‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened In Pittsburgh? 

Now that the last two episodes of “Daisy Jones & The Six” are out the only thing we’re happy about is being able to binge-watch the show a dozen times over. In episode 8 we left off with Daisy having overdosed and Billy saving her life while Nicky runs away with his tail between his legs. So what exactly will lead up to that one dreadful day that was Daisy Jones & The Six’s last performance?


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 9?

In an unexpected turn of events, Daisy throws Nicky out for leaving her to die after finding out everything that happened from Billy the next day. Nicky even tries to manhandle her, but the band all support her, which is beautiful to see. They’ve come such a long way from being distant toward her to loving her. The doctors had managed to get the drugs out of Daisy thanks to Rod and Billy. Now Daisy had to perform sober (almost), but this left the stage a little bit dry and sad in comparison to before. The whole incident had clearly impacted Daisy. At night, Daisy moves to Billy’s sober bus because she can’t handle the parties, drugs, and alcohol in the other one; ironically, this is the reason they had separate buses in the first place.


It’s the year 1977 and new music is on the scene leading to Eddie feeling a little insecure about their music. The rest of the band just misses performing for small audiences. Finally, Daisy has her first sober performance on television, and it turned out pretty amazing, giving her the confidence to get back on her feet. After the performance, Warren gets together with the actress who introduced the band, much to the shock of everybody, Warren included. This is the first time Teddy’s been at one of their shows in a long time, but this is when he has a stroke. Although he survives it, it frightens both Billy and Daisy terribly. Teddy has brought them where they are, he is the father they never had. But, this leads to Daisy and Simone’s reunion. Simone has already forgiven Daisy, but she has another problem at hand. Simone is meant to sign with a label and make her big dreams come true, but the label doesn’t want Simone to be openly gay. Bernie isn’t very excited about this fact and so Simone has to choose between her career and love.

On the other hand, Karen is disappointed to find out she’s pregnant, but Graham is elated. Of course, Karen does not want to leave the band to have a baby; they just became a worldwide sensation. In the middle of all this, the tour is taking them to the Dunne brothers’ hometown of Pittsburgh. At home, Billy is extremely happy to spend time with his lovely daughter. Camila gives Daisy a pep talk of sorts about a future life that Daisy could never imagine for herself. Daisy says she never wants children because she doesn’t want to be responsible for messing up someone’s life, but Camila tells her not to sell herself short because she is an amazing woman. She also tells her that all Jules wants to do is be like Daisy Jones, the rock star. Karen also has a chance to tell Camila about the pregnancy because she’s the only person Karen can really trust with her feelings. In the meanwhile, Camila is finally seeing the happy life she wanted with Billy, his wonderful career, their beautiful daughter, and his love for her. She can even picture them with another child. But, of course, things can’t be so cheerful for long.


‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – All The Things That Lead Up To That Final Day In Chicago 

When it comes time to perform the band has a blast, especially Daisy and Billy giving everyone their best performances. Seeing them together on stage, Camila looks to be a little concerned about Billy and Daisy. Finally, when the fans want them to perform their hit song “Honeycomb”, instead of being reluctant like usual, Billy takes Eddie’s guitar and leads Daisy on to sing their ballad “Two Against Three”. Eddie is clearly unhappy with this turn of events. This isn’t the first time Billy has stolen something from him. He played bass when there was no bassist; now he has to give away his guitar again? As juvenile as it sounds, this fact messes with Eddie, who has always been jealous of Billy. After all, his first love, Camila, is now Billy’s too. The next day of the show, Billy and Daisy share a moment where they discuss how wonderful the future looks for them.

20 years from now, they would still be making music together, but things change quickly when Daisy tells Billy they should be together. Billy tells Daisy that he wants that for them too, but after everything they’ve been through, no matter what happens, he will never leave Camila. He loves her too much and it’s the right thing to do. He also attempts to convince Daisy that they work together as musicians and not as a couple. This is what ‘they’re meant to do’. Pfft, Daisy, we think it’s time to move on. Camila happens to see Billy and Daisy’s physical closeness during this conversation, making her revisit her fears that Billy is in love with Daisy.


Karen gets an abortion with Camila’s support, Graham having no idea about it (Yikes). Karen knows Graham wants a child, and if she had spoken to him, he would have convinced her to keep the baby. Karen had always told Graham exactly how she wanted her life to be, but he was the one who continued to pursue her. Will this completely ruin The Six? On their way to Chicago, Camila can’t hide her feelings, and Billy is confused. This is a stadium performance, their biggest show yet. How will it go?

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