Edgar Minnows In ‘The Afterparty’ Season 2, Explained: Why He Got Killed?

When everyone in the room has a motive to kill a person, who would one look at, the crowd of suspects or the dead? To figure out the answers to the big questions, we must first do a quick recap of the events of the weekend when Edgar died. Little did successful businessman Edgar Minnows know that he would be murdered at the afterparty of his own wedding (you know what we mean). A man who had a knack for cryptocurrency and a lizard for a companion found the love of his life in Grace, Zoe’s younger sister. Her love for antiques and offbeat things brought them together, but due to Edgar’s busy schedule, Grace felt neglected and got close to his adopted sister, Hannah. Interestingly, they don’t really share anything in common, with Grace being a vintage girlie and Edgar being a man of the present and the future. Hannah and Grace’s love story would be magical if we left out the part where Hannah basically stole Grace from her brother. Edgar died after ingesting poison, and because he was a rich and sought-after bachelor, the news of his demise wasn’t immediately announced. This gives Aniq and, in turn, Danner a chance to investigate the happenings of The Afterparty.

Grace initially fell in love with Edgar, or at least had a strong fondness for him, until he prioritized his work above all else. Their shared interests and Edgar’s unique qualities initially attracted her to him, but he ultimately lost sight of those things due to his dedication to his career. While Edgar wasn’t intentionally unkind to Grace, he became neglectful. In contrast, Grace and Hannah share a more open and harmonious relationship, consistently finding happiness in each other’s company and sharing even more common interests than Grace and Edgar did.

Edgar’s quick decision to marry Grace early in their relationship raised suspicions for some, leading to doubts about Grace’s intentions, including whether she was after Edgar’s wealth. Despite Grace having no such motives, Isabel, Edgar’s mother, entertained these thoughts, which subsequently led her to point fingers at Grace when Edgar passed away. Interestingly, Isabel seemed strangely detached from Edgar’s death, displaying a unique coping mechanism as she worried more about other matters. Later, it’s revealed that Isabel believed Edgar was attempting to harm her and accidentally consumed the cake meant for her, resulting in his ultimate death.

Isabel and Sebastian, both of whom have known Edgar for a long time, besides Hannah, perceive him as a cunning individual. His no-nonsense approach to things separated him from those who genuinely care about him. On the other hand, Edgar goes so far as to affectionately refer to Grace’s “funcle” Ulysses, who is very hard to find, showing us her true significance in his life. Edgar’s frank and often blunt nature isn’t something that everyone appreciates, especially when it comes to business interactions. This might be why Sebastian, who frequently had to endure Edgar’s straightforward chatter, began to lose some of his admiration for his friend.

Things took a sour turn when Edgar decided to fire Sebastian just before the wedding, which understandably left Sebastian feeling bitter about Edgar. What made matters worse is that, without much empathy, Edgar still saw fit to have Sebastian as his best man. However, with Grace, Edgar displays a different side, much like he does with Hannah. He shares a deep bond with Hannah, which goes to show that he is indeed capable of genuine affection for the people who truly matter to him. It’s just that some people may misunderstand him, and not everyone is as loyal as they appear to be. They say that animals can be excellent judges of character, and considering Roxana’s likes and dislikes among people, we can also factor in her opinion to help us assess Edgar’s character.

It’s truly a shame that Edgar had to go so fast when he was doing everything he could to maintain a long and healthy life. He even had a schedule that he was almost unwilling to break on his wedding night. While Edgar had a lot of good thoughts and expectations in life, he ended up letting down the people who cared for him. For Grace, Edgar is willing to go the extra mile because he is truly in love with her. What was the motive of the others at the party, you may wonder, but it is all futile when you think of the grander picture. Edgar didn’t have a likable character, but he was still a caring person. On the other hand, as every human being lives in gray, Edgar, too, has many shades. Isabel and Sebastian are the ones consumed by selfish desires that leave them believing Edgar is the problem.

So, to answer the question, was Edgar bad? We’d say definitely not. Was he flawed? Absolutely. As are we all. Aniq and Edgar get along rather well because of their honest nature and possibly their connection to the sisters. Edgar was also a hypocrite because he invested in “Bucephalus” through shell companies of his own to inflate the price. Even after being so wealthy, he didn’t want to fail in that one thing and chose to take a different path than he normally would’ve. Edgar definitely didn’t deserve to die, and it’s possible that he and Grace may have grown to love each other similarly to Vivian and Feng. If we think about it, there are many parallels there, too. Ulysses is a half-brother, and Hannah is adopted, but to-me-to, to-ma-to. Ultimately, Feng was the one who won over Vivian’s heart for whatever reason, and if Edgar hadn’t been a dead man, it could’ve been a similar situation for him and Grace. Or, for the rest of their lives, Grace and Hannah would’ve been together behind Edgar’s back, and he wouldn’t even know because he’d be too stuffed with work.

We don’t know what could’ve happened with Edgar, but what we do know is that he loved Grace very much and was a happy man when he died. He could’ve maintained a better relationship with his mother and not made her feel like she was going mad. Did you think a specific motive was much stronger than the others? How would you have liked the show to end? Let us know in the comments below.

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Ruchika Bhat
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