‘Expats’ Episode 5 Recap Summary: Were Essie And Puri Able To Live Their Dreams?

Expats episode 4 had all the important characters stuck in an enclosed space. The enclosed space allowed them to speak their minds with their family. Hillary had a tough conversation with her mother, who was constantly badgering her for not taking care of her marriage. Clarke and Margaret finally had a heart-to-heart talk about their marriage and the mental state of their children. Mercy was pregnant, and she was not sure if she should keep the baby. Hillary felt content after the conversation with her mother. Clarke and Margaret were relieved to know the body didn’t belong to Gus. Now, let’s see what happens next in the lives of these characters in Expats episode 5.


Spoilers Ahead

What Do Puri And Essie Talk About?

Puri and Essie were the maids working for Margaret and Hillary, respectively. Essie and Puri ended up spending the day with each other as the rain was incessant. The weather did not stop the women from meeting and discussing the women who hired them. Puri was proud of Hillary for standing up for herself. Puri was made aware of David’s lover, and she contemplated sharing the news with her boss. 


Essie, on the other hand, had a tough time working as a maid and as a waitress on her day off. She yearned to be with her son and grandchild, but her work commitments did not allow her to take a rest. Essie and Puri converse about losing Gus and how it changed the dynamics of the family. Essie felt guilty for behaving in a way that ticked Margaret off on the night they visited the market. Essie believed she would not have lost the child otherwise. Meanwhile, Puri, had good words for her employer, and she wondered if Hillary would encourage her to audition for a singing reality show. Puri wanted to be a singer, but none of her peers encouraged her to pursue this. Since Hillary was a career-driven woman, Puri was under the assumption that her employer would be supportive of her endeavors. 

Was Olivia Shocked By Hillary’s News?

Hillary met her conservative friend Olivia and shared the news of her divorce. Olivia came from a traditional Asian family and was taught to be a submissive wife. Olivia advised Hillary to stay in the marriage and painted a picture she believed was not in favor of her friend. Olivia had a lot of questions about Hillary’s future and her reasons for leaving the marriage. Hillary’s reasons for filing for divorce were absurd to her, and Olivia could never imagine leaving her husband, even though she was in denial about his infidelity and other misdemeanors. The news of the divorce jolted Olivia out of denial about the state of her marriage. She was honest with her husband about feeling lonely in a palatial home, which he did not pay any heed to. Despite all the luxuries around her, her daughters were not close to her and chose to spend the day away from home. Olivia was also desperate for a maid, and not having one around was a nightmare. Olivia spent the night contemplating changing something in her home. The genesis of this behavior was Hillary’s decision to leave her marriage. Both came from families of the same values, but Hillary chose to break the generational trauma while Olivia was stuck in it for many reasons and would probably not have the strength to walk out. Her arc in Expats episode 5 ended with her hiring another maid at home. 


Was Mercy Trying To Patch Things Up With Charly?

Mercy contacted Charly on one fateful rainy day, as she probably felt guilty for abandoning her new friend after a few meetings. Mercy was feeling alone as well, and she wanted the company to help her keep going. Mercy was not expecting any relationship or commitment with David, and they planned to let things stay as they were till they figured out a solution for her pregnancy. Charly agreed to meet with Mercy, and they spent quality time together. Mercy checks into the hotel where David stayed to access the pool and have a good time with Charly. The young woman probably wanted to take some time off from the worries that were bothering her. In the hotel pool, Mercy spoke about the Gus incident and started panicking that Charly would abandon her upon hearing about it. Charly consoled her, and they both ended up kissing each other. It was assumed they slept with each other as well. Mercy did not reveal that she was pregnant with David’s child. 

Why Was Hillary Furious At David?

Puri witnessed Hillary and David arguing about the fallout of their marriage. Hillary was honest about how the Hong Kong culture of women serving men could be the reason for their marriage crumbling. Their marriage in America was stable, as both contributed to running the household. Women in countries like Hong Kong were expected to multitask, and David was habituated to a woman catering to their needs and complaining about their work. Hillary was also furious at the fact that David got another woman pregnant, and she was sure she was a lot younger than him. She believed he let the marriage crumble, and the cheating came after he gave up on the marriage and expected Hillary to pick up the pieces. 


Was Alan Worried About Clarke?

Clarke had not turned up at work, and his colleague shared the news with Alan, the pastor whom the man frequented after Gus’ disappearance. On a stormy day, he visited Clarke at his home to understand his state of mind and the reason for the man to abandon his faith. Clarke was not happy to see Alan at his doorstep, as he feared Margaret and the kids would be back in a few hours. Clarke was open about losing hope in the church, as it could not provide him with any solace. The young father broke down, thinking about Gus and the fact that nobody cared to question his state of mind. He probably had a change of mind regarding visiting the church after his conversation to Margaret at the morgue. Clarke confessed to the fact that he wished the child at the morgue was Gus because he wanted closure in this matter. Margaret’s stubborn nature stopped the entire family from moving on, and it did not help Clarke either.

