‘Fire Country’ Episode 14: Recap And Ending, Explained – Is Cal Fire Able To Protect The Town Fair?

With every passing episode of “Fire Country,” Edgewater is bringing tougher tests for Cal Fire Station 42 and Three Rock Camp, both from a physical and emotional standpoint. In Episode 14, more of these occur in the middle of chaos the size of a “town fair.” There’s no time to waste. As Edgewater stares at a potential catastrophe, Vince and his team, as well as Manny and his inmates, have to pick up their pace. Will they be able to cope? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

The Fair And The Unfair

At Station 42, Jake is teaching rookie Gabriela how to save a person by giving CPR and using a defibrillator on a dummy. However, she keeps failing and states that since they lost Meg (“Fire Country” Episode 9), she hasn’t been able to concentrate on her medical instincts. She has to pass her EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) exam, or else she will remain a candidate forever. Jake reassures her that she will do just fine. Eve is there as well and makes Gabriela understand that they all have experienced the same feeling of seeing someone die on their watch, and it’s okay to feel the way she does.


Just then, Jake’s phone pings; he is going out with Cara on their first date to the town fair. Back at Leone’s place, Vince is also headed to the fair, wearing a sash saying “Grand Marshall.” He is supposed to lead a parade. Sharon is yet to receive any news from the donor team about Jake’s kidney. However, she isn’t worried about it and wants to spend more time with her family and team. Meanwhile, Manny brings some of his teammates to Station 42 to get some sandbags for the parade.

Bode meets Rebecca over there, and she tries to get close to him, but he backs off, saying he can’t. Rebecca gets upset about how Bode dumps her for no reason. Manny tells Bode and Rebecca to follow Gabriela, under Eve’s orders, and help her with the sandbags. Eve is going to shadow Manny and tells him that she has spoken to the people at Sacramento (probably the higher authorities that are responsible for Three Rock) to know how to go about her responsibilities better. Manny seems to not like how Eve has gone over him and spoken to the higher department, but he doesn’t say anything.


The Disaster

At the fair, we have Jake and Cara on a date, Chief Vince Leone, Manny, Eve, who is shadowing him, Gabriela, Bode, Rebecca, and some other folks from Three Rock. As to be expected, when there is Cal Fire around, disaster is waiting to happen. Jake and Cara are in line waiting to hop on a spinning ride, The Spinning Top, when both feel that something is wrong with the ride. The very next moment, the ride malfunctions. No matter how much the controller tries to stop the ride that has people in it, it isn’t working. The ride picks up speed, and being unable to handle the turbulence, the whole structure starts to shake, throwing its heavy metal parts in all directions.

With people running in all directions and many of them heavily hurt, Vince radios for an ambulance while Jake, Cara, and some other people try to weigh down the structure. Somewhere else, a bounce house has collapsed with kids inside it. Manny decides to handle the bounce house with Eve and let Vince Leone take control of the rest of Three Rock and bring the ride under control. Sharon is overlooking a casualty point with Gabriela’s assistance to help those who are hurt. Gabriela decides to bring in Cara, who is a nurse.


The Aftermath

Jake asks the controller if there is any other way to stop the ride. That’s when the guy realizes that there are emergency brakes under the car and decides to go to them. He opens the hatch, but as soon as he steps in halfway through, the hatch falls due to the turbulence, and the guy gets pinned, with it penetrating his chest. Jake and Vince rush to him and tell him not to move, as it will only make things worse. Gabriela, disregarding Sharon’s order to return to the casualty point with Cara, is with Vince and Jake and offers them a solution to cut open an access point in the grill from another side so that they can reach the emergency brakes. Vince greenlights it, and Gabriela rushes to grab the gear.

Meanwhile, Bode’s friend Aaron approaches Manny and Eve and tells them that he cannot find one of his kids, Jamie, who was supposed to be inside the bounce house. But there are no more kids inside it. The ride is still spinning, as are the people on it. Jake cuts open a part of the grill, reaches the emergency brakes, and hits them. The ride comes to a stop. Vince radios for a ladder so that they can bring the people down. Jake returns to the guy pinned under the hatch. He will be taken out, but a portion of the hatch will have to be left attached to his body. Only that will keep the blood from spilling out and prevent him from dying of blood loss.

