‘Code 8 Part II’ Cast And Character Guide

Currently streaming on Netflix, the film Code 8 is a sequel to the first part made in 2019. Directed by Jeff Chan, the Canadian action film features an excellent cast of actors with the likes of Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell. The Amell brothers have managed to effectively propel the screenplay of the film to an extent where it stands out in the genre of action-thrillers. Meanwhile, other imminent faces like Sirena Gulamgaus and Alex Mallari have managed to efficiently contribute to the plot of the second part of Code 8.


Spoilers Ahead

Connor Reed

Played by Robbie Amell, the role of Connor has attained a different dimension in the film Code 8. Connor, a 26-year-old who possesses special powers, wants to ensure that his mother, who is suffering from a brain tumor, does not die due to a lack of medical treatment. He is an electric power weidler who works day in and day out to gather enough money for his mother’s treatment. Unable to make ends meet, he engages in illegal activities to ensure that he can help his mother. He is taken into Marcus’ gang for several heists and bank robberies.


Despite having immense power in him, Connor did not lose his humanity and wanted to help others around him. He wanted to help Nia escape Marcus’ grip. When he learned that Nia had healing abilities, he initially wanted to take her help to heal his mother, but later, when he came to know that Nia would get Mary’s disease after healing her, he just let her go. Unlike Marcus, who would extort Nia to heal him, he did not force her to heal Mary, as he knew that it could harm her. He wanted to help anyone in need and did not think twice before jumping in to save Pavani when he saw her in trouble. Connor was extremely embedded in his own roots and close ones and, hence, did not want to detach anyone else from their roots. When he learned that Garrett was about to erase Pavani’s memories of her brother, he tried to stop them. Unlike Garrett, he was very reliable and would give up his life to protect the ones he thought needed him.

Garrett Kelton 

The character of Garrett, played by Stephen Amell, is a mix of both positive and negative shades, with the positive traits gaining an upper hand. Garrett was the one to help Connor get into Marcus’ gang in the first film. His lack of trustworthiness and loyalty is seen when he turns against Marcus at the very first chance that he gets. When the gang is under threat from the police and the cartel, Garrett demands a 50 percent share of Marcus’s gang if he were to help him steal the drugs. Garrett’s greed led to Marcus turning against him and trying to kill him after the work was done. Garrett was always invested in climbing to the top of the ladder, either by hook or by crook. After killing Marcus, he became the kingpin of the gang, which he had always intended to do. He was very different from Connor, which was seen when he chose to lead a life of crime, while Connor had willingly spent his time in jail and was then working in the community center. 


Garrett was, however, indebted to Connor and felt a sense of brotherhood towards him. He had offered him a post in his gang, which was turned down. Garrett, however, was selfish in everything that he did. Even while he was helping Pavani, he saw her as a valuable asset to his gang. He wanted to get rid of her old memories so that she could be an exceptional add-on to his army. However, he did not think twice before turning against Connor to secure his position in the underworld. He wanted to lay his hands on evidence against Kingston so that he would become invincible. However, it was not until the climax of the film that he realized his mistake and helped Pavani and Connor expose Kingston’s real face to the world. His love for power is evident, even when he is in police custody. The ending of the film showcases how Garrett had been smirking upon hearing that someone had still been secretly dealing drugs inside the city. It is possible that Garrett had been running his cartel from inside the prison, which will be unveiled in the third part of Code 8.

Pavani Gilani

Sirena Gulamgaus has played a significant role as Pavani in Code 8. She possessed the powers of a transducer, which Garrett had intended to exploit for his own benefit. However, having fallen into the right hands of Connor, she was kept safe. Pavani wanted to take revenge for her brother’s murder. She was mature enough to come up with the idea of collecting information about Kingston’s fall so that his real intentions could be revealed. 


King Kingston

Alex Mallari Jr. has played the role of Sergeant King Kingston in the film. He was a powerful police officer who had backing from the DEA and the chief of police. He had climbed up the social ladder, making several strong connections on his way up. Despite being a powerful individual, he was not an outcast, unlike the others. He had secured his social position by trying to show others that he was completely against the people who had special powers. He had kept his powers concealed to make sure that the world didn’t get to know his real identity.

Kingston’s character can be compared to that of a white American in power, who thinks he is powerful enough to overlook the basic rights of the people of color. Kingston had planned to exterminate all the people with power to make himself more prominent in his workplace. He wanted to make sure that he was the only powered person existing on the face of the earth so that he could attain ultimate control. His character can therefore be compared to Garrett’s in terms of his thirst for power succession.


Miscellaneous Characters

Mary Reed

The role of Mary (Connor’s mother) has been played efficiently by Kari Matchett. She also had powers like her son and was known as the cryo, or manipulator of ice. She was, however, diagnosed with a tumor in her brain, and Connor had been trying his best to gather money to save her. Mary was, however, opposed to her son misusing his powers to get money for her treatment, as it was exactly how she had lost her husband, who misused his powers and became a criminal.

Tarak Gilani

Sammy Azero, as Tarak, has had a significant role in the film! In desperation to fund his sister’s education, he resorted to theft. He had wanted to join Garrett’s gang but had been told off; therefore, he had stolen some of their money to back Pavani’s education. After being chased down by the police, he was eventually tailed by Kingston’s K9. Despite his surrender to the robo-dog, he was injected with Psyke in high doses, resulting in his death. This incident had led his sister, Pavani, to seek to avenge his murder. 


Detective Park

Detective Park has been played by Sung Kang in Code 8. He is extremely gentle with Connor after he arrests him for questioning about the cartel and eventually lets him go. It is possible that he secretly wanted the powered people to survive the tumultuous situation, as his own daughter was one of them. 

Detective Davis

Aron Abrams has played Detective Davis in the film, who appears in both parts of the franchise. Initially, he was opposed to Detective Park for being so lenient with Connor after his arrest. However, slowly, after realizing the greater evils, he was finally seen coming forward to help Connor and Garrett fight against Kingston by providing them with information on him. He may not have handed them the roadmap to plan their revenge on Kingston, but he definitely laid the road for them. 



Jean Yoon has played the role of Mina in the film. She has proved her loyalty to Connor and Pavani in the film in the true sense. She helped them escape the community hall, and then when they were chased by the police, she tried her best to protect them but unfortunately lost her life in the shoot-out.

Some of the other additional characters who made an appearance in the film are: Officer Cirelli, Shane, Maev (Natalie Liconti), Nadine, Officer Stillman, Stephanie, Tamera, June, and Camille. 


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