‘Duranga’ Season 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Sammit Dead? Did Anya Hear Sammit’s Whistle?

Duranga Season 2 is out for everyone to understand the life and times of Abhishek Banne. His childhood and adult life were difficult until he met the Patel family and Ira. Season one was all about character analysis and setting them up for next season. The second installment involves chasing the accomplice of Bala Banne, who has begun attacking women in the same fashion as the deceased serial killer. The long and convoluted chase forms the second season; this article will help you understand how the Mumbai Crime Branch caught the accomplice.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is Sammit Patel’s Game Plan?

Duranga Season 2 begins with Sammit waking up from a coma and not being able to place his home and surroundings. Soon, he learns about Abhishek adopting his identity for the sake of his parents and how it serves both parties in their own way. Abhishek Banne is the son of the serial killer Bala Banne, and living under the name of Sammit Patel helps keep the attention away from society. In his attempt to get to know the man and his family, Sammit enters their lives as Professor Dev Sahani. Sammit either made this move to shock Abhisek or to get a glimpse of the life he could have had.


Sammit initially claimed to be a victim of Bala Banne’s terrorizing personality and says he was forced to work for the serial killer as the man threatened to kill his parents. The flashback sequence had another story to convey. Sammit has had violent tendencies since his school days. His parents ignored those behavioral patterns, and it encouraged him to become Bala Banne’s accomplice. This was a big reveal, as the police in the current timeline and Abhishek were looking for the ‘accomplice’. Sammit probably checked up on Abhishek to gather intel that would direct the police towards his impersonator.

Why Is The Crime Branch In Mumbai Under Pressure?

Ira and her team were under pressure to get hold of Bala Banne’s ‘accomplice’ who began attacks on women using the same modus operandi as the deceased serial killer did years ago. The crime branch was under the impression that Bala Banne’s son was the accomplice and carrying out these murders. The audience had been made aware of Sammit being the real ‘accomplice,’ and it allows us to watch the entire story from a vantage point and witness the police being desperate to nab the killer. The prostitute he attacked almost survived the ordeal. Conveniently, Sammit managed to kill the woman before she could provide a statement against him, which alerted the police. With the death of a witness under the Crime Branch’s watch, the ACP put pressure on Ira’s team to nab the ‘accomplice’ in four days. Ira was aware of her husband’s real identity, yet she had no evidence that could point towards his involvement with his deceased father or the prostitute’s murder.


How Will Abhishek Get In Touch With The Accomplice?

The prostitute’s death alarmed Abhishek, and he was certain the police would arrest him soon. He was expecting prejudices against him because the identity of his father would dominate the narrative during the interrogation and in the media. To find out the identity of the ‘accomplice,’ Abhishek tracks down Gopu, a procurer who supplied women to his father.

Abhishek hatched an elaborate plan to expose Gopu by involving the Mumbai Crime Branch. Abhishek informed Ira’s team, as Bala Banne’s son, about his bogus deal with Gopu. They could get hold of the ‘accomplice’ if Gopu is arrested. Abhishek hoped to clear his name if this mission was a success. The plan goes wrong from the start as Sammit’s father informs Gopu about Abhishek’s involvement with the crime branch to bust their racket. Abhishek is beaten and injured, and Ira comes to rescue him. Her arrival at the scene blows his cover. Abhishek inadvertently had to reveal his real identity to Ira. This plan was a failure, but it brought Abhishek and Ira closer than ever. Sharing daunting details of his life was difficult for Abhishek, but it reduced the burden it put on him. Abhishek was relieved that Ira did not judge him for his past. She was willing to believe that he was not an accomplice.


Was Sammit Getting Rid Of Every Threat?

Sammit’s psychopathic behavior shows up once he begins stalking those who would be a threat to him. Sammit had successfully manipulated his parents to believe that he was traumatized because of Bala Banne, and his psychosis episodes are the result of his experience with the man who killed many women. Sammit knew his parents would go to any extent to protect him because they believed he was ill. He believed he could get away with the crimes as long as his killings built a case against Abhishek Banne.

A paranoid Sammit killed their family nurse, who was blackmailing his parents, and got rid of her body at a construction site. He also murdered Nikhil, Ira’s fellow policeman from her team, who came by Sammit’s home to investigate the nurse’s death. Sammit also tried to kill Abhishek’s sister, Prachi, for she found details that could incriminate him as the ‘accomplice.’ Killing people had become a habit for Sammit, and he committed these crimes in full conscience while his parents stood witness to the madness that was being unleashed in their home. Sammit was under the impression that his parents would protect him no matter what. This was the norm in the household since the day Sammit showcased his harmful tendencies.


