‘Echo 3’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained – What Is Bambi’s Next Plan? Has Prince Given Up On Amber?

“Echo 3,” Episode 4, AKA Part 2 of the show, deals more with the mental states of Bambi and Prince after losing Amber to the guerillas. Prince has taken a hit and is back home. Fueled by his father’s self-seeking words, he has trouble deciding whether to hold on to the possibility of his wife being alive. On the other hand, Bambi knows he cannot come back home without his sister. He stays back and decides to track the guerillas in their neighborhood, hoping to find Amber’s whereabouts while coping with the agony of her absence.


Spoilers Ahead

To Be Or Not To Be

Graciella and her team have crossed over to Venezuela. She intends to kill Amber and find out how it impacts the higher authorities. This seems more like a revenge strategy for Fami’s death. One of her teammates tells her not to be overwhelmed by Fami’s absence. They shall figure out what needs to be done only after reaching their Venezuelan compound, but Graciella has made up her mind. Amber is taken to a cliff and told to jump. Tears roll down Amber’s eyes as she is about to step onto nothingness and fall to her death. Minutes later, we see Amber’s motionless body being carried to a guerilla compound by Graciella and her team. That’s when Amber’s body turns, and she looks up. Amber is alive.


Prince wakes up in a hospital bed in Atlanta, Georgia. The stitches and blood on the bullet wound on his back are visible through the dressing, proving how deep the wound is. While he is struggling to cope with the fact that he had Amber in his arms before losing her seemingly forever, his father, Eric, is bent on deeming her a liar for having hidden her ties with the CIA from Prince. Even after recovering and returning home, Prince is unable to make sense of things, his heated moments with Amber replaying themselves again and again in his mind.

Bambi, Colonel Pereira, and their team of remaining Colombian commandos are looking at what seems to be a guerilla facility. However, attacking a facility that is inside Venezuela’s borders would be an act of war. Colonel Pereira mentions that it’s not a good idea, but he also knows that Bambi cannot and will not return without his sister. So he wishes Bambi good luck and returns with his team. Bambi is left hiding all by himself in the Venezuelan jungle with countless men with guns in front of him, guarding a compound that may or may not contain his sister.


Moving On To Something New

Bambi buries his gear under the soil, takes only his satellite phone and some money, and crosses into Venezuela. A new place, new people, and a new culture—Bambi is in a whole new world that he has to understand if he wants to find his sister. He finds out from Mitch (CIA) that the compound is used as a transport and delivery facility for Cartel de Los Soles (Cartel of Suns), a cartel run by the Venezuelan military, and that its strings go deep within the Venezuelan government. It is also where the ELN (National Liberation Army) is paid out from. With the US government having no intention of engaging in this operation any further, Bambi is on his own.

Mitch returns home (to Langley, Virginia) after speaking to Bambi. He tells his husband, David, about Bambi and Amber and their scenario in Venezuela. David is worried about the two and is against the decision taken by Mitch’s seniors to bury the whole issue. As much as Mitch wants to help them, his hands are tied by orders from above, especially the oath he took for his job. David, however, finds his attitude like that of a careerist, with zero concern for people who are no less than his own family. Bambi saved Mitch’s life on a mission in Iraq a long time ago, but Mitch’s oath doesn’t mention anything about being a good person.


It is nighttime in Venezuela. Bambi is at a bar drinking. His present scenario has made him give up his abstinence big time. He starts talking to the woman at the bar counter, but it seems more like he is talking to himself. He tells her that he is in the tourism industry exploring authentic Colombia. As the alcohol slowly begins to take effect, Bambi wonders about the moments when, as an 8-year-old, he shot his father, who was going to rape little Amber. In his drunken state, he throws an empty glass toward two guys sitting at a table nearby, trying to show the woman his baseball talents. The glass misses one of the guys and hits the wall behind them, breaking into pieces before hitting the ground. The guys stand up, clearly intending to return the favor, but the woman tells Bambi to leave. Bambi leaves and has only walked a short distance when the guys catch up to him and beat him up. He opens his eyes the next morning and finds himself in bed. The woman at the bar counter found him lying on the street and brought him to her place. As he is eating the meal that she has made for him, he finds out about her cousin, Javi, who is a fisherman. Javi is the one who brings her fresh fish every morning. He asks the woman where Javi finds so many fish every day. The woman tells him of a spot where the river current slows down. However, it will do Bambi no good if he goes there because fishermen are very territorial, especially Javi. Bambi decides to find out for himself.

A New Mission

Early the next morning, Bambi meets Javi by the river. Javi isn’t happy to see someone else at his spot, but Bambi manages to woo him by catching fish for him in exchange for money. He promises to make Javi rich. This seems to be Bambi’s first step towards becoming part of the community. Days pass and his bond with Javi gets stronger. He has a place to himself; he has a job, and at the end of the day, he drinks himself to sleep. It seems that he is learning the ways of the neighborhood and getting to know the people. His intentions are yet unknown, but he is sure to be planning something.


Prince and his father arrive at the Hass Industries headquarters for a weapons presentation to the Senator. As father and son head towards the room, Eric again tries to pull his son’s mind out of Colombia. Prince’s apparent cynicism is something his father has no time for, and he needs to understand that all he has ever done is for him, and it’s high time he starts to believe that his wife isn’t coming back and makes decisions accordingly. At the presentation, Prince tells the Senator that he is exploring a run for a Senate seat that is opening up and that he expects her support. The Senator gladly agrees to offer her support. During the presentation, Prince and Reese, the presenter, exchanged glances. After the presentation, the Senator tries to make Prince understand the importance of stronger national security and how some people’s losses are worse than his. As compelling as she sounds about those who will face America’s wrath if they threaten Americans anywhere across the globe, her sheer indifference to Amber’s disappearance in Colombia just shows how hypocritical she really is. Prince stays quiet and listens.

At the CIA headquarters, Mitch talks to his boss about trying to assist Bambi in knocking over the Venezuelan facility. Although cutting ties with Bambi and Amber will indeed avoid any further complications for the US government, there is a chance that they can bring an end to the whole situation in Venezuela once and for all. His boss tells him not to put it on his desk. This means that Mitch will have to carry out his last mission under the radar.


‘Echo 3’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Does Prince Move On From Amber?

Prince and Reese are having a good time chatting and exchanging pictures on the phone. They are getting there, albeit slowly. One night, Reese comes over to Prince’s place, and we see her tending to his bullet wound. Reese tries to kiss Prince, but he backs off. He has changed his mind. But is this enough to resist Reese’s enticement as well as his own temptations?

“Echo 3,” Episode 4, the beginning of Part 2, certainly seems to be the beginning of new advances. Bambi has just joined a new neighborhood in Venezuela. Prince is on the verge of moving on from Amber. Mitch is going to begin hatching a new plan to help Bambi secure Amber. The only uncertainty is Amber herself, whose whereabouts and fate are both unknown.


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