‘Files Of The Unexplained’ Episode 1 “Pascagoula Alien Abduction” Recap

The first episode of Files of the Unexplained focuses on the case of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, who reported a strange aircraft that had come up to them and examined them for a while. After witnessing the spacecraft, their life has been all about their experiences with it, changing everything from that point on. This documentary series, currently streaming on Netflix, captures the testimonies of other associated people, adding credibility to the story. Why was Charlie so intent on telling his story to the world? Why did Calvin want to conceal their experiences? Did the encounter really change their lives? Let’s find out! 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened In Pascagoula In 1973?

Charles and Calvin had reported having had a UFO sighting near their fishing site. They further stated that they had been taken aboard the spacecraft by three non-human figures in 1973. Charlie’s son, Eddie, in his present version of the story, said that he and his dad had moved to Pascagoula (a small fishing village) in 1969 and that he would often spend time with his father, fishing and looking after the cattle that they had. Eddie further said that he and Calvin were friends at that point, and their families would spend a lot of time camping and fishing together. However, the incident in 1973 had changed their lives as his father, who was a jovial man, had a sudden change in his demeanor. He was extremely scared and would face issues sleeping. Charles’ wife, Blanche Hickson (in one of her former interviews), stated that he was not the same anymore and would often have cold sweats at night. 


What Happened To Calvin?

Jay Willis, the Mayor of Pascagoula, stated that the Ingalls shipbuilding had begun manufacturing destroyers for the US Navy back in the 1950s, recruiting workers from all over the state. While many people had been claiming that such an event had no credibility in an industrial age, many adhered to the story. On October 11th, 1973, when the spacecraft approached Charles and Calvin, they saw that it didn’t touch the ground and had lights. When one end of the craft opened up, they saw a strange figure with claws instead of hands. The creature came up to Calvin, and just when it grabbed him with the claws, he passed out! They later stated that the spacecraft was bright, and an eye was seen coming out of it to examine them both. After a close inspection, the craft made a zapping sound, emitting a blue light, and then left the place. 

Charles decided to report it to the authorities, as someone could be planning to attack them. However, the incident had traumatized Calvin so much that he decided to keep quiet about it. Waynette (Calvin’s wife) testified that she had given him the space he needed and didn’t ask him much about the event. Karen Nelson, a former journalist, said that despite Calvin’s wishes to keep the event a secret, Charlie went to the national media, exposing the reality of what they had experienced. 


Who Were The Other Witnesses?

There were several newspapers and news channels approaching Calvin and Charlie for their version of the story. This is when the speculation of other people having seen the craft arose. There were several reports of UFO sightings near the Mississippi coast in the 1970s. However, Karen Nelson brought out that, despite two bridge tenders working near the area of the sighting, they hadn’t reported anything about any sightings. Perhaps she was hinting at the fact that a part of the story had been made up. However, some other people’s testimonies from October 11, 1973, proved otherwise. Rusty Anderson started seeing lights from the top of the bridge; Susan Snow saw blue lights from her backyard (which was then gone to the north in a jiffy); and Judy Benning saw a spaceship coming towards them, making their radio signals go haywire. 

Which Event Added Credibility To The Episode?

Rebecca Davis, who was 12 at the time of the incident, stated in one of her recent interviews that the story made headlines everywhere. She stated that it was initially thought of as a joke, but she was religious, making her believe that God might’ve created other beings just like he had created humans. After that episode, Charlie and Calvin were bombarded with requests from the media to share their experiences. They were getting paid for sharing their experiences, and Charles didn’t miss an opportunity. But later, Eddie said that his father didn’t have any monetary gains from the shows. Meanwhile, Calvin had been struggling to open up to the people, as he feared that they might not be believed. However, in 2020, a story surfaced, adding credibility to the event. The Pascagoula police recorded Charlie and Calvin without their knowledge (hiding a tape in the room). The discussions between the two men proved their credibility and the fact that they felt bad about no one believing them. 


Did Calvin And Charlie Have Second Encounters?

In 1993, at an interview, Calvin stated that other-worldly beings visited him again. This time he could talk more freely as he was more mentally stable, but life wasn’t the same for him anymore. Charlie also claimed to have been visited again by the extraterrestrial in 1974 as he was sitting under a tree. He felt as if something had been watching him from afar, and when he turned, he saw two otherworldly beings standing right behind him. He felt as if they communicated without speaking directly to him. They gave out the message that they meant no harm and that they would be back. Later, Charlie was given a memorial near the marked spot after his death.  

Does The Pascagoula Community Still Believe In The Story?

This was a very unique case, and by this point, the Pascagoula community strongly believed in it. Every third Friday, events are held in the downtown area dedicated to the alien abduction. The event had completely changed the course of life for Charles and Calvin. Charlie always wondered why he was the chosen one, to which nobody to date has an answer. Calvin stated that maybe the Lord had something in store for them that they were unaware of. 

Final Words

To date, there is no solid proof of the incident in Pascagoula, but the beliefs of the people staying there are strong! Many speculations have been drawn from the incident, but no solid conclusions have been found yet. However, there are multiple cases that support the Pascagoula sighting of Carl and Calvin, but there is a possibility that we have been presented with a slightly exaggerated version of the incident. 

Debjyoti Dey
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