The Search

Aaron tells Bode that Jamie took 25 tickets for bounce house, but Bode tells him that bounce house has free entry. This means that Jamie sneaked onto another ride. However, Aaron doesn’t believe him, and this frustrates Bode. Eve makes him understand how he knows better and tells him to check out the bigger rides. Manny notices this and isn’t happy to have her order one of his crew. He asks her if she is trying to replace him rather than shadow him. Eve tries to make him understand, but Manny doesn’t have time for it. The missing kid is the priority now.

Gabriela is up on the ride, freeing those stuck and taking them out one at a time. She brings down a woman who is having a heart attack. She takes her to the casualty point, where Sharon and Cara are already present. They lie the woman down, and Sharon asks for a defibrillator, telling Gabriela to use it. Gabriela, at this point, loses her concentration and is unable to assess anything properly. Sharon realizes this and tells her to back off, asking Cara to use the defibrillator. The woman is ultimately saved.


The sun has set, but Jamie is yet to be found. Twenty-nine passengers have been rescued from the ride out of a total of 30. This means one passenger is missing, along with Jamie. This is when Eve finds a safety chain on the ground. This means that the one passenger who was probably thrown off could be lying anywhere in the fair, and God knows in what condition. Manny and Eve tell this to Vince. However, Bode believes that the 10-year-old kid and the passenger are one and the same. Jamie sneaked onto the ride without telling his father. After all, the spinning ride costs 25 tickets, the same amount that Jamie took from his father, Aaron. With all the members of Station 42 and Three Rock together, Manny, under Vince, tells Three Rock to divide into groups of two and begin searching. Vince and Jake head one way, Manny and Eve go another, and Bode and Rebecca go the third.

The Rescue

Sharon holds Gabriela responsible for compromising the lives of many people by disobeying a direct order from her. That’s when Gabriela explains how she never got over the death of one of her fellow swimmers, one of the best she had seen in her swimming days. She had the same feeling of powerlessness after she was unable to save Meg, and the same happened today. Sharon makes her understand that all of them are doing a service to society, and her job is to use her skills to the best of her ability. As for the panic attacks, she tells Gabriela that it happens to them all, and her responsibility is to find a way to deal with it as soon as possible and to get back to work as a firefighter. Gabriela is still shaking. Back at the search, Eve decides to finally confront Manny about his behavior. Manny opens up by saying that she can tell the guys at Sacramento whatever she wants about how he handles his crew and how he allocates his resources. This means that Manny feels that all that Eve wants to do is track Manny’s behavior and report it to Sacramento. Eve makes it crystal clear that all she wants is to shadow Manny in the best way she can because all she has learned from him and the other inmates working under him makes her proud.


‘Fire Country’ Episode 14: Ending Explained – Is Jamie Rescued?

While talking to Jake, Vince realizes that Jamie may have hidden somewhere out of fear. He finds a microphone nearby and speaks into it, making it audible to all the people of Station 42 and Three Rock, looking for Jamie to search for potential hiding spots. Bode notices a horror house and finds it a good hiding spot. He rushes inside along with Rebecca. Inside, they finally find Jamie, who is suffocating. Bode tells Rebecca to hurry and get a medicine bag from the crew. Rebecca finds Gabriela, who is barely out of her panic attack, and brings her to Jamie.

Jamie needs CPR immediately, but Gabriela isn’t sure if she can administer it. Bode assures her that she has to because only she can save the kid’s life. While Gabriela administers CPR, Bode uses her radio to call for emergency medications. The CPR works, and Jamie finally breathes. He is eventually put in an ambulance and sent to the hospital. Sharon praises Gabriela for her actions. Manny apologizes to Eve for his behavior, and they hug. Jake’s brave actions impress Cara, and she gives him their first kiss. Bode and Rebecca settle their differences, realizing how good they are as partners at work. “Fire Country” Episode 14 ends with Jake approaching Vince and Sharon and telling them he has been approved to donate his kidney.


It seems that things are getting better even further at Cal Fire. However, Sharon’s transplant remains a risk as it can potentially lead to complications including death. We have to wait to see how that works out. Also, we are yet to see Bode’s reaction to Jake’s news.

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