What Happened To Tony?

Amidst the torrential rainfall hitting Hong Kong, the city was marred by student protests fighting for a democratic election and pushing Beijing away from interfering with their system. These protests caused massive roadblocks and traffic, and many were severely affected by the students coming to the roads in thousands to fight for their rights. Tony was one of the young students wanting to fight for democratic procedures in the country. Tony was reprimanded by his mother for choosing to quit college. She also mentioned that Tony’s presence in the protest would not change the system, and he would be treated like a nobody. 

Tony was not concerned about his mother’s words of worry and chose to continue being a part of the protest he believed would change the face of his nation. Tony was also asked by his friend to finish his education instead of abandoning his future. Neglecting all the advice, Tony continued to be a part of the protest and was soon sent to prison for speaking up against the current system. His mother was informed about his arrest. The mother was not given any details about his arrest, and just like the parents of other college children, she was waiting for her son to be released on bail, but that seemed like a far-fetched dream for her. 

Did Margaret Agree To The Plan To Move To The USA?

Margaret came back home, only to find Alan there, and she was not happy with his presence. She was not in favor of Clarke joining a church to deal with his pain instead of conversing with her. Margaret had not dealt with Gus’ disappearance either, but she felt her life was under control and remained in denial. Margaret was honest about her faith in God or the church, as it never helped in finding solace or answers in regard to Gus. Her anger towards Alan was all about Clarke choosing to believe Gus was gone and constantly praying for his peace. 


Margaret believed she was fighting this war alone, and none of them around her could understand her pain or her reasoning behind choosing to stay back in Hong Kong. She believed Gus was alive, and leaving Hong Kong would mean abandoning their child in a foreign country. Alan was an obstruction who was helping Clarke find peace while it was Margaret’s job to keep tranquility in the family. Sadly, all has not been well in the family since Gus disappeared. Alan shares his tale of divorce and living with army men who found peace in knowing the help was available to them during wars. Alan wanted to be the help Clarke was looking for, which infuriated Margaret further.

Philip and Daisy began asking questions about Gus’ death, which angered Margaret further, and she wondered who was discussing this subject with her children. Margaret was very adamant about the fact that Gus was alive, and the topic of his possible death was never discussed. She wanted her older children to remain optimistic about Gus. It was revealed that Essie, her maid, who spent time with the children, may have mentioned several times about Gus being with Jesus. As the children were seeking answers about Gus and God, the simple conversation turned into an argument, which angered the little ones. Philip and Daisy probably wanted answers too, which led to a heated breakdown of the family in the presence of Alan and Essie. 


As Philip and Daisy walked away from the dinner table angrily, Margaret made a sudden decision to move to America. This was a quick decision, as she was adamant about not moving away a while back. Margaret probably noticed how her children were affected by her obsession and the constant tension in the family since Gus’ disappearance. It finally dawned on her that her children, who were alive, needed her attention as well. Clarke alone could not be the glue, and he was tired of being the only one taking care of the family. The decision was sudden, but she believed it was for the right reasons. 

Were Essie And Puri Able To Live Their Dreams?

Puri was happy working with Hillary, as she admitted at the beginning of Expats episode 5. The woman, along with Hillary, spent the entire night drinking and conversing about women and their career goals. Hillary was going through a rough patch, and Puri wanted to be there for her employer. Hillary encouraged Puri to take part in the auditions and offered her a dress as well. Puri felt special, and she kept wondering if this situation was too good to be true. Hillary wanted to vent about her life, and Puri, on the other hand, felt special for her employer, which pushed her to break the barrier. Hillary woke up with a hangover and sickness. Hillary forgot the promises she made the previous night, and Puri, deep down, had expected her plans would be squashed. Puri was hoping for Hillary to remember the night, but that did not happen. Puri was subconsciously aware that a mere blue-collar worker like her could never fulfill her dreams. 


Essie and Margaret had a chat the next morning, and the latter revealed her plans to move to the USA for the sake of her family. Margaret was elated and excited for her new chapter back home with her children. She requested that Essie move to America with her to help her with the kids and the transition. Margaret apologized for being jealous of her as the children were closer to her. She wished it was Essie who was with her that fateful night and not Mercy. Margaret was only giving reasons for Essie to stay with the family, which would be far from Essie’s own family. 

Essie had promised to quit her job and move with her son, but the new proposition threw her off. The offer was tempting, but she also wanted to quit and be with her family. She probably did not want to live in a country that was many continents away, but the idea of being with Margaret’s children, who loved her immensely, was a good proposition that would provide good financial perks. Essie asked for time to decide. Expats episode 5 ended with Puri cleaning Hillary’s home and putting the dress back in her employer’s closet.


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