‘Fire Country’ Episode 19: Recap & Ending, Explained – Does Cal Fire Take Care Of The Wellness Retreat?

Episode 18 of “Fire Country” ended on a somber note, with Jake finding out about his parents’ divorce, Eve still struggling to get over Rebecca’s death, and Bode having doubts over his parole. It is up to Vince and Sharon to get their team back in high spirits as soon as they can.


Spoilers Ahead

New Day

A new batch arrives at Three Rock. One of the newbies is a former ally of Bode from Lompoc Prison. His name is Sleeper. Bode senses an imminent mishap, if not tragedy. Jake and Cara are at the bar when Gabriela arrives and introduces them to Kyle Ferguson, a close friend from her Olympic training days. Vince and Sharon have invited Eve over for dinner to help her find closure and also try to talk her out of her recent alcohol addiction. At dinner, Eve tells them that she has been seeing a therapist and doesn’t expect them to understand what she’s going through. At Three Rock, Bode is in his bed when he notices Sleeper handing a young guy named Troy a book that is supposed to help him cope with the trauma of prison time. Freddy walks in with a letter and a picture of her baby’s first smile that he missed. Sleeper offers help, saying he can get Freddy more cabin visits from his family. After Sleeper leaves, Bode tries to warn Freddy about Sleeper’s methods, but all that Freddy wants is to see his child. Bode will be the one returning home in about a month. It is up to Freddy to figure out how he can see his family more. So, Bode has no say in it. The next day, Manny wakes up beside Faye Stone. It seems they are getting along pretty well. How will this turn out?


A Fiery Retreat

Vince and Eve arrive with a fire engine at an open ladies wellness center to answer a medical call from a single patient. The lady is having an allergic reaction to almond oil. As the two attend to the lady inside a tent, they hear another lady call out from outside with panic in her voice. Vince follows the voice, and the lady takes him to an area called “Coal Walk”. There Vince finds the ground filled with burning coals on which one is supposed to walk. It is a cleansing method, apparently. The women at this “Coal Walk” have their feet burned, which is unusual because the coals aren’t supposed to get as hot as they seem to have gotten. Vince digs a spot on the ground and realizes that the ground underneath the “Coal Walk” area is on fire. It’s a root fire. The burning coals have reached the roots, and thanks to grass and logs that act as fuel, the fire is spreading fast. It is only a matter of time before this turns into a wildfire. Jake and Gabriela arrive with a team as well.

Bode finds heroin inside the book he saw Sleeper give Troy. Sleeper wasn’t talking about the book but about what was inside it. Manny has arrived, and Three Rock has been called for at the Wellness Center. As the others are boarding the trucks, Bode and Freddy find Troy vomiting. Bode knows that it is a result of heroin. Bode tells Freddy that it was Sleeper who brought drugs into the camp, but Freddy replies that other newbies could have done it too. Bode knows that Freddy will not believe what he’s saying about Sleeper because the guy is Freddy’s only way to meet his kid. He will not compromise Sleeper. Bode gives Troy some water, after which they all board the truck and arrive at the wellness center.


Three Rock arrives at the spot and starts cutting a deep line in twos on Vince’s order. Freddy partners up with Sleeper. As the others begin the work, Bode tells Troy to take water breaks and deep breaths to avoid falling sick again. He then speaks about it to Gabriela, who tells him to let Manny know about Sleeper and the drugs. But Bode doesn’t want to sabotage Troy’s camp time and have him sent back to prison. Meanwhile, one of the patients tells Vince and Sharon that a lady named Bonnie hasn’t returned from her meditation at a river bend nearby. Vince and Eve set out to find her, and on the way, Eve detects a lot of trapped heat reaching as high as 1200 degrees. Vince goes ahead with Bonnie and tells Eve to speak to Manny and get more hands that can dig up the ground. She tells Manny about what she is going through and finds out that Rebecca’s stuff is still at Three Rock because none of her family members or friends came to take it. Bode confronts Sleeper, who reminds him that if anything happens to Troy, it’s on Bode, who is the first to see it, and not him. Before their argument could get worse, Manny arrives and tells them to get back to work. If only he had heard what they were talking about. Eve returns to Vince, and they hear a lady screaming for help, trapped by a brush fire. It’s Bonnie. Vince calls for a water hose. They need to work fast.

