‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Sangtae Kill Yura?

The tenth episode of Flex x Cop is unique as it captures the concept of a ‘Play within a Play’ from a Shakespearean play, Hamlet. Isoo had planned the meta-drama to make sure that the real culprit’s inner feelings could be captured so that he finally confessed to the murder. With the revelation of the mystery of the stalker and murderer, we are also introduced to the prologue of a new case that is to come up next. The topic of the secret of the Oryun community (leading to Ganghyun’s father being dismissed from the department) has been touched. Let’s see how Isso will solve this new case.


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Sanghee Reveal?

When Ganghyun and Isoo went to meet Sanghee, they interrogated her for having assaulted Yura. She said that she had done so because Yura had asked her to do so. Yura said that she had never been hit in the face, and as she had a scene with Sanghee where she would be hit in the face, she wanted to practice it out with her. Ganghyun also told Sanghee that her skin tissue had been found under Yura’s nail, and then she said that she had applied an ointment to a rash on her skin. Sanghee further told them that they should find out about Yura’s stalker, who would often sneak into her house. 


Why Did Namsu Stalk Yura?

When Ganghyun and Isoo interrogated Sangtae about the stalker, he directly hinted at Namsu. He said that it was Namsu who had recommended Yura for the main role. He had actually done so to make sure that Yura would date him, but when she told him off, he started posting pictures that would make the fans think that they were a couple. This resulted in Namsu’s fans attacking Yura when they heard that she had dumped Namsu. Sangtae further told them that Namsu would send Yura many drunk texts, asking her to be with him. Later, she had changed her phone, but Sangtae had all the copies of the texts that he would send her (he handed them over to the police). Yura wanted to reveal to the media that Namsu was stalking her, but Sangtae stopped her as it could affect her image. It was possible that Namsu wanted to frame Kim after murdering her on the sets. 

What Was Found In The Footage?

As per the forensic results, Yura had been watching a video right before her death, but that had somehow been deleted from her phone. The police could only find that video from her cloud storage, but they were skeptical if they would get access. Meanwhile, the cloud manager had decided to help the case as he was Yura’s great fan. They found out that two files had been deleted from the cloud, but they could somehow retrieve the names of the files. One of them contained footage from a security camera installed in Yura’s home. When they checked the footage on the security camera at her home, they saw Sangtae frequenting her house while she would be busy at the shoots. 


What Did They Find At Woo Sangtae’s House?

After realizing that Sangtae was Yura’s real stalker, Isoo and Ganghyun went to his apartment. Isoo convinced his landlord to let them in (in his absence), saying that if he liked the apartment, he would immediately buy it for 12 billion Won (which was obviously a lie). When they were let inside the apartment, they were shocked to find Yura’s images all over. Isoo saw photoshopped images of Sangtae and Yura together. He had also created a fake marriage certificate for his marriage to her and hung it on his wall. After recovering an SD card from his residence, they realized he was obsessed with Yura. He would sneak into her house to steal her lingerie and commit acts of perversion. 

What Was Isoo’s Plan?

A check was being kept on Sangtae, and they found him visiting a shaman. When they went to interrogate her, she said that Sangtae had come to talk to her about an after-death ceremony. Later, Isoo was seen making a plan with the crew members, asking them to continue with their shoot. He invited them to a commemoration ceremony for Yura, where he would carry out his master plan! 


He told all the crew members that they should pray for Yura and help her soul leave the earthly bindings. The shaman was called to perform a rite, and while doing so, she said that Yura’s murderer was someone in the audience and that her spirit was in a lot of pain. Meanwhile, Ganghyun got on the stage to perform a meta-drama, playing Yura’s role. She enacted the last few moments where Yura was suffering after being stabbed. She accused Sangtae of having killed her, and it was just then that Sangtae started hallucinating that Ganghyun was Yura. Sangtae went up to Ganghyun and confessed to all his crimes, saying that he had made a mistake in killing the love of his life. 

Why Did Sangtae Kill Yura?

Sangtae confessed, saying that Yura had come to know he was her real stalker. She had found the footage on her camera that she had secretly installed in her room to capture her stalker. When she confronted Sangtae about it and threatened to report him, he confessed his love to her. Sangtae started telling her all kinds of delusional things related to their future, Yura having rejected Namsu for him, and so on. Yura was so freaked out by his behavior that she told him off. Unable to take her rejection, he stabbed her with a pair of scissors. After he confessed to all his crimes, the Gang Ha police arrested him on charges of manslaughter. When he was being taken away to the police station, he said that he had changed Yura’s clothes after killing her, as it would be her last dress, and that she had to look pretty. 

What Happened After The Resolution Of The Case?

At Yura’s funeral, while Namsu was telling Ganghyun not to reveal the fact that he had also been stalking Yura, Sanghee overheard him. She slapped him hard, telling him that the misinformation that he had spread about Yura had tainted her image to a great extent. Having slapped him in front of the media, she instantly grabbed their attention, revealing Namsu’s real face to them. Meanwhile, Isoo had taken Kim out of jail only to hand him to the narcotics department for doing drugs on the set. 

After finally resolving the case, Ganghyun asked Isoo to return to his house and bask in the good memories made with his mother there. Upon going back to his house, the memories of spending good times with his mother came back to Isoo. The assurance that Ganghyun gave him helped him sleep peacefully in the house, a place he thought he could never re-enter because of his past traumas. 


What To Expect Next?

The eleventh episode of Flex x Cop will resolve the Oryun Community mystery. Lee Seongwook, the manager of the community, was seen calling Ganghyun in the middle of the night, wanting to disclose something to her. But before she could reach him, he had been found murdered! The case of the Oryun Community had something to do with her father’s suspension from the police department. The next episode is likely to unveil the case, hence proving her father’s innocence. It is likely that the community had its hand in framing her father as the culprit, as he was investigating the case a year ago. 

Debjyoti Dey
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