‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Changed Between Daisy And Billy? 

To think that Elvis’ granddaughter had no prior experience singing is shocking, to say the least, but Riley is absolutely outstanding as unruly 70s rockstar Daisy Jones. While there are some differences between the book and the series, book fans have another perspective to see in the form of the series. In the previous episode of “Daisy Jones & The Six,” we saw Billy accepting Daisy into the band because of Camila’s persuasion. Things are looking up for the band after their single “Look at us now (Honeycomb)” went to no. 1 on the Billboard 100. How will Daisy do with her new family? Let’s find out in episode 5.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 5? 

Now that Daisy is in the band and their single is a super hit, it is time to make an album. Billy and Daisy both are unraveling with brilliant ideas. The two of them are like a bull and a matador who just can’t see eye to eye. To begin with, they both have songs written for the band. Daisy doesn’t want to sing songs about ‘Billy’s wife’ and thinks everyone should have a say in what they play. The band agrees with her (especially Eddie), and this infuriates Billy more. After causing a scene in the recording studio, Teddy is absolutely done with them. He tells them if they want to make an album, they need to head out somewhere else and write together. Reluctantly, they agree because they do still want to make music at the end of the day. After Daisy tells Billy about the song she wrote that got stolen, Billy begins to like Daisy a little better. Like everyone else, he loved that song too. In the meanwhile, since the band has nothing to do until the songs are written, they’re doing their own thing. Karen happens to want to join Graham at the beach. He says okay, only for Karen to realize his new girlfriend, Caroline, is going to be there too. Graham tells her not to be weird and to come along anyway.


Daisy takes Billy to a magnificent house and breaks in. Billy realizes it’s Teddy’s house, and it’s his first time there. Billy doesn’t drink anymore because of his past, but Daisy can’t work without her pills, drugs, and alcohol. The first thing she does is grab a glass. When she asks Billy if it bothers him, he says no, although there’s a hint of something there. They still aren’t getting along very well. Billy is too rigid, and Daisy is too free. Billy begins to play a tune Graham is working on, and Daisy likes it. She chooses to take a dip in the pool to clear her mind. Billy wonders if they’re taking a break. At the beach, Karen gets to know Caroline, or more like Graham, through Caroline. She wonders what is attractive about Graham to Caroline, who is clearly starting to see him for the first time. At Teddy’s house, Daisy puts on an old record and has a solo dance party. Billy does his own thing, playing the strings again and again. Since it’s too noisy, he comes to the music. It’s like watching an extrovert try to make an introvert do something they don’t like. The awkwardness is palpable. Finally, Daisy tells Billy they need to get to know each other if they have to work together. Music is honest and emotional, and for that, they need to know more than each other’s names. She suggests asking each other questions. Out of all the questions, Billy wonders if Daisy can go without taking some of her pills. She says if she threw them down the toilet right now, she’d be okay (that’s not actually true, but we’ll go with it). She throws out the pills, and Billy is pleasantly surprised. Soon, Daisy is the one asking the questions, and she assumes that Billy is writing songs about the ‘man he wants to be’ rather than the man he actually is. Billy realizes he misjudged Daisy. She tells him about her parents moving out and never telling her, which he says is the ‘saddest thing he’s ever heard.’ Finally, Billy mentions how he thinks Daisy is ‘so broken.’ Daisy is absolutely offended by this and leaves the room.

‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – What Happens Between Billy And Daisy Finally?

Before we get serious, something else is brewing, and Karen finally decides to give Graham a go (bye bye, Caroline). Back at Teddy’s, Daisy storms out of the house and sits in the car. Billy chases after her and apologizes for saying what he did. What he meant to say was that they were a lot more alike than he had imagined, which was surprising to him. He tells her that his father, too, had left him when he was nine years old. Teddy arrives then and demands an explanation for how these two got into his house, and Daisy is back to her old self, replying, ‘through the front door.’ Finally, they seem to be getting along, and the song is written too. Eddie and Warren return home oblivious to the change in Karen and Graham. They get a call then, and it’s time to record the song. When they get to the studio, things change drastically between Billy and Daisy. They’re calmer around each other and even happy. They record “Let me down slowly,” and it is magnificent. Exactly how they imagined it would be, and Daisy, realizing Billy is helping her make her dreams come true, gives him a big hug at the end of the recording. While in the interview, Graham says he wasn’t worried; it seemed quite alarming at the time. What changed between the two of them, then? Was it more than just a friendship? After returning home really late, Billy passionately wakes a sleeping Camila. She obviously doesn’t know what’s transpired with the band and is happy to have her husband back to her. For her, Daisy is bringing back the Billy she loved, but what is actually going on? They still have an entire album to record, and a lot can happen when two people spend a lot of time together alone.


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