What Is Significance Of ‘The Circulum Infinitus’ In ‘Dragon Age: Absolution’? Why Did Rezaren Need It?

Adapted from the popular role-playing video game by Bioware, “Dragon Age: Absolution” is a 2022 animated series that revolves around hate, slavery, revolution, and vengeance. From the very beginning, the entire focus is directed upon the character of Miriam, a young and ambitious elf who is a trained fighter, fighting alongside Roland, a classic swordsman, to steal a powerful substance called Lyrium, which was placed in the mage tower. Well, Miriam used her tactics and managed to distract the guards by framing three recruits that were working for her. Both of them worked under Dolph, but the entire theft plan was commissioned by Master Fairbanks to analyze Miriam and Roland’s efficiency. Looking at it closely, Fairbanks needed Miriam and Roland for a dangerous mission. Here, Miriam agreed to be a part of this plan, only to face the painful consequences of it. Viewers will get to know more about Miriam’s connection with Sapphira (Hira) and the rest of the team. Before Sapphira explained the plans to her, Miriam met the whole team, which included Qwydion, a rebel mage and talented healer, and Lacklon, lord of fortune. Before the Inquisition ended, Fairbanks and Sapphira learned that the Tevinter Chantry owned the Circulum Infinitus, a powerful artifact that holds the powers of blood magic.


In the words of Cassandra Pentaghast, the Circulum Infinitus is an extremely dangerous artifact that deals with life and death. The inquisition wanted Hira and Fairbanks to steal the Circulum and deliver it to Orlais. They tracked it to an old summer palace belonging to the Tevinter Divine, the head of their faith, and discovered that the Circulum was currently in possession of a powerful magister named Rezaren Ammosine, whose palace is in the city of Nessum. Miriam was despondent about this mission since she had painful memories connected with the Tevinter Imperium. There was no other option, as Miriam was well aware of the defenses and layout. At first, Miriam disagrees with the plan, but later she decides to carry it out to ensure a happier life with Hira at Hinterlands and to own a cheese farm. Even though this mission was difficult for her to handle, Miriam still chose to work on it.

Back at the palace, Rezaren is waiting to get more information on the “Circulum Infinitus” alongside Tassia, the Knight Commander of the Imperial Templar Order. Tevinter is a very different country; in its magical world, Templars don’t protect people from those who turn evil. Instead, they act as enforcers and maintain their stance as powerful mages called magisters. Well, they do have their own religion, the Imperial Chantry, but everyone who resides in Tevinter follows painstakingrules and regulations. The people of Tevinter hate the Qunari kind; they are the elves who spend most of their lives as slaves. Tevinter is home to the most powerful magic in the world, as the mages who reside in this kingdom can accomplish anything that’s beyond the reach of others. Most of these mages are envied for it. But they possess only a fraction of the power they had ages ago when magi harnessed forces that nobody could have foreseen.


Circulum Infinitus is one of these forces, and Rezaren Ammosine wanted to gain more information about the main purpose of this artifact. So, to dig deeper, he summons the powerful spirit of wisdom, who addresses him as Memory. According to him, the Circulum is the last and greatest work of Magister Amelia Pavus, and Rezaren is the first person to use this artifact. To make use of it, a person has to sacrifice one person to resurrect another. But Rezaren needed a way to use the Circulum without spilling any blood. Memory warns him about the consequences and dangers that the artifact holds. Mortals are doomed to die, and nothing can move against nature. Great power attracts many eyes, and if the Circulum goes to the one that seeks it, Tevinter will burn. This time, Rezaren was adamant about his decision, and he wanted to use that artifact because his life was connected to Miriam and her brother Neb.

Growing up, they spent all their time together, but Rezaren was the son of a powerful mage, while Miriam and Neb were slaves at his palace. Miriam faced many atrocities while growing up in the palace, and she went through aggressive training to ensure the safety of Rezaren. He often addressed Miriam as his sister, but in reality, she was trained to be his spy and assassin. For him, Miriam is the only family he has left. Rezaren wanted to get her back as soon as possible. Back at Nessum, Miriam and her team have already made plans to enter the palace, and they successfully step in as mages. Once they design the plan, Miriam manages to find the location of the artifact and gets everyone in. Fairbanks and Hira step into the chamber, but Fairbanks attempts to kill Hira to steal the artifact. In this process, Fairbanks dies, but their fight leads to a trap. The whole palace is notified about its presence, and because of this, the palace is filled with monsters. While the whole team manages to protect the people, Miriam and Rezaren meet each other. 


They get into a huge fight and discover that the soldier fighting next to Rezaren is none other than Neb, her twin. Miriam is devastated by this and tries to communicate with her brother. But he is soulless and doesn’t respond to any of her words. Rezaren kept his body alive by summoning a demon inside it, which was needed for the ritual. He wanted to live his life with Miriam and Neb alongside him. But painful events occurred in the past, and Rezaren’s mother was responsible for everything. Well, no Ammosine has ever failed in their harrowing, and Rezaren couldn’t keep up with the ritual, so his mother transferred the demons to Neb, which turned him into a monster. Out of pain, Miriam killed Rezaren’s mother and Neb and left the palace. She has hated Rezaren and the Tevinter Imperium ever since.

But, Rezaren wanted to resurrect Neb and bring them back to his side, but Miriam never wanted to go back and live her life as a slave. Anyway, her thoughts didn’t change Rezaren’s decisions. He wanted to resurrect Neb, and he did this by using the Circulum. With the blood of Miriam, Neb, and Rezaren, the ritual was about to be started. But the ritual will commence through a dragon’s blood, and Rezaren was ready with everything. Once everything was combined, the Circulum opened, and the portal and Neb’s soul peered through it. Before Neb’s soul could get back to his body, Miriam’s team destroyed the body and the ritual, causing the spell to break. Enraged by this, Rezaren attacks Miriam, but she takes control and kills him by stabbing a dagger through his neck. Even though Rezaren had the motive to save Neb, it was completely selfish. He failed to understand that Miriam and Neb were human beings like him and not slaves. But Rezaren’s desperate attempt to own them ruined everything and cost him his life.


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