‘Fire Country’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened Between Manny And Eve? 

In the previous episode of Fire Country, we witnessed Bode’s struggle to prove himself as a hero in the eyes of his daughter amidst a fire that erupted in Edgewater. Also, Sharon began to mend her strained relationship with Bode, letting go of his past mistakes. This newfound emotional freedom prompted her to also work on her relationship with her husband, Vince. So they went for a date night. There, Sharon and Vince unexpectedly met Liam, a colleague of Sharon’s from a different camp where she volunteered. Who is this Liam, and what is his significance in Sharon’s life? Meanwhile, the residents of Edgewater brace themselves for the possibility of another fire incident. As tensions rise, the community faces the looming threat of danger once again. Will Bode and the other firefighters be able to handle the situation? Let’s find out from the recap of Episode 3 of Season 2 of Fire Country.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Liam? 

Liam came to Edgewater and met Sharon and Vince at the bar. He hugged her as if they had some kind of past relationship, but Sharon clearly kept her distance. Vince felt uneasy, seeing the tension between them. Sharon explained that when she was away volunteering, Liam was there to cut lines with her, but nothing happened between them, a statement Liam strongly disagreed with, saying that Sharon opened her heart to him and talked about her failing marriage indicating she wanted to be with Liam. This enraged Vince, and they ended up fighting so intensely that both were put in jail. After being bailed out, Vince stormed off to the fire station without further discussion. Sharon later confessed to Vince that she felt lonely while volunteering as she did not have her husband with her, and that’s why she opened her heart to Liam. However, she emphasized that this didn’t mean she had any kind of romantic feelings for Liam. He was simply a friend and colleague, and she had no idea he would be working in Edgewater.


What Happened During The Fire Up The Mountain? 

Meanwhile, there was a fire up the mountain, so Vince, as the chief, instructed everyone to set aside their personal problems and focus on their professional duties. They needed a drone to assess the situation and determine the severity of the fire, so they sought out a drone operator. It turned out that the drone operator was Liam, which disturbed both Bode and Vince. However, Liam assured them that he wasn’t pursuing Sharon and that the drone would actually help keep Vince’s wife safe, which relieved Vince. As they moved over the mountain, they encountered a group of people who refused to leave their homes despite the approaching fire. The firefighters, including Sharon and Jake, tried to persuade them to evacuate, but they remained reluctant. One man was injured, prompting his sister to call the firefighters for help. However, the residents were wary of assistance from Cal Fire, as they felt that in previous incidents, they had been saved but  their livelihoods had been lost. Despite their reluctance, Gabriela, who is a paramedic, treated the injured man’s eye to prevent him from losing his eyesight due to orbital compartment syndrome, as he was not willing to go to the hospital. Meanwhile, it became evident that the man was also suffering from internal bleeding and needed to go to the hospital. Eventually, the sister agreed to evacuate, realizing the severity of the situation. However, as they approached their vehicles to run, they discovered that they had caught fire. The firefighters instructed them to pile into the fire jeep, as many of their vehicles had been destroyed. However, there was only room for the driver, so Gabriela and Jake climbed onto the roof of the vehicle while Sharon drove the fire jeep. As they navigated through the blazing fire in the mountain, Sharon struggled to see through the thick smoke and flames. Vince attempted to lighten the mood by asking Liam to make Sharon laugh, but it didn’t help much. Vince then engaged Sharon in conversation to ease her nerves, which provided some relief. With Vince’s guidance, Sharon successfully guided the frightened evacuees down the mountain. But as they were going forward, they witnessed a vast fire. Bode broke the water main to spring water from it, helping to hold off the fire, and ultimately, everyone was saved. 

What Happened Between Manny And Eve? 

Even after becoming the chief of Three Rock Camp, Eve doesn’t receive much respect from the prisoners. When Manny gets fired and she takes over as the new chief, they have many disagreements about how things should be run. However, when one prisoner falls from the mountain while cutting lines and injures his leg severely, they work together to mend his leg and send him to the ER. Eve calmly handles the situation, taking advice from Manny due to his previous experience in such matters. The prisoner even refers to Eve as “captain.” After the fire, Manny apologizes to Eve for being so tough on her. He admits that, as the previous chief, it’s difficult for him to see someone else in command wearing his clothes and driving his car. Nevertheless, he promises to show respect to Eve and act as her guide. Eve shares her struggles with being a woman in a position of authority in a male-dominated prison camp. Manny empathizes with her difficulties and advises her to be both a guide and a buddy to the prisoners to earn their trust. He suggests playing their games and occasionally putting oil in their shoes without getting agitated like they did to her so that Eve can truly be their captain. Eve thanks Manny for his advice, and they mend their relationship.


At the end of the episode, before Liam leaves Edgewater, Sharon visits him and expresses that she is in love with her husband, Vince, and considers Liam only a friend. She acknowledges that relationships can be challenging, but there’s nothing more magical to her than their marriage. Sharon bids Liam goodbye forever and returns to her husband. On the other hand, Gabriela approaches Bode to inform him that she is marrying someone else and that he needs to stop looking out for her as his girlfriend. However, Bode expresses that the only thing he thinks about is his girl. Since Gabriela is unaware that Bode is a father, she misunderstands his statement as referring to another girl he has feelings for. This misunderstanding leads her to leave with tears in her eyes. This leaves viewers questioning whether Gabriela still holds feelings for Bode—a mystery that will unfold in the upcoming episodes of Fire Country.

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