‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 10: Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Interviewing The Band 20 Years Later? 

The final episode of “Daisy Jones & The Six” is packed with all that went down on October 4th, 1977, the day that ended the band. Just when everything seemed to be rosy for Billy and the rest, things started to spiral by the end of episode 9, which left us dreading the end of the titular band. Shot in the form of a documentary and adapted from the novel of the same name by popular author Taylor Jenkins Reid, “Daisy Jones & The Six” has been presented to us fully in a 10-part series that is now and forever ready to be binged for some childish drama and 70s nostalgia along with great performances by the entire cast. Not to forget the complete album that has been running on repeat since it was released.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 10?

The last episode takes us directly into the heart of the final performance of Daisy Jones and The Six in Soldier Field, Chicago. Slowly we get a revelation of everything that happened in the one day that changed everything. Billy seems especially close to Daisy while performing, making everyone confused, including her. In the day, though, things were entirely different as a supportive Camila finally confronts Billy about his love for Daisy. She is able to make absolutely clear what Billy has been hiding and not admitting. He is in love with Daisy Jones. Billy continues to tell Camila that nothing has ever happened between him and Daisy except for one kiss. Camila isn’t hearing any of it; she just wants him to confess because they’ve both made mistakes. They’re not the only ones fighting, though; Daisy, who happens to be with them during this conversation, is so hurt by Billy that she resorts to her drugs and alcohol again.


Previously, she told Simone that she couldn’t be a star with Billy anymore because it hurt her too much. Simone is supportive of her and even tells her that she didn’t sign with her dream record label out of love. On top of this, Daisy makes the dreaded phone call to her mother, hoping that she would be nice to her, but it’s in vain as she calls Daisy selfish for claiming all this fame for herself and pretending to be an orphan. She now wants credit for Daisy’s existence. Daisy was an unwanted child who was always treated as a burden at home, so when she left the house, her mother was never bothered to look for her. It looks like the day can only get better for Daisy after that. Billy also makes a call to Teddy because he’s completely lost without his girls.

Karen finally tells Graham about the abortion, and unfortunately, as expected, he doesn’t take it very well. Graham had been blind to Karen’s wishes this whole time because she was always honest with him. He just hoped things would change just as how things worked out when they first got together. With Camila gone, Billy can’t handle himself. He leaves her voice mail and gives in the allure of alcohol after all those months of sobriety. To aggravate the situation further, Eddie shows up in Billy’s room to argue about what happened in Pittsburgh, but it turns into something more personal, with Eddie implying his affair with Camila. Billy returns the favor by punching Eddie in the face.


At rehearsals, Billy and Daisy are nowhere to be seen, so Rod starts to worry a little bit, but as we already know, the concert goes on to happen. Warren is the guy who brings Eddie down to reality by reminding him that he’s in the biggest band in the world, so the little ego clash he’s having with Billy is really uncalled for. Finally, to Rod’s relief, Daisy and Billy both show up. Even Simone is performing today as a special guest. Before they’re about to go up on stage. Billy gives a surprised Daisy a kiss. 

‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 10: Ending Explained – What Was The Breaking Point For Billy?

Billy sees Daisy as an addiction, just like his alcohol. When Camila is nowhere to be seen at the venue, he realizes he can give in to his desires because she’s leaving him. Billy thinks Daisy and he are perfect for each other because they’re both broken and in dire need of love. They’re so similar it’s like looking into a mirror—real understanding. What he thinks is that he hides his true self from Camila because he doesn’t want her to see all his misguided thoughts. The truth, though, is that Camila has seen it all; she’s known him for too long not to know this side of him exists. She’s still supported him through it all. Simone comes out and gives a beautiful rendition of “The River.” The concert is wild, and everything goes perfectly until Billy announces all the members of the band. Eddie, at the moment, feels like Billy has forgiven him, even going as far as to say he loves him, but all Billy can say to him in reply is ‘bye bye’.


Things are heated between Karen and Graham, who keep giving each other looks, and finally, before the encore, Graham tells Karen that he loves her no matter what and that he shouldn’t have hurt her like that, but Karen breaks his heart yet again. In the meanwhile, Billy and Daisy get intimate with each other, but Billy is also distracted by the drugs and alcohol, frantically telling Daisy to break up with him. Daisy firmly tells him that she never wants to be broken. During the encore stage, before they sing Honeycomb for the last time, Daisy gives a dedication to all the ‘lovers’ in the stadium. She knows in her heart that she and Billy can only bring each other down, but Camila is the one who lifts him up. Billy, moved by Daisy’s words, realizes that he can’t let go of Camila so easily. He can’t even sing the words to the song as he’s sobbing, and just as Daisy starts singing with the crowd, she mouths to him to go to Camila. The last performance of Honeycomb is sung without Billy, and the concert comes to an end. Rod is utterly confused, but things get worse when Daisy tells him that she’s quitting the band. Billy is able to stop Camila and barely convince her to give him another chance to prove himself. This is when we get the biggest reveal of the century; the interviewer of the documentary is actually Julia, Billy, and Camila’s daughter! 

Twenty years later, as they sit and talk to Julia to make this documentary, Karen regrets having been blunt but dishonest with Graham, who now has a perfect little family with kids. Yes, she wanted to be a rock star and did live her dream life, but she also loved Graham back then. Eddie comically never found the fame he was looking for but still showed no signs of remorse. Warren is living the best life with his movie-star wife and two children that he adores. Teddy died in ’83 making music, and Simone and Bernie opened their own spot where they played the best music. Daisy went to rehab after the concert and came out strong. She did regret leaving this family, the first one she ever truly loved, but in the end, she fell in love many times and had a lovely daughter, too, just as Camila had predicted.


Finally, Billy took years to get clean and go to therapy to become the wonderful man who attracted Camila to begin with. He won her over and was a wonderful father to Jules. But Camila died of cancer. Billy tells Jules that Camila was the love of his life, and remembering everything that went down makes it clearer than the bright blue sky. Before Camila died, she spoke to Jules, too, leaving a surprise message for Billy and Daisy. She is happy that she and Billy had an absolutely wonderful marriage, but she now wants Billy to give Daisy a go after all these years. The show ends on a more cheerful note, with Billy at Daisy’s door and Daisy giving him a wide, happy smile.

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