‘Crooks’ Episodes 1-7 Recap (In-Detail): What Happens To Charly And Joseph?

Crooks is a brand-new German show on Netflix that chronicles several gangs across Europe. They were interconnected through a heist that took place in Berlin, and all hell breaks loose, as many are after the person who stole the artifact and the object itself. The show has several subplots about families and their dynamics with their loved ones, apart from the main storyline that involves the search for the artifact. This article will take the reader through these plot lines to get a grip on the routes taken by several characters to survive.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Stole The Prestigious Coin?

Crooks began with two masked men stealing a coin from a museum in Berlin. These men were chased by the police and museum security in the hope of retrieving the prized possession. This coin had a lot of value and was historically important. It was stolen by the Al-Walid clan of Berlin, one of the most notorious and dangerous gangs in the city. The crime was committed by Karim on the orders of his boss Hassan and his brother Tarik. The coin was placed in a secure safe below a nail salon, with two bodyguards hired for safeguarding. 


What Was Red’s Assignment To Joseph?

Red was the leader of the mafia gang in Vienna, Austria, and ran a prostitution ring. His brother Karli was the boss, who was sadly on his deathbed due to cancer. Red was concerned about getting the inheritance in his name, which would mean he would be the undisputed boss of the city. Joseph worked as a driver who escorted criminals and prostitutes working for the syndicate across the city.  

Joseph was rumored to be the illegitimate son of Karli, and he was called in on his deathbed. Karli asked Joseph to abandon the Berlin trip to retrieve the coin and head into self-imposed exile. Red, on the other hand, asked the driver to go ahead with the plans in Berlin as discussed before. Red was worried that the rumors of Joseph’s parentage were true and chose to keep him away from the dying man. Karli, on the other hand, confirmed Joseph to be his son, but he had to follow the orders of Red to retain normalcy before hell broke loose, and he created no air of suspicion about himself. 


What Happened During The Robbery?

Charly Markovic, an ex-con turned expert locksmith in the city of Berlin, was forced to join a mafia gang who was hired by Red from Austria to rob the coin for them. Charly had left the life of crime long ago and was not interested in it anymore because of the family he was raising, his wife Samira and son Jonas. Charly was forced to be a part of the robbery, but he asked for no remuneration as he wanted an escape from the world of crime on the completion of the task. Charly was accompanied by the Berlin gang leader’s son, Nero, and was taken to the scene of the robbery by Joseph and Zwanziger from Red’s gang in Austria. 

The robbery was set in motion, but things went awry when Karim of the Al-Walid gang showed up after having an altercation with his family about the possession of the coin. His entry into the room with the safe was unexpected, and this led to a face-off. Unfortunately, everyone waiting for the coin was shocked to witness the turn of events as Karim brutally stabbed Nero. This was followed by a shootout that killed Karim. His death would make Charly the target of the Al-Walids, as he ran off with the coin, hid it in his shoe, and began to plan his exit from Berlin. 


Why Were Samira And Jonas On The Run?

Charly was honest with Samira about the crime he was forced to commit and the sequence of events after that. Samira and Jonas had to be on the run from this point on, as every gang was after them. Samira and Jonas were flown to Marseille, France, to free Rami, his old friend, from prison. As expected, the Austrian gang, who were desperate for the coin, appeared before Charly’s home in no time. Samira and Jonas reached the new city and remained hidden to avoid any attention from them. 

What Did Charly Want?

Charly was now aware of the coin’s worth and made a deal with Red’s men, who had hidden a huge amount in the locker meant for the Berlin gang after the completion of the task. Since everyone was in a frenzy after the shootout, Charly took advantage of the situation and turned things in his favor. Red, Joseph, and Zwanziger were ready to offer him the money, but a new unwanted situation involving German cops led to them being hunted for being armed with guns in broad daylight. The situation went from bad to worse in a jiffy, and Charly increased his price since he was being hunted by the police. 


Was Joseph’s Life In Danger?

Karli had passed, but Red and his son chose to keep this information away from Joseph for their selfish gains. To their horror, Karli had left all his business and inheritance to Joseph, therefore publicly acknowledging him as his son and heir to the criminal empire he built. Red was quick to learn about him being next in line for the inheritance if Joseph died, and he began to plan his nephew’s demise. He secretly asked Zwanziger to kill Joseph and Charly. Unbeknownst to Joseph, Charly had picked up Zwanziger’s body language and killed him. Joseph was unwilling to believe Charly, but a phone call with Red followed by a visit to his pub in Vienna proved Charly’s intuition right. Charly got the money he had asked for, and Joseph informed the police officer Nina about Red, his son Rio, and their illegal businesses. Joseph escaped with Charly, along with their money and the coin. 

