‘Fire Country’ Episode 21 Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Norm And Felix Escape Three Rock?

Bode has his parole hearing in 2 days and has gained yet another distinction by finding proof of drug dealing inside Three Rock. Sleeper has been arrested, but he vows revenge. And let’s not forget that his friends are still at Three Rock. Will they enact Sleeper’s revenge on Bode? Or do they have something else in mind? Episode 21 of Fire Country shows Station 42 facing a vegetation fire at a winery. The catch is that they have another group of firefighters who are also present at the location and have their own motive, i.e., Nozzle Fire Suppression.


Spoilers Ahead


Bode has prepared a speech for the parole board, which he reads to Manny. However, he is concerned about how Sleeper has affected some of the guys at Three Rock. Manny tells him that Sleeper is in prison, and all that Bode needs to think about now is how he can convince the parole board that he deserves parole. To Bode’s surprise, Manny tells him that he has taken up a job at Nozzle (Faye Stone’s private firefighting company). And he can provide Bode with a full-time job, which will definitely make a positive impression on the board. But Bode seems taken aback by Manny’s decision, as Three Rock won’t have Manny to guide them anymore. But maybe that’s not his decision to make. Manny has done a lot for Three Rock. Maybe it is time he did something for himself. He asks Bode to think about the job.


At Station 42, Vince and Sharon speak about the hurdles Manny will have to cross to work alongside them. Eve gets an email from Freddy’s lawyer informing her that overturning Freddy’s conviction will take two years due to some backlog that the courts are facing. This isn’t good news because Freddy’s wife is coming to Edgewater, and he has been planning a wedding. He has even chosen Bode as his best man. But Bode is worried about other things. The two guys who used to hang around with Sleeper, Norm, and Felix, aren’t happy with what Bode did. He not only snitched on Sleeper but also got them all tested for drugs, and now the reports will come out positive, and they will be sent back to prison. Troy, too, will receive the same treatment. When they mention that they can escape from Three Rock, Bode reminds them that if they do it, there is no chance they will return to Three Rock. They are firefighters, and they need to remember that. Gabriela and Kyle meet at the restaurant, and she finds out that he has canceled his flight because he wants to see if there’s a chance for him and Gabriela to get back together. The alarm goes off. Sharon, Vince, Jake, Eve, and some more firefighters arrive at a winery where a vegetation fire has been reported.


As the team begins work on getting the fire under control, which wouldn’t take much time, Vince and Sharon realize that someone has lit a backfire that will burn the vegetation between the area that’s already on fire and the winery mansion that can be seen at a distance. Sharon calls for Three Rock as well as two battalions. They spot a familiar-looking chopper nearby and recognize its branding and color immediately. The backfire was lit by Nozzle Fire Suppression, a private company hired by rich people. And we all know who its chief is: Manny’s date, Faye Stone. Vince and Sharon meet Faye Stone, and Vince tells her that the backfire she lit is illegal. Faye Stone tells them that she did what she had to do to protect her client’s property. Before Vince can say anything that sparks a debate, she tells Faye to get her guys on her side while Station 42 handles the vegetation fire. Faye then reveals that both Manny and Bode will be joining Nozzle soon. This piece of information shocks Sharon and Vince.


Three Rock arrives at the location. Sharon and Vince ask Manny about what Faye told them. Vince asks him to reconsider his decision to work for someone who lights illegal backfires for millionaires. But for Manny, it’s more than that. It’s what’s best for him and Bode. Later, as Three Rock is working, word spreads that Bode will be joining Nozzle. Felix states that the reason why Bode got them all pumped up is that he needs to prove to his new boss [Faye Stone] that he is worthy of the job. Bode doesn’t lose his cool and tells him that he may choose to escape because he thinks it’s each man for himself, but at the moment, they need to do all that’s needed for the people who make a living out of the winery. From the looks of it, Bode’s words strike a chord.

Gabriela and Kyle are trying to talk things out. Kyle didn’t return her texts for weeks after winning the gold and got involved in ads and TV shows, and now he comes and tells her that she deserves more than being with an ex-con. [ As much as Gabriela is considering what Kyle is saying, he doesn’t have the right to decide what’s better for Gabriela. Gabriela has a family now and someone Gabriela loves. Kyle dropped out of nowhere at Edgewater because he was missing her, and that’s all. Not happening. An old man named Oscar comes in with a knife sticking out of his left leg. He was going fishing with his long-lost love, Rosanna, after 50 years of not seeing each other. Before Gabriela could stop him, Oscar pulled the knife out and collapsed. The knife would have kept the blood from flowing, but that’s no longer an option. She tells Kyle to call 911 and asks the bartender for towels.



