What Is The Connection Between Miriam and Rezaren Ammosine In The Series ‘Dragon Age: Absolution’?

The Netflix animated series “Dragon Age: Absolution” revolves around the lives of Miriam and Rezaren. Apart from this, this series is adapted from the popular fantasy role-playing game of the same name. From the very beginning, viewers will be experiencing the life of Miriam, who worked for Dolph to carry out thefts. But her life took a different turn when she had to face her past once again. She wanted to escape the painful memories since they completely ruined her life. Well, Master Fairbanks and Miriam’s lover Hira approach her with a mission to invade the kingdom of Tevinter Imperium. Fairbanks worked under the Inquisition, and his main purpose was to steal the powerful artifact called “The Circulum Infinitus.” It was created by Magister Amelia Pavus, and it stored great powers inside it. With the help of this artifact, one can bring a person back from the dead using the rituals of blood magic. But it was extremely dangerous to use it since no one should act against nature. At first, Miriam agreed to become a part of this plan after meeting the members that worked under Master Fairbanks. But as soon as he explained the mission, Miriam was shocked to face the horrifying truth of her past.


Miriam has frightful memories of the Tevinter Imperium since the magisters hated the Qunari kind, and these elves were treated as slaves throughout their lives. Moreover, they followed certain magic rules, and these rules caused the people to be very ignorant, as Templars don’t protect people from mages. They provided more importance to powerful magicians than to the people who served and worked under them. Miriam was disgusted by the mission and wanted to step away from it, but Hira wanted her to accept it because she had been running away from her past. Finally, Miriam decided to be a part of this mission because she was desperately waiting to live her life with Hira in peace. This mission depended on Miriam completely since she was the only person who’s ever been inside the Tevinter palace. 

At first, they disguised themselves as mages from other places and entered the palace. Here, viewers will get to know how crude and ignorant people are towards the Qunari kind. The guards of the Tevinter Imperium asked for money since the team had two elves in it. Miriam was disturbed by this revelation but still managed to keep her cool. Even though they got in, the real challenge was figuring out the security system of the Tevinter Imperium palace. But Miriam easily cracked it and found secret places to enter the palace. They entered the palace and secretly made their way into the vault, where Rezaren hid the Circulum. But, on their way, Miriam spots a young Qunari worker who is hiding from her master. Miriam decided to comfort her and found out that she had eaten the scraps, so her master wanted to punish her.


Well, the little girl reminded her of her past, and Miriam delved into a painful streak of memories. Moreover, she couldn’t save the little girl and advised her to stay strong. Miriam moved on from the incident and decided to focus on the mission because she wanted to seek vengeance from the people of Tevinter. Meanwhile, Hira and Fairbanks manage to find the Circulum, but all this time, Fairbanks has had a change of heart and decides to kill Hira to acquire the Circulum for his selfish ends. Now, an injured Hira broke the interlocking barriers, and the whole palace was filled with monsters that were placed to kill intruders. Miriam wanted to find her but ended up meeting Rezaren instead. Rezaren was pleased to see her and even addressed Miriam as his sister. But Miriam lost her cool and attacked Rezaren. Well, somehow, she escaped and managed to find Hira, but she was trapped inside the barrier.

Hira advised her to take the Circulum and escape the palace. But none of her teammates trusted her since Miriam was the first person to discover Master Fairbanks’ body, and they were convinced that Miriam was the killer. Miriam and the team escaped the palace and made their way to the safe house. Here, Rezaren used blood magic to communicate with her and went through her childhood memories. Well, Rezaren and Miriam were childhood friends, but she was supposed to be his spy and protector. Growing up, Rezaren’s mother often treated Miriam and her brother Neb pretty badly. But everything broke down when Rezaren couldn’t withstand the demons of his harrowing ceremony. Rezaren’s mother used her power and transferred all the demons to Neb’s body, turning him into a soulless monster. Out of rage, Miriam killed Rezaren’s mother and ended up murdering Neb too.


Miriam then escaped from the palace and set out for a different life, away from the Tevinter Imperium. But now, her past was catching up to her again. This time, Miriam was disturbed by the fact that Rezaren had preserved Neb’s body with demons inside him. But Rezaren had different plans; he wanted to resurrect Neb with the Circulum, and he needed Miriam to be a part of that too. Now, Miriam wanted to protect Hira, so the whole team made a plan to enter the Tevinter Imperium again and save Hira. But Miriam was shocked by the revelation that Hira was responsible for the entire mission failing, and she killed Master Fairbanks because he figured out Hira’s plan to steal the Circulum. The entire plan was carried out with Rezaren’s help, and in exchange for the Circulum, Hira was ready to sell Miriam instead. Now, Rezaren followed them to the safe house and forcefully used their blood to make a pact with the Circulum. With the help of the Circulum, Rezaren managed to bring back Neb’s soul. But before he could take his body, Lacklon and Ronald destroyed Neb’s body, and the spell broke.

Rezaren attacked Miriam and claimed that she belonged to him, but Miriam stabbed a knife through his neck and killed him. Rezaren never considered them human beings since the Qunari kind was always known as slaves. Rezaren wanted to keep Miriam and Neb to himself, but in the end, Miriam wanted to direct her life without anyone hindering her decisions. Miriam decided to give the Circulum back to Hira as she wanted to fix the problems that everyone chose to ignore in the world. People from every race, creed, and color decided to work under the Herald of Andraste. Hira wants to wipe out the Venatori as her father was killed in front of everyone, and she sought vengeance. But the Inquisition was never going to stand up against them since they were too afraid of collateral damage. The series ended on a bittersweet note, but Miriam will not let this go; she will find out where Hira’s headed.


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