What Was Nina After?

Nina was an Austrian police officer who had been investigating Red and the crimes he was involved in for many years. She was hoping to catch up with him, but her superiors were not very keen on carrying out any operation against Red because of his power and influence. Most police officers were on his payroll, except Nina and a few of her colleagues. Nina had learned of the coin Red was looking for, which needed to be delivered to the Russian Mafia kingpin who was responsible for her father’s death long ago. She joined the police force to nab him and get her revenge. Her colleague requested that she stay focused on the job assigned to her, but Nina was hell-bent on going after the Russian mob boss. Nina was eventually suspended from her job, and this allowed her to take up the solo journey to seek the coin that would get her closer to her nemesis.


Who Kidnapped Samira And Jonas?

The Al-Walids were after Samira and Jonas, as they quickly learned of Charly’s involvement in robbing the coin and Karim’s death. They got hold of Charly’s family photographs to locate Samira and Jonas and wanted to use them to retrieve the coin. Samira and Jonas were already in Marseille with Rami, who was dealing with his issues with a powerful woman named Griselda, aka Madame. Rami made sure Samira and Jonas remained safe and requested that they stay indoors. Meanwhile, Tarik and Hassan hired Sharif, another Marseille-based gang, to help them locate Samira and Jonas as per the intelligence they received from this city. These men followed Rami, who was seemingly seen with someone who looked like Samira and Jonas. Rami wanted to move them to another town, which was against the plan made by Charly, and as a result, he was attacked by Jonas. 

The mother-son duo was almost caught by the Al-Walids, but they escaped and got into an empty apartment in the town. They had to leave the apartment as the owner showed up, and could not meet Charly as a result. As the husband and wife were finding a way to meet each other, Samira and Jonas were kidnapped and taken to another island. The duo was kept hostage by Griselda, aka Madame, the mafia mob boss of Marseille, at Rami’s behest. Charly was able to locate his wife after rescuing Rami from the Al-Walids. Initially, it was assumed Griselda was trying to help Rami and Charly by keeping Samira away from the Al-Walids of Berlin. Charly was brought to Griselda’s mansion off the coast, and he was finally happy to be reunited with his family. 


What Happened To Hassan?

Hassan was in Marseille as he and Tarik were on the lookout for Samira and Jonas. They got in touch with Sharif, who initially agreed to get them to nab the mother-and-son duo. Hassan planned to kill Samira and Jonas to exact revenge on Karim. Hassan was aware of Charly and his family being taken captive at Madame’s mansion. Sharif initially continued his support but backed out after learning about Madame’s involvement. Madame’s power and influence were huge in the city, and Sharif and his team could not dare lift their finger against her. This led to him offering Hassan to Madame instead of helping him get to the mansion. Sharif had everything to lose if he chose his battles against this woman. Hassan was an easy bait, and offering him was the only way to avoid the wrath of the woman. 

When Did Nina And Joseph Unite To Work?

Nina was looking for the coin to receive an audience with the Russian mob to exact her revenge. She killed Rio, who had the coin, and since Joseph was the witness to the murder Nina committed, they struck a deal. It included her helping him save Charly and his family. In return, Joseph would give her the coin and aid her in reaching out to the Russian mob. The suspended Nina went all out to make sure she could get hold of the artifact that would bring her closer to the revenge she wanted to exact. Joseph, on the other hand, wanted to help Charly get out of a situation that could cost him his life and those of his family. Nina, with her cop background, would be able to help him with the planning and execution of Charly and his family’s extraction from Griselda’s mansion.


What Was The Job Assigned To Charly By Madame?

Charly was not surprised to learn there was a catch behind the rescue of him and Rami from the hands of Al-Walids, who were frantically seeking revenge for Karim. Griselda was probably one of the most powerful women in the city and influenced the countries. Griselda’s cocaine shipment from Columbia was caught by the Narcotics Department, and this was after Rami was given a tip that the container would remain untouched by the authorities. Rami received the brickbat for his false information from Madame and was clueless about how to retrieve the narcotics from police custody. Since he was out of options, he could only use Charly to get the work done in return for saving his family. 

Charly was offered the blueprint of the spot where the narcotics were stored and was forced to come up with a foolproof plan to retrieve them without making any noise. Rami was killed by Madame because his misinformation cost her millions. She used his death to threaten Charly and his family, who were now hostages in her mansion.


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