‘End Of The Road’ Ending, Explained: How Did The Family Survive The Wrath Of Mr. Cross?

“End Of The Road” is a 2022 Netflix action-thriller movie with a hint of comedy to spice up its experience for the viewers. The movie revolves around the life of Brenda as she tries to put all the pieces together after her husband’s death. Well, she decides to go on a road trip from California to Texas. But little did she know that the road trip wouldn’t pass without an adventure. Without Jake Brenda is struggling to build up a close relationship with her children. Apart from that, finance was huge issue for them as well. So, to cut down on all the costs, Brenda decides to move to her mother’s place with Reggie, Kelly, and Cameron. But as they are passing through the deserts of Mexico, Brenda and her family stay at a motel before moving on with their trip the next morning. In the night the family encounters a brutal homicide next door, and this situation changes the whole course of their lives. Brenda’s brother, Reggie, decides to steal a bag of money from the victim’s motel room. The next morning, cops start looking out for them since the murder case involved the presence of Mr. Cross, a gangster. But things turn out to be even weirder after Brenda receives a mysterious call from the most wanted criminal.


Kelly and Cameron are quite disturbed by their father’s death, and things don’t seem to work out well for the family. Meanwhile, Brenda wants her family to be cheerful again since they don’t have normal conversations like any other family. But their encounter with the murder of Harvey Ruck changed the dynamics of their relationship. Harvey Ruck was a gangster working under Mr. Cross, and while he was supplying him with the cartel money, he decided to steal it, and  ended up killing his mate, Pepe. Now, Reggie spots the bag on the night of the murder, and takes it instantly. Brenda is not aware of this situation, and she gets completely annoyed by the mysterious phone calls. But with time, Reggie reveals the truth, and Brenda is terrified to know what awaits for their family next. But before she could do anything , Mr. Cross and his men abduct Cameron.

A distraught Brenda travels back to the motel to get the money as she left it in an unknown place to get rid of Mr. Cross’ shadow on her family. But, the bag of money had disappeared before she got back. Brenda decides to chase a random girl who spotted her placing the bag in the motel room. But this situation ends up in a hasty way where she has to fight for her life just to save her son. Brenda manages to get hold of the bag. All this time, Captain Hammers manages to get a hold of Brenda’s family since he was assigned for the investigation. Hammers takes them to his house, and here, viewers will be surprised to know that Hammers is actually Mr. Cross, and all this time, Cameron was in the trunk of his car. Hammers and his wife are psychopaths, and together they begin to torture Reggie, Kelly, and Cameron. But the trio manages to lock them down in the basement.


Within a few minutes, Brenda arrives at the scene, and here she also gets to know about Mr. Cross’ true identity. It seems like Harvey’s truck had a tracker on it, and  Hammers tracked him down and attacked him at the motel. Since he didn’t give in, Hammer had no choice but to end his life. As the investigation went on, he thought he would find the bag, but to his surprise, the bag went missing. Then Hammers instantly knew that the family had something to do with it until Kelly and Reggie confessed. Brenda left the bag of money behind, and the family decided to flee the spot. But Hammers is extremely adamant, and he wants to end this family. So, along with his wife, he attacked them with guns, but guess what? Brenda began to fight back as she was a trained shooter. She had completed her training under her grandpa.

In the shootout sequence, Brenda falls down from the car and decides to surrender to Hammers, but he doesn’t obey and intervenes to kill her family. This time, Brenda loses her patience and throws a flare into their car before they can trample her. The couple gets into an accident, and they die instantly. Brenda leaves the spot with her family, and this time, Brenda can be relieved since Reggie stole the money again. As Reggie didn’t leave all the cash behind since he knew that the family would need it for their future purposes. “End Of The Road” gives us an interesting storyline since the family manages to reconcile and get back together in the end. On the other hand, Kelly and Cameron finally realize Brenda’s strength. She is the one who rescued them from the dangers of Captain Hammers, aka Mr. Cross.


“End Of The Road” is a 2022 Drama Thriller film streaming on Netflix with subtitles.

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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