Darrian Bloodaxe In ‘Rebel Moon’ Explained: Is Darrian Dead?

Heavily inspired by the Star Wars franchise, Zack Snyder’s director’s cut, Rebel Moon Part 1, follows an intergalactic mission of the settlers of a planet named Veldt, where a woman named Kora gathers warriors to regain the freedom of their village and restore peace. In the Motherworld Realm, several groups of rebels were fighting for freedom and sacrificing their own lives in their battle against the rulers of the realm. Among these rebels, the most famous group, Clan Bloodaxe, was led by siblings Devra and Darrian Bloodaxe, who sided with Kora and decided to bring down the evil leader of the Imperium, Admiral Atticus Noble, but in the pursuit of freedom, Darrian had to sacrifice his own life. Let’s discuss the siblings and their importance in the narrative in detail.

Spoilers Ahead

How Did Devra And Darrian Meet Kora?

After Admiral Atticus Noble took over the village in Veldt, Kora fought against the soldiers and took a village farmer, Gunnar, along with her. She embarked on a journey into space to put together a group of warriors. After Kora managed to convince Titus to join their group in order to take his revenge on Regent Balisarius, a tyrant leader of the military group Imperium, who took over the Motherworld Realm, they arrived on the planet named Sharaan, where Kora’s group finally met with the Bloodaxe leaders Devra and Darrian. Played by Cleopatra Coleman, Devra Bloodaxe was the main leader of this rebel clan, which had attacked the Imperium several times before. Therefore, the Imperium had already been afraid that the Bloodaxe Clan might orchestrate an attack on them at any time.

The film didn’t explicitly explain the origin of the Bloodaxes, but according to the comics, the Bloodaxes had ruled the planet Shashu for several years. After Regent Balisarius took over the Motherworld realm, the sole purpose of the Bloodaxes was to free their realm from the tyranny of the Imperium. Devra, along with her brother Darrian, came to the planet Sharaan in the kingdom of King Levitica. In Sharaan, they met with Kora’s team, consisting of some powerful warriors from different planets. Initially, Devra was reluctant to join Kora because she couldn’t trust them. Besides, Devra was subservient to King Levitica, so she didn’t want to assist Kora in waging a war against the Imperium, who would eventually bring harm to the kingdom of Levitica. However, Gunnar had previously been acquainted with Devra’s brother, Darrian, who once bought grains and supplies for their people from the planet Veldt. Now that these farmers from the planet Veldt were facing such a dire situation, they demanded assistance from the Bloodaxes. Kora further added that the Bloodaxes were the reason why the Imperium had attacked the planet Veldt, which triggered Devra and made her reflect on the situation. However, she was still hesitant, as she couldn’t bring herself to believe that a handful of soldiers would be able to bring down an entire military organization.

How Did Darrian Die In?

While Devra didn’t want her warriors to be harmed in this fruitless battle, she was worried about her brother as well. She knew Darrian was a man of principle who would jump into such a situation to fight for these helpless farmers, so she kept refusing to join. Still, Darrian eventually agreed to help Kora’s group. He decided to join them in this battle, no matter how small their group could be. Darrian was a leader who gave hope to his soldiers and encouraged them to help the helpless; otherwise, what was even the point of revolution? To bring change and peace to the realm of Motherworld, Darrian finally convinced his sister to allow him to go. Backed by his sister’s blessings and prayers, Darrian asked the rest of the group if anyone wanted to join him in this battle and sacrifice their own lives in pursuit of freedom, but no one stepped forward except for a warrior named Millius. Following Millius, other soldiers also joined Darrian and vowed to fight for freedom. However, Millius seemed to be a close friend as well as a devoted disciple of Darrian, who took her along and set out on their journey to confront Admiral Noble and take him out.

Meanwhile, after taking off from the planet Sharaan, Kora uncovered the real identity of Kai, who was none other than a bounty hunter, plotting to capture Kora as well as Darrian and hand them over to the admiral in exchange for a substantial bounty. However, despite successfully capturing Kora, Kai failed to deliver them to the admiral, as the ordinary farmer, Gunnar, took a daring step and stabbed Kai to death. However, in the midst of these raging battles, Darrian fought with valor. After he found a spaceship that was constantly attacking his soldiers by shelling them, Darrian stepped in and attacked the spaceship all by himself. However, in the process, the pilot of the ship shot Darrian to death. Darrian, a revolutionary and valiant warrior, sacrificed his own life for a greater cause. Darrian’s death was a great loss for the group of warriors gathered by Kora, who managed to defeat the admiral in the battle, but the evil Admiral Noble survived the battle.

Initially, Noble seemed to be dead, but in the concluding scenes of the film, we saw his body being carried away by a spaceship and taken back to the King’s Gaze. There we saw him waking up, which proved that Noble was alive. Moreover, in his subconscious state, we saw him communicate with the force of Regent Balisarius, who instructed him to take his revenge on the rebels. As Darrian was tragically killed in the battle and Noble was still alive, we anticipate Devra Bloodaxe to attempt to avenge her brother’s death in the next part of Rebel Moon. Needless to say, Darrian’s death would further fuel the fire of vengeance in Devra as well as the entire clan’s heart, prompting the Bloodaxes to set out on their journey to join Kora’s group and take retribution on the Imperium. Perhaps, on the contrary, Darrian’s death might cause a rift between Devra and Kora, as she was reluctant to allow his brother to join them from the beginning. Let’s see if Kora gains Devra’s support in the upcoming part of Rebel Moon and wage a battle against the sinister Atticus Noble.

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