‘Devil On My Doorstep’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Why Does Chloe Abducts Natasha?

Excess of anything is harmful, be it the caffeine you trust your mornings with or an obsession with something or someone. It never leads to a happy ending. Brittany Underwood’s latest thriller, Devil On My Doorstep, is based around the same. It follows the story of Chloe (Lyndon Smith), a delivery girl who gives in to her desires and becomes obsessed with Natasha (Jenna Dewan). The latter is a famous social media influencer who has just lost someone close to her heart. Unfortunately, what started as friendly banter soon turned into something much worse.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Chloe Agree To Go On A Date With Theo?

Chloe started a new job as a junior delivery dispatcher at a new company. She took some time off after her only family member, her grandmother, the previous week. Before this, Chloe was a receptionist at a treatment center that helped people with mental health problems like depression and PTSD. As a junior delivery dispatcher, she had two drivers under her supervision, Rita and Theo. It was up to her to ensure that everything went smoothly. Chloe’s job description also includes interacting with customers on a regular basis, as her company’s CEO believes in a hands-on approach. On her first day, Chloe had to reassign a delivery to Theo (Steve Kazee) because Rita was stuck in traffic. Theo agreed, but on the condition that Chloe would have to go on a date with him. The delivery was meant for Natasha, a famous social media influencer. Natasha had recently lost her husband and thus had taken some time off social media. Theo delivered the parcel, and as promised, Chloe met him for a drink. However, Chloe distanced herself from him after seeing his violent side. Actually, he almost beat a guy for accidentally bumping into Chloe. Theo was mesmerized by Natasha’s good looks and figured he could impress her now that she was single. He started stealing packages from Rita’s pile so he could meet Natasha. Theo was looking for any excuses to see Natasha, and delivering packages to her house was his best bet. Theo was doing this regularly. His manager, Lewis (Michael Thomas Grant), warned him about the same, but Theo threatened him. Lewis was a feeble man and, for his best interest, kept his mouth shut.


How Did Chloe Get Obsessed With Natasha? Why Did Theo Abduct Arger?

Theo wasn’t the only person who had developed an obsession with Natasha. Chloe googled Natasha, and immediately, her eyes lit up. Like Theo, she fell for Natasha’s good looks and began watching her video clips every day. She did this because she wanted to know everything about her: likes, dislikes, friends, and whatnot. Moreover, we always saw her slipping out of work, admiring her from afar. Soon, her admiration grew into a secret obsession, one that could destroy her. Chloe realized the only way she could attract Natasha’s attention was by looking as interesting and rich as her. She stole expensive jewelry, purses, and dresses from the storage to post pictures on social media. Meanwhile, Theo also upped his game. He abducted Natasha’s puppy so he could later return it to her and become her hero. Natasha added the news to her story, promising to follow anyone who would help her find Arger. As expected, Theo turned up at Natasha’s house with Arger and collected his praise. As a gesture of goodwill, Natasha even honored his request to drive him to the gas station.

Why Did Chloe Start Living In Mrs. Morgan’s House?

Chloe understood that the only way she could install herself in Natasha’s life was by becoming her knight in shining armor. So, how did she do that? She visited Natasha’s house in the middle of the night to tell her everything. However, Chloe changed her mind when Natasha mistakes her for the caretaker of her neighbor, Mrs. Morgan’s house. To maintain her farce, Chloe even broke into the house to fetch her a bottle opener. Chloe realized that she could meet with Natasha anytime she wanted if she kept up the facade. As a result, Chloe practically started living in Mrs. Morgan’s house. Moreover, to impress Natasha, Chloe even started copying her choice of cosmetics, from facewash to soaps to perfume. What she could find online or couldn’t afford, she stole from the storage. Hanging out with Natasha gave Chloe a new sense of confidence and aura. However, it also gave her all sorts of bad ideas. In one instance, she deliberately burned her hands with hot water to see how Natasha would react. Theo got wind of this and started following Chloe’s footsteps. He also took sessions at the yoga place Natasha was a regular at.


Why Did Chloe Attack Sloan?

Natasha finally agreed to give Theo a chance and accepted his request to take her on a date. Chloe hated it, as she never wanted to share Natasha with anyone. Unfortunately for her, Theo impressed Natasha by taking her to his secret spot. Theo knew Chloe would do anything to ruin his chance with Natasha. So, as a precaution, he kept the location of his date a secret. Chloe broke into Natasha’s house to use her laptop to track her location but was caught by Sloan (Rachel Lindsay). The latter found it very weird and tried calling the police. Unfortunately, Chloe hit her with a blunt showpiece and knocked her out cold. But Natasha spending time with Theo was the least of her problems. Actually, the management found security footage of her sneaking into Theo’s truck. Moreover, there were also proofs of her stealing jewelry and clothes from the storage unit. Things took a turn for the worse, but Natasha found out about her lies and blocked her everywhere.

Why Does Chloe Abduct Natasha?

Chloe tried one last time to turn the odds in her favor. She abducted Natasha and blamed everything on Theo. Chloe claimed that Theo was delusional and wanted to hurt both of them. Her plan didn’t work, and Natasha saw right through her facade. She realized Chloe was psychotic and a stalker. Seeing that there was no point in trying to change Natasha’s mind, Chloe attacked her. Fortunately, Natasha gained the upper hand and knocked Chloe out. The cops arrived, and Chloe was arrested and sent to jail for multiple crimes. As the movie drew to a close, we saw Natasha decide to leave town and move to a new place. But she wasn’t still out of danger, as Theo, under a false name, sent her multiple packages with a spy camera installed in every one of them. Why? So he could continue to stalk her.


In reality, both Theo and Chloe were stalkers in their own way. Chloe was delusional, and Theo was organized. Remember the treatment center Chloe mentioned she worked at? It was possible that she was a patient there and was getting treatment for some mental issues. Chloe also confirmed this theory while she was attacking Natasha. She had a tongue slip and said she was released after they said she was fine. It was clear that she was talking about the doctors or psychiatrists working at the center. As for Theo, he, too, was a stalker, but much more subtle. This was proven when he sent Natasha gifts fitted with spy cameras under a false name. Unlike Chloe, he didn’t draw too much attention to himself. Rather than framing lies, he humbly asked Natasha to go out with him and earn her trust.

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