The Truth

Troy finally passes out. Bode cannot let Manny find out about it, so he and Gabriela bring Troy behind a truck and make him rest against it. Freddy arrives with electrolytes. He is followed by Sleeper, but Bode sends him away, saying he’s done enough. Bode tells Freddy to get back to work so that Manny doesn’t get suspicious. But neither Manny nor Gabriela are able to make Troy feel better. As Gabriela pulls him away to ask him what he intends to do, he sees Sleeper tending to Troy, after which he gains consciousness and seems to be feeling a lot better. Electrolytes and crackers seem to have done the trick. Back at the brush fire, Bonnie notices the firefighters and tries to approach them. In the attempt, the ground beneath her feet gives away, and she is almost eaten by the root fire under her. She somehow manages to grab onto a rock as Vince, Jake, and Eve try to reach her using the planks from a bench nearby. They somehow managed to bring her out on a stretcher and inside the medical tent. Vince has called for a helicopter for a medevac.


Split And Heal

The lines have been cut. Freddy thanks Sleeper for how he saved Troy, and they shake hands, promising to help each other when need be. Bode sees this and snaps at Freddy, warning him of the consequences. But Freddy reminds him that he doesn’t get to make Freddy’s decisions. Bode calls off their friendship.

Inside the medical tent, Vince authorizes Eve to carry out an EZ-IO on Bonnie. Eve will drill into her bones to get the IV in, and Bonnie’s blood pressure sees an increase and she gains consciousness. The helicopter is 20 minutes away, after which she will be carried to the nearest hospital. More water tenders are on their way and will take over the job. The threat has been taken care of.

Back at the station, Manny asks Gabriela if she knows what’s going on between Bode and Freddy. She doesn’t. He then asked Bode and Freddie to sort out whatever differences there seemed to be, as it would only harm their time at Three Rock, especially Bode, who is going home in 30 days. After Manny walks away, Gabriela speaks to Bode, telling him how she is slowly losing track of right and wrong and how the gray area between them seems to only increase. She lied to her father for him, and that’s not who she is. Bode promises not to get her involved in any such situation ever again.

‘Fire Country’ Episode 19: Ending Explained – Do Freddy And Bode Become Friends Again?

The same night, Manny meets Faye and asks her out on a date. Gabriela meets Kyle at the bar and tells him how she needs to speak to someone who knows her from before she came to Edgewater. The place has changed her, and she doesn’t want to lose herself. Kyle offers to help, starting with beers. Jake is with Cara at the bar as well when he gets a text from Eve, who is waiting outside for him. He meets her in her car, and she tells him how she is struggling to get over Rebecca’s death. She apologizes to him for not taking a stand when everyone was doubting Jake for the arson. Jake reassures her that everything is okay between them. They are good. Eve then shows Jake Rebecca’s stuff, which has notes of her working on Freddy’s wrongful conviction. Back at Three Rock, Bode and Freddy are talking to each other. It seems that no third person can break their friendship after all. Freddy tells Bode that Sleeper gave Troy an “upper” drug to stimulate his body. But he tells Bode to stay out of it, as it will harm his parole. Bode promises Freddy to not let Sleeper affect their time at Fire Camp and figure out a way to get him. Vince and Sharon are planning and preparing their home to welcome their son back.


We have to wait to find out how Bode and Freddy shed light on Sleeper’s actions. If Manny finds out about it beforehand, it might have adverse effects. Meanwhile, Eve needs to be taken care of by her loved ones, especially her friend Jake. Also, we have Gabriela and her new issue that might affect her relationship. As for her father, Manny, we might just have found Gabriela’s stepmother. Or maybe not. We will have to see what “Fire Country” Episode 20 has in store for us.

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