‘Doctor Slump’ Episode 1 Recap Summary: How Did Jeong-Woo’s Life Change?

The new release on Netflix, Doctor Slump is a romantic comedy that revolves around the lives of two competitive students who strive to become the top surgeons. Directed by Oh Hyun-jong, the series stars faces like Park Hyung-sik and Park Shin-hye. Ha-neul and Jeong-woo meet after many years (after graduating from school) during the lowest times of their lives. This series brings out the way in which life gets harder for us over the years as we grow up. There is a lot of pressure that life puts on us as we grow older. Both Ha-neul and Jeong-woo were facing similar crises in their lives. What problem does Jeong-woo get into after a surgery goes wrong? Why was Ha-neul depressed? Will Ha-neul and Jeong-woo be able to help each other overcome their obstacles? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Ha-Neul Decide To Come To Seoul?

The storyline swung back to 2009, when Ha-neul was studying at a school in Busan. She had always been the topper in her class and also in the entire country. Her mother and uncle were seen distributing free food when she got high scores and topped her class. While at home, Ha-neul saw her aunts fighting over a factory that her father had left them. She advised her mother to sell the factory, give her aunts their shares, and shift to Seoul. She wanted to go to the top medical school, the Hanguk National University. Later, they were seen moving to Seoul, where she joined a new school.


Why Did Ha-Neul Compete With Jeong-Woo?

Jeong-woo was the topper at the new school that Ha-neul had joined. Her classmates were surprised to see how studious Ha-neul was! She was very hardworking and did not even want to spend a single moment wasting her time. She wanted to beat Jeong-woo and secure her position in the class as the topper. She started giving serious competition to Jeong-woo, and her dedication to studying amazed everyone. Ha-neul was obsessed with studying and did not want to waste her time interacting with others. She used to work out while studying so that she could have better concentration while studying. She also used to run back home so that she could get more time to study. She also had a very weird habit of eating dry instant coffee, so she felt the urge to pee less. She was very organized and had set aside just seven minutes of her time to eat her meal. She also used to eat food that was very easily digestible so that she did not have any discomfort while studying!

How Did Jeong-Woo’s Life Change?

Despite being so hardworking, Ha-neul messed up her finals for the medical school, and Jeong-woo managed to get into Hanguk National University. Jeong-woo was seen leading a very successful life while he received the Best Plastic Surgeon Award. His colleagues also appreciated him for being involved in social work and offering treatment for free. He also opened a lot of new clinics all over the country. Jeong-woo was seen living his dreams as one of the top-most plastic surgeons in the country.


His life turned upside down when a mystery lady from Macau came to meet him about a contour surgery. While at the surgery, the patient died due to excessive bleeding, and Jeong-woo couldn’t do much about it. Later, when the investigation started, it was found out that the patient had bled out due to traces of anticoagulants in her blood. The cameras had also malfunctioned during the surgery. It was being investigated if the camera malfunction was intentional. Jeong-woo was constantly being questioned by the media about the traces of anticoagulants found in the patient’s body.

Later, a trial about the death of the patient was held. The defense lawyer stated that the patient used to take anticoagulant medication for her arrhythmia. However, another anticoagulant medicine was found in Jeong-woo’s chamber, and the bottle had his fingerprints on it. It is very clear that someone was intentionally trying to ruin Jeong-woo’s career. Later, Jeong-woo slipped into depression when his childhood friends fought with him over the huge joint debt that they had. Jeong-woo had spent a lot because of the case and was left on the last strand of having to sell his house to pay his lawyers.


What Difficulties Was Ha-Neul Facing?

Ha-neul’s life was also in a complete mess after she decided to become a doctor. The professor who was guiding her to complete her thesis was very mean to her. She was under excessive mental and physical stress, which led to her feeling sudden bursts of stomach cramps. The professor kept making unnecessary orders to Ha-neul and tried messing with her mental peace. He once asked her to help another doctor with his thesis and include his name in her dissertation paper. He did so as the doctor’s father was running for the office in the hospital, and he wanted to do him a personal favor.

Unable to handle the stress and stomach ache, Ha-neul almost met with an accident outside her hospital. She collapsed on the road out of a severe stomach ache, which later led to a gall bladder operation. When she recovered from the operation, she realized that she was extremely stressed and felt overworked. She then decided to go to a psychiatrist and share all her experiences with him. She told him that when she was about to be hit by a truck on the road, she thought that she should just die. After a psychiatric test at the clinic, she was diagnosed with acute depression.


What Will Happen Next?

Ha-neul decided to go back home and have a drink there. However, when she came back home, she saw her mother and brother fighting, as usual. She then decided to go on the terrace and saw Jeong-woo there. They were both shocked to see each other as they were meeting after a long time! The old memories of school came rushing back to them, and they realized that they had met each other again during the lowest time of their lives. The next episode is likely to showcase a growing friendship between Ha-neul and Jeong-woo. The two people who were excessively competitive in school and hated each other are likely to get romantically involved with each other. The next episode will also portray how they will boost each other’s confidence and help overcome the difficult phases of their lives!

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