‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Chen He-Ping Be Arrested By Kuo?

“Copycat Killer” Episode eight, has Kuo concluding that the mastermind is Chen He-Ping, the ex-colleague of Ya-Cih. Chen He-Ping had created a huge ring that was somehow kept under wraps, and no one knew about it except the few boys who kidnapped women for him. Will Kuo be able to find evidence for He-Ping to be indicted and finally put him behind bars for killing four women, including Ya-Cih?


Spoilers Ahead

Tian’s Predicament

Tian was one of the boys who worked with He-Ping to get the women for him to torture and kill. Tian took the fall for one of the girls that had died two years ago, Jiang Yu-Ping. The woman was branded a prostitute by Tian, and he got a life sentence for killing her and burying her. The boy confessed to the crime, and since then, he has not seen the light of day outside of jail. The young man has so far managed to live behind bars and has not opened his mouth to anyone, including Kuo, during his initial interrogation process. Tian was so brainwashed that he wasn’t willing to say anything except that he was the one who killed Yu-Ping. Tian was asked again by Kuo to become a police witness, which would help him lead a better life outside of jail. Tian does not respond, but he does receive an envelope that has pictures of his father in it, indicating that if he opens his mouth or turns into a police witness, his father will be killed no matter where he is scheduled to relocate. Tian is aware that He-Ping is powerful and manipulative, and that he knows what buttons to push to make people do the deeds for him. Tian is conflicted because he doesn’t want his ailing father to be running from pillar to post, asking for help. He also does not want his father to die. Tian, on the other hand, does want a life outside of this jail and opts for witness protection so that finally he can have the life he always wanted.


On the other hand, the tapes gathered by Kuo and his team of the torture are sent to California for a detailed forensic check. Without the tapes Kuo and his team won’t have any solid evidence backing the fact that He-Ping is the culprit, and he deserves to go behind bars with public humiliation. Kuo is not extremely optimistic, but he is hopeful that something will come up that will help him build a strong case against He-Ping. He wants justice for the girls he killed, including Ya-Cih.

‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – Will Chen He-Ping Be Arrested By Kuo?

Hu Yun-Huei visits Tian in jail to help him understand that he should take up Kuo’s offer because, according to her, this would be the only way he could save himself from a lifetime of imprisonment. She is also his counselor on how the will to live should always be there, and she would like to help grow further as a human being than as someone who is considered a monster. Tian constantly feels guilty for being an accomplice in the murder and burial of a young girl. He took the blame, keeping in mind the perks it would give, but judging by the life he is leading, there is so far no perk for him behind bars. The only thing that has kept him alive so far is his father being treated, and he has been kept alive too. Apart from all of these, Tian has been nothing but miserable and drowning in guilt for helping someone kill a helpless girl.


Yu-Huei is patiently listening to the amount of pain Tian is venting out, hoping it will help him ease his mind of all the burdens he has been carrying for the past two years. Tian is conflicted between helping himself and saving his father from a brutal death. Being the indecisive boy that he is, Tian sadly decides to kill himself because he cannot seem to find a solution to his problems. Any solution would lead to bad results and consequences, which he couldn’t bring himself to live with. Thus Tian takes the pen that Yun-Huei was carrying, and stabs himself to death with it. Poor Tian’s only solace was dying because He-Ping would have massacred whatever was left of his family in the present. With him gone, it was not sure who would take care of his father, but keeping him alive was Tian’s priority.

Kuo is upset to know that one by one, people related to this kidnapping ring established by Chen He Ping are either not fully recovering or are simply embracing death because that is the only solution they seem to know. Tian’s death came as a rude shock, and Yu-Tong is also not fully recovered from the trauma she was put through after her kidnapping. Her body and mind went through cycles of fits regularly, to which the doctor’s only response was that Yu-Tong would take time to recover. She is a kid, and the kind of pain that was inflicted on her would have long-term psychological and physiological effects. Even with her father being alive and healthy, Yu-Tong is sadly taking her time to heal from the pain.


Yun-Huei and Kuo, who were previously partners, have been crying on each other’s shoulders with the number of people just not recovering from the net of tragedy that the serial killer seems to cast around him. There is no way they could prove that He-Ping committed the crime, and without proof, their case wouldn’t stand in a court of law. Kuo is also frustrated to see He-Ping making a profit off of selling his book on the topic of serial killers. The dual narcissistic life that He-Ping is living does not affect him because he has nothing to worry about. People involved in the ring have died, and there is no proof to indict him at any cost. Kuo also gives Yun-Huei the last voice recording he came across of her brother, Jian Ho, and she is forever grateful to him for the gesture.

Unfortunately, that night He-Ping released another video in which he targeted Kuo and his family, threatening to tell the world about how his family was massacred. The whole idea of this video was to make sure there would be enough time to kill Yun-Huei, and He-Ping was successful in doing just that. Kuo is beyond angry at this point; he hunts He-Ping down, pummels him to a pulp, and fires Yong Lin’s gun right next to him enough times to threaten the man that he knows who the real He-Ping is. Kuo and Yun-Huei had a romantic past, and they had hoped to be together after the case was finished, but destiny had other plans for Kuo, and He-Ping just toyed with it only to be ambushed by Kuo himself. What remains of all of this is how Kuo will now manage to prove that the serial killer is right in front of them, speaking to them through their television sets. He-Ping is the madman who ravaged the young girls and took joy in humiliating the girls and their families on public platforms.


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