Camila Román In ‘Fake Profile’ Season 1, Explained: What Was Camila’s End Goal?

The new Columbian Netflix original Fake Profile revolves around the agendas of several characters, and their motivation to do things that they do. One of the titular characters in this show who stood her ground was Camila Roman. Her story began as a dancer at a very exclusive and popular dance bar in Vegas, where she had to initially end up lying about her career to her date, Fernando Castello. She did that because she was not sure if men would be secure enough to understand why she loved dancing, even though her job only involved dancing and not getting intimate with anyone. She has had a tough time with her ex-boyfriend Vincent, who was abusive to her, to the point she not only broke up with him but had a restraining order against him. Fernando, comparatively, turned out to be decent.


But again, to not judge Camila, it felt she was drawn to men who had complications because after four months Fernando Castello from Cartagena, Columbia, who claimed to be in love with her, not just disappeared but found many excuses to not probably see her ever again. Even though she knew she might get some bad news, she was willing to put herself out there to understand why he left her after claiming to be in love with her.

Her arrival in Columbia opened Pandora’s box because she was in for a great deal of unpleasant news. Not only was her boyfriend’s name not Fernando Castello, but he also happened to have used the name of a billionaire doctor. Her boyfriend happened to be married to an heiress and has kids with her. His name was Miguel. Camila felt betrayed, and it fueled her revenge plans for the time she spent cultivating the relationship. This pushed her to hire David as her husband and move into Miguel’s neighborhood as an ultra-rich couple so that she could stay close to the man and follow in his footsteps.


Camila would not stop at any point from torturing Miguel using her conversation about their past and the fact that Miguel was physically attracted to her. Miguel admitted to having had feelings for her, and said whatever time they spent together was real, but Camila was unable to believe any of his words. Her trust issues are understandable because of her past with Vincent, and having grown up in an abusive household, Camila was privy to a life of being around men who would defend their actions no matter what. Miguel turned out to be the same, and one would wonder if Camila had a pattern of dating men that were not right for her, but she still pursued them.

Even after Camila’s profession is revealed to Angela and their neighbors, she never lets anyone question her choice of lifestyle. She stood her ground on the fact that she was never a prostitute or an escort, but Angela and her friends, who came across as narrow-minded and had a low tolerance for people like Camila, reduced her to someone who would get intimate with anyone. Camila, being an independent woman, did not allow herself to be shamed long after her affair was revealed. Angela questioned her husband’s infidelity, but she refused to believe Miguel had lied to Camila as well. Camila and Angela did not reach any consensus regarding Miguel. She tried hard to change Angela’s mind, but all went in vain.


Camila’s ruse is busted when it is revealed that she was hired by Miguel’s’ multi-millionaire father-in-law Pedro so that her affair with Miguel would be revealed to his daughter Angela, in a manner that would pave the way for her divorce. Camila is roped into this by Tina, Pedro’s right hand, telling her the truth about her boyfriend, Fernando Castello, who is Miguel. Camila was heartbroken, and Pedro and Tina used her heartbreak to their benefit to make sure Miguel was out of the picture. Camila is driven by her hatred for Miguel, but since they became neighbors, the two have been far more physically and emotionally intimate, and she is trying to understand their lives and motives so far. She was quick to conclude that even though Miguel was after Pedro’s money, he loved his children. This time around, she did fall for him briefly, hoping that there would be a future for each other after his divorce comes through.

David, the driver she hired to help her, was always by her side and confessed to being in love with her. Camila understands his feelings for her but does not reciprocate because what she feels is only friendship. But Camila never took advantage of David’s feelings for her, and in that matter, she came across as a sensitive human being.


Angela, again, in her bid to get rid of Camila and what she believes is all her lies, seemingly kills Camila out of rage, and she is helped by Miguel in getting rid of her body. To everyone’s surprise, especially Angela, who comes across as a woman of means and feels she will not be implicated by the police, she is confronted by Miguel and Camila, whom she thought were dead. Camila regained consciousness halfway through, when Miguel was trying to dump her body, thinking she was dead. Camilla was kept in a safe house, and Miguel made her promise to move to Costa Rica with her. Tina knew of the safe house that kept Camila hostage for walking away from their agreement. Camila was eventually saved by David, but she was also informed of Miguel’s passing in a car crash. But to her surprise, Miguel faked his death as well to confront Angela.

Angela and Miguel’s scuffle, in the end, led to her getting gravely injured. It also allowed her to understand that even though she and Miguel love each other, there is no way they could ever be together because of their complicated relationship dynamics. Their past will catch up with them, and they probably don’t want that. This allowed Camila to see David in a different light and be romantically involved with him because, at the end of the day, she deserved to be with a man who was not lying to her or was insecure about her choice of profession. David loves her unconditionally, and she loves him back. Camila might be a complicated character driven by money and revenge, but deep down, she is a woman seeking comfort and love.


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Smriti Kannan
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