‘Class Act’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens To Bernard Tapie?

Previously, in Class Act Episode 6, Dominique and Tapie faced a growing rift as Tapie’s political ambitions clashed with Dominique’s. After a decade of togetherness, Dominique decided to leave Tapie’s side. Meanwhile, Tapie’s risky plan to fix a football match involved a deal with Glassmann and Robert from the opposing club. Despite warnings from the general manager, Tapie proceeded with the scheme. However, Glassmann’s integrity led him to confess to the referee, which posed a significant threat to Tapie’s career and reputation. However, Tapie and Dominique eventually reunited and decided to marry each other. The final episode of Class Act promises a dramatic conclusion to Tapie’s tumultuous life, seasoned with some surprising revelations.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Dominique and Tapie get married?

In Class Act Episode 7, the story took an exciting turn as Tapie’s team, Olympique de Marseille, secured victory in the European Cup. The episode commenced with an emotionally charged scene as Tapie embraced his players with tears in his eyes. Dominique, his beloved, joined in the jubilation and took pleasure in Tapie’s happiness. Following this triumphant event, the narrative tackled a different milestone in Tapie and Dominique’s lives, which was their wedding. Through a heartwarming ceremony, they were all set to formalize their love and commitment. However, the Mayor of Marseille, Raymonde, was invited to their wedding. Tapie seized this moment to candidly express his political aspirations to Raymonde. He revealed his intention of becoming mayor of Marseille and then subsequently run for the office of president. However, to not step on his toes, Tapie assured him that, if he were elected president, he would ensure Raymonde’s return to the mayoral position.


In a parallel storyline, we saw Glassmann, backed by his girlfriend’s support, make a bold move by visiting the prosecutor’s office to provide testimony against the match-fixing. He emphasized his commitment to his values and his loyalty to his team. His testimony helped the prosecution lead the investigation, which was going to have far-reaching consequences for Tapie. On the other hand, Tapie and Dominique concluded their wedding, becoming legal partners.

Why was Jean-Pierre Bernes summoned by the prosecution?

Meanwhile, as the investigation unfolded, a startling discovery emerged. Investigators discovered a buried box containing 250,000 francs hidden underground. This newfound evidence led the prosecutor to summon Jean Pierre, the general manager who had made the call to Glassmann that had set this entire chain of events in motion. Faced with mounting tension and the weight of his actions, Jean-Pierre couldn’t hold back his emotions and broke down in tears.


Tapie witnessed Jean Pierre’s distress and attempted to console him discreetly. However, Dominique, unaware of the crisis, demanded to know the truth from her husband. Tapie, unable to hide the truth any longer, reluctantly revealed the incriminating details, causing Dominique deep hurt and shock. She couldn’t fathom how Tapie could be involved in such a scheme. However, instead of acknowledging his wrongdoing, Tapie remained convinced that he could strike a deal with the prosecutor to change the course of events. His self-confidence led him down a risky path, one that might have far-reaching consequences not just for him but for everyone entangled in these secrets.

Did Bernard Tapie evade justice?

Bernard Tapie’s grave error was confronting the prosecutor all alone with a fabricated tale in a bid to cover up his wrongdoing. However, the prosecutor was already armed with substantial evidence of Tapie’s actions and was aiming to rig his team’s success. Initially, the prosecutor asked Tapie if he was certain about discussing the matter in his office and also pretended that he knew nothing about the case. Tapie, counting on the prosecutor’s lack of knowledge about soccer, confidently came up with a deceitful narrative. He accused Valenciennes of corruption and plotting against Olympique de Marseille, saying that it was someone from Valenciennes who had called Glassmann to defame Marseille. Nevertheless, the prosecutor eventually revealed the discovery of 250,000 francs in a garden. However, Tapie vehemently denied the claim, alleging it was a setup. The prosecutor went further, pointing out that it was impossible for the players to possess such cash, given their meager monthly salaries. Tapie slowly realized his dooming mistake as the prosecutor displayed a deep knowledge of the case. The climax came when the prosecutor disclosed that Glassmann and other players involved in the fixing had confessed their involvement. Faced with no alternative, Tapie had to confess but chose to walk out of the prosecutor’s office, accepting his defeat.


However, the prosecutor gently reminded Tapie that his decision to come to talk to him showed how Tapie himself was grappling with his deep sense of guilt. Tapie could have gone into hiding to save his neck, but instead, he chose to dig his own grave. Feeling powerless to defend himself, Tapie ultimately accepted his defeat. It was a stark fall from grace for a man who had risen from humble beginnings to achieve fame and the adoration of millions, only to be brought down by his actions. The prosecutor reminded Tapie that it wasn’t the hustler Tapie who ruined his own image, but rather his growing greed for power that led to his own downfall.

Subsequently, Tapie faced the consequences of his actions. He was arrested and served a two-year prison sentence for his involvement in fixing matches and fraudulent activities in the club’s accounts, followed by an additional eight months behind bars. Additionally, he was fined ₣20,000. While in jail, Dominique came to visit Tapie, and told him that she had moved on and was now living with Stephanie and Etienne. Surprisingly, she didn’t hold a grudge against him, appreciating that, as a husband, he had always been truthful and loving to her.


In the end, we witnessed Tapie’s hands trembling as he grappled with the weight of his defeat and the passage of time. The final episode of Class Act provided viewers with some of the original clips of Bernard Tapie’s life journey, from his early days as a TV performer to his ventures in politics and even his legal battle.

Final Words

Netflix’s Class Act is a gripping story about ambition and how even the most powerful people can fall due to their own greed. It follows Bernard Tapie’s life, showing us his journey from humble beginnings to fame and the problems he faced. It’s a reminder that fame can be fleeting and that chasing power can lead to bigger problems. The show does a great job telling Tapie’s complex story, letting us see the ups and downs in his life. Class Act is a compelling series that vividly illustrates the unpredictable twists of fate, which are nothing but the repercussions of reckless decisions. 


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