‘Drops Of God’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Are The Drops Of God?

Apple TV’s Drops of God released the final episode today, and we can say with certainty that anyone who followed the story would love the ending. Based on the Japanese manga “Shizuku No Kami,” the series told the tale of Camille, the daughter of a French wine expert named Alexandre Leger, and Alexandre’s “spiritual son,” Issei Tomine, as they competed to inherit the fortune that Alexandre left behind. In the penultimate episode, both Camille and Issei cleared the two rounds of the final test as they headed to the Chassangre vineyard for the final round. A lot of discoveries and beautiful moments follow as the hour for the final announcement draws near. Who inherits Alexandre’s fortune? Does Camille learn about Issei’s true identity? Here’s everything that happens in the finale of Drops of God.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Camille Finish The Test?

When you desire something with all your heart, even fortune sides with you to help you achieve your dreams. The same came true for Camille after dreaming of this moment from the very start of the show: Thomas knocked on her door at the start of Drops of God episode 8, and soon they were trying to keep it down as they began kissing. The next morning, Camille had a faint smile on her face for a long time as she tried to recreate the blend they’d been provided, but all her efforts were for naught. With one hour left on the timer, she took a stroll in the orchard and returned with determination. She prepared a blend and didn’t even taste it before submitting it to Francois right after Issei’s blend.


Now it was time to rate the blends that the two duelists had prepared, and the responsibility fell upon Philippe. With one swig of the wine, he knew it was Chateauneuf-du-Pape, 1990, and then tasted both the blends, but what followed was the hardest task. With a lot of consideration, he carefully input two scores under each competitor’s serial number, as to remove partiality, the competitor’s names weren’t mentioned. The two older men then discussed what an unfair competition Alexandre had prepared because one of the two kids would win it all while the other wouldn’t get anything, and that was the cruelest thing one could do, especially because we, the audience, know how close both competitors were to Alexandre.

What Does Camille Discover About Issei?

That evening, Issei promised to cook for them all by having them over and assured Philippe that he didn’t need fishing equipment to catch the fish he planned to prepare for them all. As Issei caught massive fish with his bare hands from a knee-deep freshwater stream, Camille and Thomas watched from afar, and by now, she’d begun seeing this man with a newfound respect. Thomas added that he’d broken off his engagement with Marianne and wanted to be with Camille for good.


Issei spent the whole evening slicing, cooking, and enhancing the dinner he was preparing for everyone involved. At dinner, everyone laughed, talked, and praised Issei’s cooking until Issei interrupted the conversation to announce that this was how he’d always imagined family dinners should be like, as opposed to the emotionless and cold dinners he’d had with his own family. After everyone offered Issei a round of applause, Philippe brought a few pictures from the time Issei’s and Camille’s parents arrived at the Chassangre vineyard for the first time. While looking through the photos, Issei very subtly lets Camille know that they share the same father.

After dinner, Camille and Issei revel in the newest findings, as Camille comes to the conclusion that Alexandre had planned the competition so that his children could find out the truth about each other. However, they don’t know how to approach the competition with this new influx of information, and Issei suggests winging it, though he uses a wordy Japanese phrase to express the thought.


What Is The Result Of The Competition?

The next morning at the Tokyo airport, Issei is met by Yurika, and he informs her that Camille is aware of the secret. The two women hug, and Issei suggests heading to the test center with his girlfriend. The two competitors or siblings sit before Francois as the moment of truth arrives. After a lot of suspense and reading test scores from all three parts of the third round of competition, it’s revealed that the score is tied. It’s an explosion of jubilation as Camille bursts into joy and jumps to hug her half-brother because she knows they can now split the property 50-50.

But Francois plays a video of Alexandre on his death bed, and the crux of his speech is that there can only be one winner. He wants them both to find the drops of God, and they’ll have access to his personal wine collection for this, but he won’t allow his legacy to be split in half. In essence, Alexandre was a selfish pseudo-intellectual who wanted everyone to abide by his draconian rules. Frustrated, Camille quits the competition and storms off to pack for Paris. Issei informs her that if she quits, so will he, and if both quit, the entire inheritance will go to Luca. Camille would rather go swimming in lava than let that greasy scumbag get his filthy paws on her and her brother’s inheritance.


What Are The Drops Of God?

The two siblings head to Alexandre’s winery and quickly begin emptying bottles upon bottles from their father’s collection of 87,000 premium wines. Camille and Issei share jokes, laugh, and playfully nudge each other—all the things that brothers and sisters do—before Issei has to head to the washroom, and the sounds of rain on the tape recorder take Camille back. She remembers riding piggyback on Alexandre’s shoulders as a child and counting to 5 before the rain arrived. Alexandre had told her that rain is a blessing from God, and when it was time to submit answers to the tiebreaker, Camille’s answer, ‘Rain,’ was declared the correct answer, and she was announced as the winner.

Camille tells Issei that she’s cheated, and Alexandre has given her an unfair advantage by treating her like his real child while never offering any affection towards his illegitimate son. Thus, Camille suggests that the two should fight the decision in court to prove that they’re biologically related and split the fortune between themselves. Later, Issei calls Honoka to inform him that, if he so wishes, he can inherit 50% of Alexandre’s property if he just proves who his real father is. But he won’t do that, not because he cares about the legacy of his patriarchal grandfather or his cruel mother, but because all his life, he’s recognized only one man as his father—Hirokazu. Issei hangs up and heads to meet Hirokazu, and the two embrace as Honoka weeps, knowing she’s lost her husband and her son because she couldn’t forego the silly familial pride.


What Happens To Camille And Issei?

At an auction, the entire wine collection of Alexandre is sold, and Luca is denied the purchase of any of the bottles. Outside, Lorenzo gives Camille the condition that he wants Miyabi with him if he’s to take up the position, and Camille grants them both positions as co-editors for the Leger Guide. As Issei and Yurika walk towards her apartment, two massive trucks can be seen standing outside, and the delivery man hands him the consignment of half the winery collection—his part of the inheritance—along with a note that reads “Brother and Sister” in Japanese.

This is truly the feel-good ending one could expect from a slice-of-life manga and Drops of God delivers to the fullest satisfaction. Not only does Camille find out about her brother, but she also showers her younger sibling with immense affection and makes sure that he’s taken care of. With her portion of the inheritance, she auctions the winery collection and sends half the collection to her brother. We can guess that Alexandre’s $7 million mansion will always be a home to Issei now and forever, and it also shows that Camille didn’t care for the ‘half’ in the “half-brother” that Issei was to her. The note at the end read “brother and sister,” meaning that for her, Issei was as good as her mother’s son. In the end, she let neither Alexandre nor Luca win, and she made sure the kid who grew up never knowing love and affection would never suffer from the lack of it anymore. Now he had a loving girlfriend and an affectionate sister. Finally, Camille took care of the Leger Guide, too, and denied Luca a chance to monopolize the magazine by handing over the exclusive rights to Lorenzo and Miyabi. So, Camille saved the day, and we were treated to a very wholesome ending to a beautiful story of two siblings finding each other.


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