‘City On Fire’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Where Is Amory Gould? Will There Be A Season 2?

We have finally arrived at the season finale of City on Fire. It’s been quite a ride trying to figure out who shot Samantha. The events that have unfolded show how deep the conspiracy runs within the Hamilton-Sweeney family. For the moment, we have a ticking time bomb that Charlie needs to diffuse or do something to prevent its detonation. Episode 8 is the ultimate showdown with an effective and surprising ending.


Spoilers Ahead

Power Outage

The power outage, based on the Western North American blackouts of 1996, has affected the whole city even further. But contrary to what Nicky thinks, the outage has nothing to do with Ex Nihilo’s plan. And it is just ludicrous to see Nicky rejoice to hear about the outage on the radio as he, Solomon, and Delirium escape the city. How can a bomb that detonates on the side of a building that has nothing to do with the grid lead to a widespread power outage? This proves just how blinded he has become through his own imagination. Back at the Hamilton-Sweeney office building, Charlie does manage to diffuse the bomb, thanks to Lorraine, who, due to her weakness for Charlie and his feelings for Samantha, guides him through it. The threat is over. But the turmoil across the city and beyond by the outage corresponds to the turmoil that we see Samantha in inside her subconscious. She is still struggling to escape from the room where Ex Post Facto performed. This symbolizes her being stuck in her own thoughts that she now wants to get over with. Meanwhile, the nurse continues providing her with oxygen. If this stops, Samantha will die. On the other hand, Amory, perhaps due to some divine intervention or fate, has been in an accident. Unable to escape in his car, he continues walking on foot. Where? We do not know. Will is hurt, and his father (Bill Sr.) and Mercer are with him, waiting for emergency services to arrive. Unfortunately, Regan cannot follow Amory because her kids, Will and Cate, are missing. She, along with Keith, has to find them. But what they do not know is that McFadden is already after Amory. The question is: how long will it take for her to find him?


Who Shot Samantha?

The give-and-take between Lorraine and Charlie, and Nicky and Solomon reveal what happened on the fateful night of July 4th that led to all this chaos. It’s sad to find out that it was Lorraine who shot Samantha. Although we cannot judge her for pulling the trigger, we can say that Solomon provoked her. This shot grazed her forehead. The fatal bullet was fired by Solomon. Both of them were at the park because they wanted to prevent Samantha from revealing their plans to a third person. It only makes sense for Samantha to speak about what Nicky did. She wanted to share her pain with someone she thought would understand it. But that didn’t happen.


Night falls. The stars reveal themselves, and people look up. It seems that the power outage has revealed something that no one stops to think about. Sometimes it is darkness that reveals even the tiniest of lights. The same light that, in the form of William, pulled Samantha out of her coma; the same light that, in the form of Will and Cate safely returning home, brought together Regan and Keith; and the same light that made Parsa find a daughter in Lorraine. Regan and Keith’s love making, after finding out that their kids are safe, serves as the perfect reunion of two souls who were lost and craved for each other. Keith was looking for the love that he couldn’t get from Regan, while Regan couldn’t find the time to give love to Keith. Now, after realizing how much being together matters to both of them, they are content. William is brought to the hospital, carried by his father and his boyfriend, and accompanied by McFadden, who arrives there looking for Amory. Hearing his father read the letter he  wrote after William left home serves the perfect catharsis for William. Samantha comes out of her coma and remembers everything. And the best part is that she has Charlie by her side. A lot has happened, and Charlie will fill her up. Parsa decides to bring Lorraine home. It’s understandable that he has found a daughter in her and is thinking about adopting her. He knows the state Lorraine is in because he, too, had to go through such a phase and pick himself up. And he can help Lorraine get back on her feet. And what better way to do that than with some tasty casserole?


Where Is Amory Gould? What Happened To Nicky And Solomon?

Amory Gould is in the wind. And the last we see of Nicky, Solomon, and Delirium is when Nicky fires at Solomon after finding out that it was Solomon who shot Samantha. Nicky has a weakness for Samantha, and this naturally makes him pull the trigger on Solomon. However, we do not know if the bullet hit Solomon. Nicky probably fired his gun to force Solomon to stop running. He is not someone who can kill his teammates. Or is he? Back at the hospital, William, Bill Sr., and Mercer make up their minds to find Amory and take him down. But what comes as the greatest surprise is when Regan goes through the adoption papers of her estranged child. The baby boy was adopted by David and Ramona Weisbarger. The kid is none other than Charlie. Episode 8, the final episode of City on Fire Season 1, ends with Charlie hugging Samantha with tears rolling down their faces. A new day shines bright on the Hamilton-Sweeney family, of which, as we now know, Charlie is also a member.

Season 2 will hopefully arrive, as Season 1 ends on a cliffhanger. We have no idea where Amory Gould is headed. Perhaps only Bill Sr. has the means to track him. Also, we know that his driver, the guy who stabbed William, is hurt, but what we do not know is whether he is dead. Another equally important question is: will Regan tell Charlie the truth? How will Charlie take it? He probably will remain with his mother, Ramona, but the fact remains that he is an heir to the Hamilton-Sweeney throne. But we must remember that Nicky is alive. He will find out that Samantha is alive. If he has killed Solomon, it is just him and Delirium. And if Solomon is alive, it is doubtful that he will remain a member of Ex Nihilo. Either way, Nicky will come for Samantha. Also, being the kind of person that Amory is, he will not stop until he has taken revenge on William. The sources at his disposal are many, and one of these is Nicky himself. If they get together, another potential bomb is on its way to New York. Will Charlie be able to prevent it as well? This time, he has Samantha with him and the entire Hamilton-Sweeney family. So we can be sure that Season 2 will be another interesting unfolding of events.


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