Rosy Telkar was alive, and Gopu used this information to blackmail Sammit. To give the viewers some context, Victor Telkar, from the first season, was desperately searching for his wife’s mortal remains. Rosy was alive all these years, and it changed Sammit’s position in this game as she was the only witness to his and Bala’s monstrosity. He knew Gopu could be a threat to him and killed the man as well. He committed all these murders to make sure his involvement with Bala Banne was not traced back to him.

Will Abhishek Kill Sammit?

Abhishek is made aware of Rosy Telkar and her presence in his old house by Gopu. Abhishek was the first person to reach his home where he grew up in Sarangwadi, fully prepared to confront the ‘accomplice.’ Abhishek was shocked to find Sammit, the ‘accomplice’ who assisted his father years ago. Ira found a body camera on Nikhil’s mortal remains, which identifies Sammit as the ‘accomplice,’ and she was quick to inform Abhishek about it.


Sammit was strong enough to knock Abhishek out and attempted to kill him the way he killed Bala Banne. This proves Abhishek’s father did not commit suicide. Sammit had indeed gotten carried away with the murders and wanted to continue because he could. Sammit purposely did not get treated during his stint in rehab because his feelings to harm people most likely overpowered his other subdued emotions. He was willing to let his mind make bad decisions. This time Abhishek was adamant about killing Sammit because the man had managed to hurt everyone close to him, including his daughter Anya and sister Prachi. Abhishek was under the impression that Prachi was not alive, and he wanted to avenge the one person with whom he shared the trauma while growing up around their murderous father and Sammit. Abhishek wanted to kill Sammit because he wanted to get rid of the root cause of his trauma, which essentially ruined his adult life as well. Abhishek hallucinates his dead father, forcing him to kill Sammit, while Ira’s logical explanations make more sense to him. Ira insisted on him living for his daughter, herself, and Prachi, who had survived the attack.

Abhishek was better than Sammit, and he hated the idea of having blood on his hands, just like his father. He was nothing like his father, and letting Sammit go proved that. Sammit was shot multiple times by Ira when he attempted to kill Abhishek once again. This was the third time Ira had rescued Abhishek from a life-threatening situation. As a police officer, she had the right to kill Sammit in self-defense. Sammit possibly died of bullet wounds and drowning by falling off the bridge; it closed the chapter of the serial killer Bala Banne and his accomplice.


Did Anya Hear Sammit’s Whistle?

During Duranga Season 2’s ending, Prachi and Vikas announce their engagement at Abhishek and Ira’s home in Mumbai. As their daughter congratulates them before heading to bed, she hears the whistle used by Sammit to lure and befriend her at the beginning of the show. The young girl was excited at the prospect of Sammit seeking her as the whistle drew her in the hope of finding him. Sammit had attempted to get into the proximity of the family by being Anya’s friend, as she felt safe in his presence. Anya’s bullying problem was solved when she violently retaliated against the kids instead of informing her parents or schoolteachers about it. This led to the emergence of theories about the young girl, who was surrounded by a family with a history of mental health issues. There is a possibility of Anya suffering from delusional visions and hearings, as her father faced it too when he claimed he could see Bala Banne for many years. Prachi was also a victim of a similar trauma they faced in their younger days after Bala Banne’s death. Mental health issues could be hereditary, and Anya could be showing signs of hearing noises that do not exist. The whistle she heard was part of her memory of Sammit. Anya’s violent streak may have triggered some underlying issues. Sammit had claimed to be grooming Anya into another Bala Banne. This could be one of the many instances of her mind working against her instincts and seeking things that do not exist.

The other theory involves the idea that Sammit may not have died, and he was back to fulfill his mission of turning Anya into a serial killer by manipulating her to be brutal with her bullies. Sammit’s body was not found at the end of the show. It was only assumed by the viewers that he possibly drowned in the river due to multiple bullet injuries. He may have miraculously survived and was back to torment Anya and, as an extension, harass her family, who would do anything to protect her. If Sammit was alive, he wants revenge on Ira and Abhishek for exposing him as the serial killer. Anya felt safe in Sammit’s company, and he ended up taking advantage of that situation. He will turn Anya into the monster he had become. Sammit’s death is speculation, but Anya’s hearing the whistle was real. This paves the way for the need to discuss mental health and how it could affect kids as young as Anya.


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