Why Is Everyone Hunting For Ciri In ‘The Witcher’ Season 3?

Ciri, a central character in The Witcher series, is a young princess whose origins and destiny are intricately connected to the vast fabric of the world. Born to princess Pavetta and Duny, Ciri’s lineage carries the weight of ancient bloodlines and prophecies. As the granddaughter of Queen Calanthe of Cintra, Ciri is raised in a royal household, unaware of the pivotal role she will play in the unfolding events. However, Ciri’s life takes a drastic turn when she becomes the target of the Nilfgaardian Empire. After escaping from the palace of Cintra, Ciri encountered Geralt of Rivia, who was destined to protect her. However, Geralt was not the only one connected to her destiny. According to Ithiline’s prophecy, Ciri, a child with the ancient Elder bloodline, holds the power to shape the world’s fate. In the past two seasons of The Witcher, we have witnessed Ciri’s journey as she faced numerous obstacles and learned about her heritage and destined path. In the upcoming season 3, we will witness Ciri as a formidable warrior, navigating a treacherous world filled with enemies and monstrous creatures.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Nilfgaard Attack Cintra?

Emhyr var Emreis or Duny, was the rightful heir of the Nilfgaard who was destined to inherit the throne from his father, Fergus var Emreis. However, due to Fergus’s removal from the throne and subsequent imprisonment, Emhyr was unable to claim his rightful place as the king of Nilfgaard. Under a sorcerer’s curse, he was transformed into a humanoid hedgehog and left in the woods with dogs chasing him thanks to the usurper of Nilfgaard. Despite this, Duny managed to survive and eventually reached Cintra. On Pavetta’s birthday, Duny appeared before Queen Calanthe to propose marriage to Pavetta. Initially, Queen Calanthe rejected the proposal and ordered her guards to kill Duny. Geralt, who was present at the ceremony, saved Duny’s life. As a reward, Geralt demanded the “Law of Surprise,” which meant that Pavetta’s unborn child would be destined to belong to Geralt.


Duny and Pavetta later gave birth to Ciri. However, Emhyr, under the name of Duny, never had loved Pavetta. His desperation to marry her was only to acquire the throne of Cintra. But when Vilgefortz arrived and revealed a prophecy by Ithlinne, Emhyr believed that by marrying his own daughter, their child with Elder blood would be destined to conquer the world. This incestuous desire led him to devise a grand scheme. Emhyr took his wife and child on a boat trip, intending to fake their deaths and disappear from Cintra to reach Nilfgaard. However, Pavetta discovered his plan and managed to smuggle Ciri off the ship. In the ensuing altercation, Emhyr pushed Pavetta overboard, causing her death. News of Duny and Pavetta’s deaths reached Cintra, leaving Queen Calanthe devastated.

Disguised, Duny made his way to Nilfgaard and successfully overthrew the usurper, becoming the legitimate king of Nilfgaard. However, his desire to conquer the world persisted. He sent his troops to attack Cintra in search of Ciri, with the intention of capturing her. Despite his efforts, Ciri manages to escape Cintra and eventually encounters Geralt, her true protector and destined guardian. At the ending of Season 2, Emhyr’s true face is revealed, indicating Duny’s ulterior motives behind his quest to find Ciri. It is expected that in Season 3, Duny will play a significant role as the main antagonist of the show.


Why Did The Wild Hunt Want To Capture Ciri?

In Season 2 of The Witcher, there were hints about the Wild Hunt, and the prequel series Blood Origin provided a detailed description of the Wild Hunt’s history. However, in my opinion, the changes from the source material in Blood Origin made it worse, as it did not effectively connect with Eredin’s true past and the origins of the Wild Hunt. The series presented a twisted version of the story without shedding light on the actual incident involving Eredin and the Wild Hunt. The Wild Hunt was a group of spectral beings known as the Aen Elle Elves. They rode in the sky and were called the premonition of war. In the series, they set their sights on Ciri, but the series never clearly mentioned why. Actually, during the Conjunction of Spheres, when multiple universes merged, various creatures from other worlds entered the world that used to belong to the Elves. Humans and monsters also entered this world, leading to conflicts between these factions.

Eredin, the marshal of Xintrea, entered the world of Aen Seidhe and became the leader of the Wild Hunt. Others who entered the world of Aen Seidhe started referring to themselves as the Alder folk or the Aen Elle. Eredin, driven by greed for power, discovered the existence of the Elder bloodline within Ciri. Recognizing the Elder bloodline as the most powerful, Eredin and the Wild Hunt sought to capture Ciri in order to use her bloodline to produce children and enhance their own heritage. They also desired to utilize Ciri’s magical power to travel across the worlds, as her powerful scream had the potential to break the monoliths and create bridges between parallel universes. In Season 3, as evidenced by the trailer, the Wild Hunt will continue to pursue Ciri. Therefore, we can anticipate a major spectral battle between Ciri, Geralt, and the Wild Hunt.


Why Were The Monsters Trying To Use Ciri?

Ciri possessed a remarkable ability to fracture the monoliths with the help of her powerful screams, allowing creatures and monsters from other dimensions to easily enter their world. While some of these beings sought to cause chaos and destruction in this world, others simply desired to return to their own realms. In Season 2, we witnessed the presence of Voleth Meir, also known as the Deathless Mother, who may have been an evil witch or a demonic spirit. Her sole objective was to find a way back to her own realm, which led her to target Ciri. By possessing Ciri’s mind, Voleth Meir aimed to utilize her power to facilitate her return to the world she came from. Similarly, other creatures who desperately wanted to return home were also after Ciri, seeking to harness her extraordinary abilities.

Why Was Avallac’h Pursuing Ciri?

In the source material, Avallac’h was portrayed as an evil mage who recognized Ciri’s immense power due to her Elder bloodline. He played a role in escorting Ciri to Aen Seidhe, where she was held captive by Avallac’h and Eredin. However, in the post-credit scene of Blood Origin, Avallac’h is shown covertly observing Ciri, hinting at potential ulterior motives for his interactions with her. In the third season, it is possible to anticipate that Avallac’h may have hidden agendas and could potentially aid the Wild Hunt in capturing Ciri temporarily. However, it is likely that Ciri will eventually break free from their captivity and find a way to return to her own world.

What Will Ciri’s Fate In Season 3 Be?

In Season 3, Ciri has grown into a formidable warrior and a powerful mage, thanks to Geralt’s witcher training and Yennefer’s guidance in mastering her magical abilities. However, she finds herself surrounded by increasing numbers of enemies, putting her in gravely perilous situations. According to Ithiline’s prophecy from Blood Origin, the bloodline of Lark would sing its final song. This suggests a connection between Lark’s child and possibly Lara Dorren, who was Ciri’s ancestor and potentially the originator of the Elder Bloodline.

As Season 3 is not the final season of The Witcher, we can expect the mysteries and storylines to continue, leaving Ciri’s ultimate fate uncertain. The season’s ending will likely introduce new questions and propel the narrative forward. We’ll have to eagerly await the third season to see how the story unfolds and what lies in store for Ciri.


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