‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 14 Recap: Why Did Isoo Approach Myeongcheol About His Mother’s Death?

The 14th episode of Flex x Cop leaves Isoo confused between saving his family and fulfilling his duty as a cop. When he learns that Sengju is involved in the case, he gets into a dilemma but eventually decides to solve it. The revelation of Heeja’s affair reveals a lot of associated factors, which also leads Isoo to find out the truth behind his mother’s death. Will Isoo be able to find out the real murderers of Daehoon? What was Daehoon’s relationship with Isoo? Did Isoo’s mother really commit suicide in the past? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Hyeongbae And Sengju Tell The Detectives?

After Choi Hyeongbae was arrested, he said that he hadn’t killed Daehoon. Upon being pressed about the footage where he was seen climbing up the mountain, he said that he went to the mountain because he liked hiking. Meanwhile, Sengju was questioned by Isoo, and he said that he had lied earlier about not knowing Daehoon, as the footage had captured him attacking Daehoon at the party. 


Later, in the presence of his lawyer, Sengju confessed that he had seen Daehoon bothering his mother, Heeja, at the party and had hence acted impulsively. When he asked Heeja about the man, she told him that the man had been blackmailing him. She further told Sengju that the man was her senior in college and had been blackmailing her about an affair that she had a long time ago. Later, the man also kidnapped Miyeon (Heeja’s closest friend) to blackmail Heeja further (Sengju’s version of the story). 

Why Was Miyeon Kidnapped?

On interrogating Miyeon, the owner of five adult establishments in Gangnam, she said that Daehoon blackmailed Heeja and that she had given him a lot of money, but this time when he demanded a huge chunk, she panicked. Miyeon decided to take the matter into her own hands, and she appointed Hyeongbae to handle Daehoon. She told Daehoon to come and get the money to trap him and to teach him a lesson, but he had suddenly died. She thought that Hyeongbae had killed him, and when she asked him about it, he blackmailed her, saying that he wanted a bigger cut as they were dealing with the wife of the chairman of the Hansu Group. They finally kidnapped Miyeon to blackmail Heeja and squeeze more money out of her. Miyeon further said that the other accomplice was Hyeongbae’s brother, Choi Hyeontae. 


What Did Heyongbae Confess To?

When Hyeongbae had confirmed that his brother Hyeontae had left for the Philippines (no perils would befall him), he decided to confess. He told the detectives that they had made a plan to kill Daehoon, and when he came, Hyeontae tried strangling him. When they were about to kill him, Daehoon said that he would give them 100 million won and asked them to work with him. When Hyeongbae and Hyeontae came to know that he had evidence about the infidelity of Myeongcheol’s wife, they got intrigued. They collected the evidence from Daehoon and stabbed him (so as not to share the money with him). Somehow, Daehoon had managed to flee the place, land in Myeongcheol’s house, and die there. Hyeongbae said that he had no idea why Daehoon had decided to go to Myeongcheol’s house before his death. 

Why Had Sengju Approached Hyeongbae?

Sengju had found out that the Hyeongbae were blackmailing Heeja, and he met him, asking him to stop blackmailing his mother and free Miyeon. While he was dealing with the blackmailer, the detectives had come in and arrested them both. Meanwhile, after Heeja regained consciousness, Sengju confronted her about Daehoon. He told Heeja that he was aware that she had ordered his murder as he was Sengju’s biological father, and he kept blackmailing her with that information. Sengju had come to know about it as he himself had asked Hyeongbae to burn the reports of the paternity test of Daehoon. 


Isoo had also managed to get his hands on the evidence in Daehoon’s car. He saw Sengju’s childhood pictures there and realized that Daehoon had stalked Sengju ever since his childhood (secretly clicking his pictures). Behind a picture, it was written that Sengju was his son and that he resembled him a lot. When he approached Heeja, telling her the same and that he would reveal the truth, she tried to manipulate him emotionally. She told him that if he further investigated the matter, then that could hamper Sengju’s image. 

What Steps Did Myeongcheol Take?

Mr. Choi had constantly been giving Myeongcheol information about the events. He came to know that Sengju was not his own blood and that he had transferred a lot of money abroad from his account to bury the matter. He was extremely put off by the fact that Sengju had been involved in foul play and decided that Sengju couldn’t be the heir to the Hansu Group. Later, he called a press conference, where he publicly resigned from the mayor’s candidacy, accepting his own fault. 


Why Did Isoo Approach Myeongcheol About His Mother’s Death?

Isoo was torn between his responsibilities for his family and his duty as a cop. He finally decided to resign from his post. After going back home, he found a secret drawer in his home and saw the bottle of his mother’s sleeping pills there. He remembered that he had put away the sleeping pills, thinking that they could harm her. Isoo realized that it was improbable that his mother could have died from an overdose of those pills. 

He approached Myeongcheol, thinking he had something to do with his mother’s death. Isoo asked him why he had his memory moved. He also told him that his mother did not die from an overdose of sleeping pills, as he had hidden it. Isoo was sure that his mother did not commit suicide. Later, while Isoo was seen walking out of Myeongcheol’s house, he dropped dead. 


What Will Happen Next?

The 15th episode of Flex x Cop will be extremely thrilling as it will reveal a lot of mysteries. The secret about both of Isoo’s parents’ deaths will be revealed. The next episode will bring out that someone mixed sleeping pills with Meyongcheol’s alcohol, causing his death. It is possible that Heeja poisoned him, fearing that after learning that Sengju was not his son, he could kick him out of his business. There is a big probability that Heeja had also been involved in killing Isoo’s mother out of jealousy. Later, Isoo will go to meet the psychologist to regain his memory of the day of his mother’s death. When he is finally taken back in time, he will remember that someone came to their home the night of his mother’s death! The next episode of Flex x Cop will reveal the real face of the killer of Isoo’s parents!

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