Eve avoids talking to Freddy about his release, but Jake tells her that the longer she takes to tell Freddy the truth, the more it will hurt him. This is very true. Eve has to tell Freddy what she has found out. Meanwhile, Manny confronts Faye for telling Vince and Sharon about him and Bode joining Nozzle. This wasn’t right on her part. Faye apologizes, but we all know that she did it purposefully, naive as she is. She even dares to ask Manny to provide some of his guys with a piece of work her guys are supposed to do. Manny states that Three Rock does what Sharon says and not anyone else, especially “Nozzle Head.” He says no and gets back to work. The Nozzle Guys have been told to cut the vines and tree lines. The fire in the vineyard has been contained, and what remains for Station 42 is to assist Nozzle in protecting the main house of the winery. As Sharon and Vince are talking about it, a Nozzle firefighter is sawing a tree branch without even noticing the power line under it or the two fuel tanks near the tree. Jake points Sharon and Vince to it, and they all yell to stop. But it’s too late. The tree branch hits the power line that takes the pole along and falls right over the fuel tanks. What follows is a huge explosion. Bode rushes towards his parents. Water isn’t enough to douse a fuel fire. They need CO2 extinguishers. Wineries store CO2 as well. Sharon sends Three Rock with Santino, who is the grounds manager, to get CO2 cylinders and tells Station 42 to use the extinguishers on the trees. And that’s just the beginning. Vince is very upset with Faye and her guys.

911 is 5 minutes away, but it isn’t enough. The old man has already lost a lot of blood, and Gabriela needs to do something to stop it. She needs to use her hands to reach into the wound and pinch it to prevent any further blood loss, at least until the emergency services arrive. So that’s what she does. Oscar is awake for now.


Help Is On The Way

Manny sends half of Three Rock to help Santino and his kids protect their trailer. This includes Norm and Felix. Bode tells Felix that this is the time to prove himself to Manny. The rest will carry back the CO2. Eve finally tells Freddy that the processing time will cost him the rest of his sentence. Freddy is heartbroken, but he thanks Eve for all she has done for him. He makes sure she doesn’t feel guilty. In tears, Freddy then tells Bode about it. Bode assures him that once he is paroled, he will do all in his power to get Freddy out. Everybody is working together when Manny notices that Felix, Norm, and Troy are missing. They find their packs lying on the ground. And as much as Bode wants to take the blame, it will fall on Manny. He orders Three Rock to get back to their buggy because he cannot afford to lose any more firefighters. However, Bode doesn’t think they escaped, especially after Felix tells him that he will prove himself. That’s when it dawned on him. The guys must have gone to save Santino and his kids. Bode and Freddy rush toward Santino’s trailer.

The emergency services arrive. Oscar’s pulse is weak. He is put on a stretcher, which is then put in the ambulance. Gabriela decides to go to the hospital with him and tells Kyle to wait for Rosanna and bring her to the hospital.


More News

With the fire turning towards Santino’s trailer, thanks to the winds, Sharon diverts her firefighters to that area. Sharon has a community to save, not the property of some millionaire who doesn’t care about anyone else’s property. Faye has nothing to defend herself, and she had better listen to Sharon unless she wants law enforcement to take her and her guys away. They started it all, too, illegally. Nozzle heads. Manny informs Sharon and Vince that Bode and Freddy might just have gone to find the missing firefighters by Santino’s trailer. Sharon knows how risky this is, and she cannot afford to let anything happen to Bode. His parole hearing is in two days. Breaking the rules won’t look good.

Kyle brings Rosanna to the hospital. Unfortunately, Oscar had a heart attack in the ambulance and passed away. Rosanna, who was going to meet the love of his life after 50 years, isn’t able to believe what she has just heard and walks out crying.


‘Fire Country’ Episode 21 Ending Explained: Where Are Norm And Felix?

Bode was right. He and Freddy arrive near Santino’s trailer and find some guys who tell them that Norm and Felix are inside. Troy is also there. Santino’s entire house is on fire. Bode and Freddy head inside; Bode uses his axe to break down a wall, and they, along with Norm and Felix, bring Santino and his kids outside safely. Sharon and Vince have also reached the spot and are proud of their son and always will be; it doesn’t matter if he joins Cal Fire or Nozzle. But Bode has made his choice. He is going to be the fourth generation of Cal Fire and is ready to fight for it. Everyone is safe now, and the fire is under control. That’s when nature stretches out a hand to Cal Fire and brings in a downpour. Bode and his parents smile at each other and have a group hug. Later that night, Manny meets Faye in his office and declines her offer. He tries to make her understand that it has nothing to do with her, but she thinks otherwise. Faye leaves. It is clear that she only wanted Manny for Nozzle because she knew how good a chief he would be. Maybe she even acted like she loved him because of it. Good riddance. At Station 42, Vince and Sharon are celebrating the arrival of their son. That’s when her phone rings and she tells Vince that it is from Sacramento [the head office], so she has to take it. She walks away. The screen of her phone shows the name “Luke Leone.”

Gabriela realizes that she doesn’t want to wait for the right time to be with Bode. What if they end up like Oscar and Rosanna? She says no to Kyle, rushes to Three Rock, and tells Bode that she wants him now. They kiss and make love at Three Rock. The next day, Manny shows Bode his drug test results. He has failed at it. Only one day before his parole, proof turns up that can send Bode to prison.


This cannot be. Bode never did drugs. There is something wrong here. Did Faye pull any strings? If not, then who? Luke? He would do that because he loves Bode a lot. Also, why is Luke calling Sharon again? And why did she lie to Vince about him? Fire Country Episode 22, the season finale, will show just how true the drug test result is and who is responsible for it.

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