‘Bungou Stray Dogs’ Season 4, Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Are The Hound Dogs?

After The Five Deadly Omens landed the Armed Detective Agency in new trouble in last week’s episode, this week we see how the Agency fights against the military and its special troops. We also find out the identity of the man with white hair and claw marks on his face, whom we met in the earlier episodes while Kunikida was in prison. In addition to the Agency fighting to clear its name, we also see its morals being challenged. Let’s take a dive into episode 7 of “Bungou Stray Dogs!”

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 7 Of ‘Bungou Stray Dogs’ Season 4?

As we saw in the previous episode, the Five Deadly Omens were successful in turning the tide against the Armed Detective Agency. The members were painted as criminals and terrorists who killed government officials. A nationwide chase was set up to catch them for their alleged crimes. This week, the episode begins with Director Taneda falling off his chair after he bled out. Ranpo, who was at the scene, is painted as the perpetrator thanks to the workings of the page from the Book. A CCTV camera surfaces in the room; there’s a bloodied knife in Ranpo’s hand, and also, the footage shows Ranpo stabbing Taneda. All this was fabricated by The Five Deadly Omens. When Ranpo contacts Kunikida, he warns him of the fact that the things written in the Book also have the ability to erase and replace people’s memories. Ranpo tells the group that Taneda might be able to help if he is able to recall the actual happenings, but he is unsure. To confirm the suspicion, Kyoka admits that she remembers killing the government officials despite not having done the deed. The police surround Ranpo and start firing. The phone goes silent, and Ranpo’s whereabouts are unknown after he jumps out of the window.

Meanwhile, the police plan to take Kunikida and the group out. They plan to use gas bolts to knock them out since bullets or physical force won’t work against the Agency members. Using Tanizaki’s ability, the members hide, but the military uses thermal detectors to find them. They find only one weak pulse and assume the others are dead, but it turns out that they purposely killed themselves to buy time, and Yosano swiftly revives them with her ability. The members fight their way out and escape into the forest.

Finally, we see the arrival of the mysterious man with claw marks on his face. He lands a few feet away from the military tents and has quite a quirky entrance. Jono, who arrested Dazai previously, also makes a comeback. Next arrives Tetcho, who slashes his way out of the shell instead of waiting for the doors to open, and the last person to arrive is Tetcho, who makes a dramatic entrance. The military personnel are on alert immediately when the chief realizes who the people are. With their arrival, the episode title “Dogs Hunting Dogs” now makes sense. The man is named Ochi Fukuchi, and he is the leader of the five-member group called the Bloodhounds. The fifth member is not revealed and is said to be on a secret infiltration mission.

In the meanwhile, Fukuzawa is also arrested. Kunikida and the group in the forest make a plan to escape. Between a car and a train, Kunikida suggests taking a car since any accident in the train could derail it, and the neighboring towns could get affected. The Bloodhounds split into pairs to follow after the Agency. Tetcho and Jono end up on the car route. Tetcho and Jono don’t see eye to eye on certain things. Jono states that he finds Tetcho very unaesthetic because he eats food in color pairings. Jono is irked by Tetcho’s eating choices.

The two soon find out where Kunikida and the group are heading. Jono ends up in their car, blocking the attacks by Tanizaki and Kenji. As Tanizaki and Kenji are separated from the group, Kunikida circles back to take them along and rams the cars into Tetcho. Meanwhile, Kyoka goes to rescue Atsushi, and he is brought up to speed on the latest developments. As Kunikida and the group head out again, Tetcho, who is wounded because of the car bumping into him, slashes his sword, and Kunikida’s car is cut in two. He also slices into Kenji and Kunikida. Kunikida’s Book was also slashed into two, thus rendering him unable to use his ability. Just as the Bloodhounds are about to attack the Agency members, a supersonic shot comes out of the sky unbeknownst to Jono, who can detect any movement swiftly. The attack is revealed to have been done by Chuuya, who was sent by the Port Mafia boss to rescue the members.

Season 4, Episode 7: Ending Explained – What Will Become Of The Armed Detective Agency?

The Bloodhounds are addressed as the Hound Dogs in the manga. The episode is aptly titled “Dogs Hunting Dogs,” as the Bloodhounds are hunting after the stray dogs, aka the Agency, now. In this episode, we see how the Agency fights back against the allegations. Once again, the Agency is pitted in a double-edged battle: one is fighting the enemy, and the other is fighting the moral challenges. When Jono challenges Kunikida about his morals, it lands Kunikida in a dilemma, and he begins to doubt whether he could keep choosing to do the right thing. Kunikida is an advocate of morality and always chooses the greater good, but Jono’s words make him wonder if he would ever feel relieved when one of his members is killed to save himself from trouble. The introduction of the Bloodhounds might also open avenues for the scientific enhancements that Kunikida mentioned.

Chuuya’s entry in the final moments of the episode is no less than a surprise. Chuuya is known for his antagonistic tendencies and is a member of the Port Mafia as well. Before Dazai changed sides, he and Chuuya would work together. They have a love-hate relationship going on between them. The boss that Chuuya mentioned could be the Port Mafia head. When Fukuzawa got arrested, he might have cashed in a favor from the Port Mafia boss to help the Agency members. With two Bloodhound members already on the Agency’s trail, it won’t be long before the other two catch up as well. The Agency is clearly outnumbered and weak against the Bloodhounds.

Looking at the nature of the Bloodhounds, it could be a possibility that they might help the Agency and join hands with them after knowing the truth. But it is a long shot and might not even happen. But considering how the story is always packed with surprises, it might just happen eventually. Natsume, the gentleman who helped set up the Armed Detective Agency, might come to help the agency deal with the Bloodhounds.

Ranpo, who is still at large, might eventually get caught by the military or the Bloodhounds. Dazai has not yet made an appearance after his arrest in episode 6. Dazai has always turned out to be the silent helper for the Agency in times of crisis, and perhaps he has some reinforcements in place that could help the Agency clear its name. When Chuuya referred to the boss, it could also be Dazai, who might have sent a word instead of Fukuzawa. Answers to these questions, and perhaps even more, will pop up next week as the Agency gets stuck more and more in the sandpit crafted by The Five Deadly Omens.

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