‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 8 Recap And Ending Explained: How Did Isoo’s Mother Die?

The eighth episode of Flex x Cop opens a lot of secrets from the past. The mystery behind Isoo’s mother’s death has been revealed, along with the revelation of the real murderer of Choi and Cho. Isoo and Ganghyun have once again proven their worth as cops after uncovering yet another murder mystery. The episode revealed how the miscreant, Dr. Seo had utilized her extensive knowledge of hypnosis to murder people. How will Isoo uncover Dr. Seo’s crimes? What was the secret of Isoo’s mother’s death? Why did Myeong-cheol try to cover it up?


Spoilers Ahead

Was Kim The Real Culprit?

After Kim Dohyung was arrested, he was interrogated as to why he had broken into Cho’s house. He said that he had not killed Cho and had been looking for the USB at his place. Meanwhile, he got a call from Jongtae, a renowned politician. The police thought that Jongtae was the real culprit behind the murders and had appointed Kim to complete the mission. When he was taken into custody, he said that he had only sent Kim to look for the USB as it had some sensitive footage of him, and he did not want to risk his image before the elections. Both Jongtae and Kim’s alibis proved that they were not connected to the murder. On the day when Cho was killed, Jongtae was in Busan, and Kim was in Jeongseon Casino. 


Why Did Dr. Seo Kill Cho And Choi?

The police searched all over Cho’s house for the USB, but they couldn’t find it anywhere. Later, Isoo found it in Cho’s father’s funeral locker, as it was one of the safest places that nobody would ever think of. When they found the files on the USB, they realized that they contained footage of several patients at YK Hospital. They found footage where Hong Euna had been acting erratic, and another video had Jongtae dressed as a woman. If these videos were leaked, then the images of the politicians and the businessmen would be completely ruined. 

When Isoo called Euna about the footage, she said that Dr. Seo had known all about it. It was therefore revealed that it was Dr. Seo, who had made these secret videos of the important figures, who were coming to her clinic. When these videos were discovered by Cho, the man in charge of the security program, he must have blackmailed the doctor, resulting in his murder. Dr. Seo was scared that the USB would someday be revealed and her clinic would be shut down. In desperation to save her reputation, she slashed Cho’s throat. She had used her special hypnosis procedure to kill Choi when she came to know that he was Cho’s accomplice in the matter. 


How Did Isoo Expose Dr. Seo?

When the others refused to believe Isoo’s theory that Dr. Seo had used hypnosis to murder Choi, he was hell-bent on proving it to them. He wanted to conduct the experiment on Junyoung and asked him to meet Dr. Seo to get a hypnosis treatment. Junyoung told Dr. Seo that he would acknowledge her as a special psychiatrist if she would hypnotize him and make him like a person he hated for a day. Dr. Seo’s powers were proven when Junyoung was made to like Isoo for a day, through hypnosis. 

Later, Isoo also went to meet Yoo Myeongsuk, a psychiatrist at Hankook University. He told Isoo that it was possible for Dr. Seo to hypnotize others as she was one of his best students. She had the ability to easily read someone’s mind and, hence, could play with them easily. Isoo later made a plan to meet with Dr. Seo over lunch and got her hypnotized with Dr. Myeongsuk’s help. This results in Dr. Seo going up to the police station on her own (under hypnosis) and confessing to all her crimes. 


When she heard that Hong Euna was being blackmailed by Cho Sunguu, she decided to kill him. She was afraid that her reputation as a doctor would be jeopardized if someone blackmailed her clients using the secret footage that she had made. She went to Cho’s apartment, slit his throat, and later called Choi and hypnotized him. She instructed Choi to lock himself up in a building and to never go out of that place. She also told him that people would murder him if he left the building and said that he could not eat or drink anything as everything was poisoned. Not being able to take medications for a few days, Choi completely lost his mind and died of dehydration in that room. 

When Dr. Choi confessed how she had killed both men, she was eventually taken into custody. Isoo and Ganghyun also went to Dr. Seo’s house and found the weapon that she had used to kill Cho. Cho’s blood stain was found on the knife, which proved her guilt, causing her to end up behind bars for manslaughter. 

Why Did Isoo Destroy The USB?

Sengju came to meet Isoo, asking him the reason why Jeongtae was in the police station. He wanted to gather information against him to tarnish his reputation before the elections so that Meyong-cheol could win against him. Isoo, however, did not give out any information, as it was his duty to protect the image of the individuals. He did not get carried away by his brother’s lame requests for favors. Isoo later destroyed the USB as he did not want to pick on anyone’s vulnerability. He told Ganghyun that, as a cop, it was his duty to protect anyone who was innocent. Ganghyun advised him to report that the evidence was lost. 

How Did Isoo’s Mother Die?

All his life, Isoo had known that his mother had died in a car accident during his childhood. However, when Ganghyun dug up the truth, it was revealed that Isoo’s mother had died in a bathtub 25 years ago. Ganghyun asked her father about the case, as he was in charge of the case back then. He said that Isoo’s mother was suffering from depression and used to take medications for it. She was found dead in the bathtub one day, while Isoo was present there. The incident had shocked him so much that he got aphasia after that. 


Later, when Dr. Seo contacted Myeong-cheol and he ignored her, she thought to herself that people avoided her when they were cured of their mental ailments. The association that Myeong-cheol had with Dr. Seo highlighted the fact that he had taken her help to erase the memories of his mother’s death from young Isoo’s mind, using hypnosis. There is a possibility that he did so to make sure that Isoo did not have any memories of the traumatic incident, which could ruin his entire life.

Why Did Dr. Seo Summon Isoo?

Dr. Seo’s attorney called Isoo and told him that she had asked him to meet her. When Isoo went to meet her, she said that she wanted to help with the dream that he would often have. She told him that she knew about his past and wanted to show him how his mother had died. When Isoo agreed to it, she took him back to the past. Isoo saw himself standing in a white hall with a painting of a woman who was sinking underwater. It is possible that Dr. Seo had tried capturing all the bad memories of Isoo in the painting, and hence Isoo often saw that painting in his dreams. After being hypnotized, he saw a door on the floor, and when he opened it, he was taken back to his childhood. When he followed his younger self, he saw that his mother had drowned in the bathtub. 


What Will Happen Next?

The next episodes will show a confrontation between the father and son. Isoo will misunderstand Myeong-cheol and ask him questions as to why he has hidden the truth about his mother’s death. Isoo will even go to the extent of blaming his father for having killed his mother in the past! However, Isoo will try to distract his mind by trying to solve another murder case when it comes to his attention. The team is to deal with another high-profile murder case where an actress is found murdered in a hotel. How will Isoo tackle with the new situation and prove his worth? That is something for us to explore in the next episode of Flex x Cop

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