that he had left the set a little early that night to come back to his apartment to be with his new girlfriend, Hyena. Upon questioning Hyena, she showed Ganghyun their intimate pictures from the night of the murder, proving Namsu’s innocence. 

Why Was Baek Sanghee A Major Suspect?

When the autopsy reports came in, it was revealed that Yura was stabbed with a pair of scissors. A thread had been found on her body, along with skin tissue under her nail. The DNA reports revealed that the tissue was not Kim’s. This brought to light the fact that Kim was not the real murderer. 


CCTV footage of the killer had been found, but it was too dark for the police to identify the culprit. Another piece of footage showed Baek Sanghee (another actress) hitting Yura on the sets of the film. Sanghee’s makeup artist, Sojeong, testified that she was not friendly at all, and people on set called her the ‘ice witch’. She also revealed how much she hated Yura for being younger and more popular than her. She would often fight with the director to get more dialogue in the film. Sojeong further said that she had also heard of a rumor about Sanghee having injured one of her co-stars on the set of another film. The testimony of the makeup artist made the policemen take Sanghee’s hair for a DNA test. Later, Isoo and Ganghyun went to meet Sanghee at her place. She was seen making them wait, as she had been finishing her makeup, bringing out her smugness. By the time she came down to meet the detectives, the results of the DNA test were already out. The skin tissue found under Yura’s nail was revealed to be that of Sanghee’s. 

What Will Happen Next?

It is highly probable that Sanghee was the real murderer, who had killed Yura out of jealousy towards her. Or there is also a possibility that someone has been intentionally trying to frame Sanghee for Yura’s murder! Flex x Cop episode 10 will most likely reveal the murderer and the intention of their crime. The next episode will also introduce a new character (one of Yura’s stalkers), who once sneaked into her house. Meanwhile, the next episode will also reveal that Isoo is planning something to set up a trap for the murderer to reveal himself or herself.


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