‘Christmas With You’ Ending, Explained: What Happens To Miguel And Angelina In The Film?

The festival of Christmas is just a month away, and the air is already buzzing with the excitement that the festival calls for. People have begun shopping for gifts and decor, and the filmmakers have lined up movies celebrating the Christmas cheer and promising romance. Since November, Netflix has been featuring a new Christmas movie almost every day. This week was no different, with Lindsay Lohan’s return to the silver screen and Aimee Garcia of “Lucifer” fame showing us a new side to herself in “Christmas with You” alongside Freddie Prinze Jr. 


Spoilers Ahead

‘Christmas With You’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

“Christmas With You,” tells the story of Angelina Costa, a Latina pop star who is trying to get into the spotlight. For a while now, she has been living off her past glory, which seems to fade with the emergence of newer and younger talents. She is known for seductive dance numbers, but after her mother’s demise, she hasn’t been able to work on great music that would help her retain her status as the most in-demand singing icon. Her label’s head Barrie tells her to write a Christmas single since Christmas songs are in vogue and could easily bring back the numbers and money rolling. She lies to him that she is working on a track and will preview it on the day of the annual charity gala she hosts every year. When she is working on her song, she is stuck on the melody. She goes online to see what her fans are up to. That’s when she comes across a cover song by Cristina Torres, a teenage girl. In the video, she also expressed her desire to meet Angelina, click a selfie with her, and her reason for covering that specific song. She mentions that it was her late mother who introduced her to the song, and she feels closer to her mother in spirit even though her mother has passed away. 


When Angelina is rebuffed from a cover shoot, she takes her manager Monique on a whim to Cristina’s school. She grants Cristina’s wish to take a selfie with her. As fate would have it, it starts snowing heavily, increasing the risk of driving. Cristina’s father, Miguel, is a music teacher at her school. He advises against driving back to Manhattan in that snowy weather. Cristina sees this as a chance to invite Angelina over to her house for dinner. Angelina agrees and thus begins the real tale. Angelina and Monique meet Cristina’s grandma as well. Angelina comes across Miguel’s unfinished music piece. It gives her an idea for her new single, and she asks Miguel to collaborate with her. The two spend time at Miguel’s home and grow closer over a short period of time. 

Finally, the day of the gala comes, and Angelina and Miguel perform a short snippet of their song together. Angeline gets swept up in the attention and conveniently forgets Miguel and Cristina. This saddens them. When they go back home, Miguel dismisses the matter, saying that there is a huge difference between them. On the day of her Saturday Night Live performance, Angelina misses Miguel and Cristina and decides to forgo the performance. She leaves behind the materialistic world for something more special with Miguel. The two are reunited, and there’s a promise of a happy life.


‘Christmas With You’ Ending Explained – Do Angelina And Miguel Get Together?

At the end of the Netflix movie “Christmas with You,” we see that Angelina Costa forgoes her Saturday Night Live appearance for something more meaningful, i.e., her relationship with Miguel Torres and his daughter Cristina. She attends Cristina’s Quinceanera and makes amends with Migeul. She realizes what is truly important to her—more than the materialistic world of glitz and glamor. Miguel, too, accepts that he and Angelina have a deeper connection. The movie ends on a happy note, with Migual and Angelina uniting, but we don’t know if that happiness persists. Despite having given up on her Saturday Night Live performance, Angelina is still a celebrity in her own right. Her single with Miguel tops the charts and lands her in the spotlight once again. It will be a rocky road to navigate for both of them, considering the difference in their lifestyles.

While “Christmas with You” brings back the magic and promise that the festival of Christmas is known for, the movie also succeeds in delivering a few dance numbers to the audience. The Spanish-English lyrical mix makes a good addition to the holiday playlist. Romances like these have time and again graced our screens, and what makes them special each time is the promise of happiness and doing what is seemingly out of the ordinary. Ordinarily, who would find a celebrity away in some small town finding a romantic interest and perhaps also a new zest for life? Such movies pack a rosy dream and a hope of something exciting for those who like to dream and see things through the rose-tinted glass. 


“Christmas With You” is a 2022 romance drama film directed by Gabriela Tagliavini.

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