Farah In ‘Alrawabi School For Girls’ Season 2, Explained: Is She Dead Or Alive?

The character of Farah in the second season of Alrawabi School for Girls has been played by Raneem Haitham. Despite having a lot of potential as a singer, she is judged by her classmates on the basis of her conventionally average looks, which hurts her sentiments. She wanted to feel included in the group of popular girls but was unable to keep up with them. Being Tasneem’s cousin has, however, helped her gain certain leverage, but she is often insulted by Tasneem and her friends. How did Tasneem treat Farah? Why did Farah feel dejected? Why did she commit suicide? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

How Was Farah Treated By Tasneem And Her Friends?

Farah would tag along with Tasneem and try to get along with her friend group, as she wanted to be a part of the popular gang. Tasneem was, however, not able to completely avoid Farah, as she was her cousin, but she never appreciated the efforts that she put in for her. She would always blindly support Tasneem and would always be her first solicitor in any case. Tasneem tried to ignore her and would just use Farah for her own interests. She would avoid inviting Farah to her parties, as she was ashamed of her cousin. Farah, who was too innocent to realize Tasneem’s evil intentions, would often self-invite herself to her parties. She would feel extremely left out as Tasneem’s friends would look down upon her and would often make fun of her. Once, when Farah requested Tasneem to get her an invite to Omer’s party, she completely ignored her. Farah, who was expecting that her cousin would root for her, got ready in the hopes that Tasneem would send her the invite and the location of the party. Tasneem completely avoided Farah’s texts and calls, making her feel unwanted in her group. When she later saw Tasneem’s posts with her other friends on social media, she broke down. 


Why Did Hiba Insult Farah?

When Sarah’s place was left vacant in the stage performance that they were supposed to perform, Tasneem asked Farah to take the position. Farah was very happy about being included in the group performance, but the other members of the group, including Hiba, couldn’t accept her as a part of their crew. Hiba wanted to get rid of Farah and therefore bluntly told her that she wasn’t fir for the part. Farah was asked to go backstage to help them with the sound and lighting during the performance. This incident severely affected Farah’s self-confidence. She thought that she was not a good fit for the popular gang and started comparing herself with others, which started giving her an inferiority complex. 

Later, when she was practicing a song on the stage all alone, Hiba came in. She listened to her performance and said that she had the voice of an angel. When Farah asked her why Hiba was so reluctant to include her in their group, she said that her image mattered more than her talent. Hiba further said that Farah was not as lucky to be born with good looks as them and hence would always have to remain backstage. She said that only being talented wouldn’t help Farah and that she would have to move forward in life, accepting the fact that she was not perfect. The way Hiba presented her thoughts to Farah made her feel extremely dejected and low about herself. She started doubting her own existence and abilities. She lacked confidence and thought that something as superficial as her looks could snatch her identity from her. 


What Did Farah Do To Vent Her Frustration?

Farah was extremely sensitive about the way she had been treated by Hiba and the others. The way Tasneem had treated her over time also started clouding her mind with the thought that she was a misfit in their group. In an endeavor to fit into their group, she started forgetting that she was strong enough to not require any validation from others. Her individuality was portrayed when she bashed Tasneem for leaving the side of her own friend Sarah during her times of need. She told Tasneem that she did not require a selfish friend like her, who couldn’t even root for her friends. 

While Farah was already in a very vulnerable state, Shams presented her documentary to the school, in which she showed clips of Farah being insulted by other girls. The entire school watching the clip made Farah feel insulted, and her insecurities were triggered again. Farah couldn’t sit through the documentary and decided to walk out of the auditorium. Unable to bear the pain and humiliation that she had been suppressing for such a long time, she tried to commit suicide. There is a possibility that Farah wouldn’t end up like Layan and would be taken to the hospital on time, saving her life. Whether Farah will end up losing her life will eventually be revealed in the third season of Alrawabi School for Girls


How Would The Incident Impact The School?

The incident would have a great impact on the school, as it would help the students take the issue of bullying more seriously. The teachers at the school would be more alert after the situation, as it would be the second tragic case that the school was facing. Layan’s death in the first season had also had a serious impact on the teachers and the students, and they still had not been able to recover from that. Farah’s death would cause a decline in the reputation of the school, and parents would think twice before putting their children in such a school. The authorities will try to stop the information about Farah’s death from spreading, just to ensure that their reputation is not hampered. 

Final Thoughts

Farah’s character has been portrayed in an extremely sentimental light, where she struggles to fit into a sphere that she doesn’t belong in. She was a loyal friend who was never appreciated by others and was always shunned. There is a possibility that the third season of Alrawabi School for Girls will portray a campaign against bullying and harassment of students to prevent deaths like those of Layan and Farah. Farah’s character lacked resilience, hence proving the fact that only the strongest would survive the battle in life. In an attempt to please everyone, she had not received the recognition that she deserved. Had she been more focused on nurturing her talent as a singer, she would have been able to garner greater attention than trying to forcibly fit herself into a group of popular girls. 


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