Who Is Dev In ‘Brahmastra Part One: Shiva’? What Can We Expect In ‘Brahmastra Part Two’?

The ending of Ayan Mukerji’s “Brahmastra Part One: Shiva” hints at the arrival of its second part, which would probably dig deeper into the story of Dev. Obviously, the film will be titled “Brahmastra Part Two: Dev,” so we can already assume that it will be a prequel to the first chapter of the “Astraverse.” But it’s not like they haven’t focused on Dev’s character here in the first chapter. In fact, the first part of the film provides more information on Dev’s character than “Astras.” Let’s dig into that.


Who Is Dev?

Thirty years ago, before Junoon (Mouni Roy) attacked the Brahmansh, Raghu Guruji (Amitabh Bachchan) was a student there. At that time, the Headquarters of the Brahmansh were situated on distant islands. From Guruji, we learn that Brahmastra was not yet divided into three pieces. The Brahmansh used to worship the Brahmastra because it had the power to control all the other astras of the universe. So, everyone paid their respects to such an enormous power. But there was a valiant warrior named Dev who wanted to control Brahmastra’s power all by himself. He had already mastered three major astras, i.e., Jal, Kavach, and Gyaan. However, he was most efficient with the viciously powerful Agni Astra. He was so good at wielding the Agni Astra that people started calling him “Agni Dev.” Dev was powerful and had such an obsession with the Astras that he wanted to rule over them all. The only way he could do such a thing was by controlling the powers of Brahmastra. But, wielding Brahmastra was not an easy job since it possessed the power to control all the other astras. But Dev was a young and mighty warrior, and he refused to bend his will in front of Brahmastra. He put together all his energy and used his skills with Agni Astra. At first, he defeated the prime council members of the Brahmansh, who had the duty to keep Brahmastra safe from anyone’s hands. Everyone failed to stop Dev, and finally, he stole the Brahmastra. Dev tried to wake the Brahmastra up in order to wield its power.

What Happened After Dev Stole the Brahmastra?

When Dev stole and awakened the power of Brahmastra, the world saw something it had never witnessed before. The power of the Astra was so magnificent that it could destroy the whole world. Dev was ready to sacrifice the whole of humanity to embrace the power of Brahmastra. His greed to become the most powerful person in the world conspired against his conscience, and now he was the most dangerous man without any opposition. But the Brahmansh were left with nothing but one person who could stop Dev from destroying the world. She was Amrita, one of the purest souls among the Brahmansh. Just like Dev, Amrita had mastered the Jal Astra, and it became her specialty. Amrita broke the Brahmastra into three pieces and sent two pieces in her boat to the Brahmansh. Amrita kept the third piece with her. Anyway, there was a huge fight between Amrita and Dev, the former lovers, on the island where Dev had awakened the Brahmastra. It was assumed at first sight that both of them died in the battle. However, 30 years later, when Shiva’s powers emerged, Guruji learned that Amrita must have escaped and given birth to Shiva.


What We Can Expect From ‘Brahmastra Part Two: Dev’?

For one thing, this will be the story of Dev and Amrita. How did they become part of the Brahmansh? How did they fall in love? And if Amrita and Dev were majorly invested in their relationship, how come he fought against her? We will also get to see the fight between two of the greatest warriors of the Brahmansh and come to know what actually happened in the climax. Perhaps we will also learn more about Guruji and how he became one of the most powerful members of the Brahmansh. There will definitely be the introduction of more Astras in this “Astraverse.” Even Junoon’s origin can be traced to the upcoming sequel to “Brahmastra.” She had always mentioned that no one could take her life because it was devoted to Dev. So, was she dead already, and a part of Dev had possessed her body? This could lead to an interesting turn of events.

But the most twisted question would be how Amrita stopped Dev. The way they have portrayed Dev in the film, there could only be one possibility: that Amrita is more powerful than Dev. Since Amrita was ready to sacrifice herself to save the world, her powers overshadowed Dev’s self-centered prowess and defeated him. Well, let’s not go that far and wait for a more interesting twist than this vague assumption. The assumption, however, is based on the ending of the first part on how Shiva was able to stop the Brahmastra from destroying the world. Also, there is a possibility that Amrita is still alive. How? Well, if Dev and Shiva both possess the same power, and if Dev’s Agni Astra could not harm Amrita, how can Shiva’s powers, that too when he was only a child, kill her? However, there is one possibility: that in that fight, Amrita had lost all her powers, which was the reason why she was killed in the fire accidentally caused by Shiva. Whichever it was, I have a gut feeling that Amrita will again reunite with Shiva to fight against Dev in Part Two of “Brahmastra.” But will they show that in Part Two or in Part Three? That could only be answered by Ayan Mukerji.


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