‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 10: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Chen He Ping Get Convicted?

Episode 9 of “Copycat Killer” had Kuo finally confronting He Ping because he is done pretending that he does not know who the real serial killer is. He Ping is on a rampage and in denial about the whole saga that is unfolding in front of him. There is no way Kuo can prove the man accused, and in that process, he ends up losing Yu Huei. Kuo will have to come up with an elaborate plan to make sure He-Ping is convicted.


Spoilers Ahead

Kuo’s Predicament

The episode begins with Kuo being asked some basic questions about where his loyalty stands and how he will make sure the people standing in front of him can expect him to give out the right verdict and prove to them that he has given them justice. Kuo cannot express all those emotions through words because, at heart, he knows he is here to help people find a solution to their problems and give them justice eventually. Kuo is a righteous man through and through, and he will make sure to give everyone the justice they deserve in this world.


Taking things back to the day of the incident when Kuo fired a gun at He-Ping, Kuo has hurt a civilian, which is against the law of the country, and because of that, he loses the license to practice until he finishes serving time for the crime he committed. Kuo is now behind bars for physically assaulting He-Ping, a civilian, without provocation. He-Ping is happy to see one more of his nemeses behind bars, and there is nothing to stop him from here on. Kuo is losing his mind in jail, for he needs to find a solution to make sure He-Ping is charged guilty, because he knows what he has done. Kuo, just like before, has reached the dead end of the case, where there is nothing but a return to their normal lives, with people eventually forgetting that so many women were killed, but that the killer was never caught. The blame would fall on the police, the investigation team, and Kuo, but there wouldn’t be any result for it. Kuo cannot live with the fact that the killer is in front of them.

Yu-Tong, though, is happy to have been reunited with her father, Yong Lin, after months of the recovery process. There is a connection that the father and daughter share that was missing previously. Yong Lin promises to be there for his daughter from here, and Yu-Tong also promises to be more attentive to what her father wants. Yong Lin, though, is glad to know Kuo used his old gun to attack He Ping. He does not regret giving away his gun to Kuo for safety purposes. He believes it is high time He-Ping can be put behind bars, but only if there is concrete evidence to prove his guilt.


Chen He-Ping’s Cockiness

Chen He-Ping is a serial killer who is extremely hard to catch and is happy to see Kuo behind bars, as there is now one less person on the outside who knows what he’s done, and there is nothing Kuo could do to indict him. He has been asked by his team to keep quiet until the full verdict against Kuo is out. Kuo’s trial for attacking He-Ping is being blown out of proportion by He-Ping himself so that he garners more sympathy, thereby helping to hide his other identity. Grandfather Nan, whose granddaughter was also a victim of He-Ping, is even aware of the real identity of the serial killer. There is a requirement for concrete proof that would nail the coffin shut on He-Ping’s life. Is there any way to get He-Ping convicted?

‘Copycat Killer’ Episode 10: Ending Explained – How Will Kuo Make Sure Chen He-Ping Is Convicted?

Unfortunately for the cocky and overconfident He-Ping, things start going south rather quickly because the police come across Tian’s suicide letter, in which he specifically mentions that Chen He-Ping was the one responsible for pushing Tian to commit murders and cover-ups and he is the reason Tian decided to kill himself, for He-Ping did not leave the boy any choice from here on. The suicide letter is enough to build a case against Chen He-Ping. Meanwhile, Kuo gets into a fight in the jail, and that becomes the talk of the town thanks to Chen He-Ping, who is now the most sought-after TV news anchor. He-Ping has not lost his edginess and his over-enthusiastic nature, which leads to him inviting Kuo over to this talk show, where he plans to ambush him. The whole idea is to exact revenge for the attack on him months ago. The talk show will allow He-Ping to be more comfortable and reveal uncomfortable truths about what leads to Kuo getting into fights, and it will give him the liberty to ask questions about Kuo’s personal life, including how his family died.


Anticipating all of this from He-Ping, Kuo was all set to face the barbs thrown at him as questions. He-Ping also had questions recorded as the Noh. Kuo cannot seem to reply to any of those questions, as he freezes for a minute on screen. Kuo starts verbally attacking He-Ping, saying that what the man is doing in the name of journalism is a shame and that no one would remember him or his face after a while. One must remain relevant to be popular, but He-Ping will lose all of his popularity and eventually be forgotten. This was the trigger point for He-Ping, and his outburst included the confession that Kuo and his superiors needed. He-Ping involuntarily reveals everything about himself on live television, which is what Yong Lin, Kuo, and his team wanted. This is followed by his immediate arrest on charges of serial murder, interference with sexual liberty, and coercion. Kuo knew if they had tapped into his ego, there would be plenty of information that the investigation team would get about the crimes he had committed. He-Ping deserves to be behind bars forever because he has left women with no dignity.

The woman who was murdered two years ago, the last murder of Hu Yun-Huei, was committed by He-Ping, and while his sentence was being announced, he was awarded no civil liberties for the nature of the gruesome murders he committed. He-Ping has no regrets, as he goes for the trial as well as the sentencing with a smile on his face and talks about the principles of Noh. Unfortunately for the man, he was stabbed to death by a stranger right outside the court, and he succumbed to the injury. He-Ping will be the one who is remembered as the two-faced man who lived a dual life peacefully until everything around him crumbled, ending with his eventual murder. There was no hurt or loss when he died because he caused tremendous pain to a lot of women and their families using his twisted logic of how a woman should be.

Years after the sentencing and death of He-Ping, Yen-Jhen is the new anchor at TNB News, and she is happy to have contributed to the long and exhausting case of the serial from the year 1997. Kuo, ever since he completed his jail time, has gone back to doing what he loves doing: working as a public defender. Serving the needy and helping people get back on their feet through law and order Everything seems fine in Songyan City until another serial killer with another MO shows up.

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